Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Great Way to Sample Great Tea August 04, 2014


Springfield, IL

Loved the taste of all these teas! Like the glass bottles which stay colder longer.

5 Stars

Addicted August 01, 2014


Elgin, IL

All I can say is, this is the BEST BOTTLED TEA EVER! It was love at first sip. Each and every flavor has it's own unique flavor. Can't say enough about this wonderful find.

5 Stars

Ms. July 31, 2014

Dianne Walker

Sun City Center, FL

Excellent taste!

5 Stars

Clean taste July 21, 2014

Carmen Cronley

Kenton, OH

I am used to making my own iced tea-sometimes brewed too lo9ng,next time not long enough. Imagine my surprise when I opened the first bottle and tasted a GREAT BREWED ICE TEA!!!! I definitely will be purchasing more!!!

5 Stars

Delicious July 21, 2014

AList Mommy

New York, NY

Delicious sampler pack that lets you get a good variety of tastes in. Because they are all sugar free, a non-tea connoisseur would think they all taste the same - but that's hardly true! I have a few favorites so far. These are VERY refreshing when served cold and I substitute it for my toddlers in lieu of juice. They think its juice and Im ok with that! I'm tempted to reorder this but I think I prefer a few standouts so for that reason, I will order particular ones again. Truly enjoyed.

5 Stars

Fantastic treat! June 02, 2014


Washington, DC

I love these teas; pricey, but worth every penny. Refreshing beverages without sugar and harmful additives. Very tasty!

5 Stars

Great tasting teas March 26, 2014


Park Forest, IL

The sample case was a great way to try the variety. I have a few favorites that I will buy as a case. I even love the bottles they come in.

5 Stars

I love the sampler pack! March 25, 2014

Roberta Richmond

Garden Grove, CA

Republic of Tea provides a wonderful selection of teas, and I love the monthly sampler tea from the catalog.

5 Stars

Worth it! March 24, 2014


Lehigh Valley, PA

First tried these while on vacation in Las Vegas then came home and ordered a couple cases. They are great. Love the flavor without the sugar. They are a bit expensive, but I think they are worth it!

5 Stars

Gotta have it March 23, 2014


Bettendorf, IA

The glass bottle teas are the only iced tea I drink. I selfishly do not want to share with my husband and he is ok with that. I highly recommend the bottled ice teas to everyone. I also drink the hot tea in the winter and love it as well.

5 Stars

Great tasting tea! February 24, 2014

Jamie Kuntz

Mason, OH

Love Republic of Tea! Love the variety of flavors!

5 Stars

always good December 20, 2013


brookfield, IL

nice variety of flavors. we try to buy when there is free shipping offered.

Glass Bottled Iced Tea Sampler Case August 17, 2013


Elgin, SC

Would like one of all in a sampler, or maybe two different samplers to choose from. No shipping sure helps. Tks.

5 Stars

December 17, 2012


Venice, FL

One of my selfish pleasures - these delightful teas in so many flavors and the convenience of a bottle.

5 Stars

Best teas on earth! December 13, 2012

Patricia Bagley

Las Cruces, NM

My husband and I drank our first bottle of iced tea about 13 years ago and have enjoyed it ever since at finer restaurants. When I discovered I could purchase online and free shipping, I ordered a case as a Christmas gift for my husband because I couldn't imagine sharing the case with anyone else!

5 Stars

Great tea and great service! September 26, 2012


Lombard, IL

I continue to be impressed with Republic of Tea. The sampler case is my favorite so far and appreciated the free shipping coupon. It's the fastest delivery of all of my internet shopping - kudos to you over there at the wonderful Republic!

5 Stars

Excellent teas! July 30, 2012


Naperville, IL

Love these teas and ordered the sampler pack while the special was on for free shipping. Harder to find them in the stores now. Love the regulars and decaf ginger peach,& the passion fuit green the best. Would be nice to have another option of choosing 12 bottles of your choice at the sampler price.

5 Stars

Best Iced Tea I have ever had! July 26, 2012


Henderon, NV

Had it in Honolulu, ordered a case on the spot in the restaurant, best tea, first time I have never had to add a sweetener to a non-sweetened tea! Love it!

5 Stars

July 11, 2012

Joni Oye-Benintende


This was a gift and the recepient loved all the ones she has sampled so far.

5 Stars

Amazing Sampler Case June 21, 2012

, CA

Delicious! Perfect for a warm Southern California Summer day or any day for that matter.

5 Stars

love them all May 10, 2012


galena, IL

i have been trying to find another alternative to soda. i wanted no sugar or additives. thank you for having a good tasting product. i love them all . still trying to find where i can buy it where i live instead of ordering online. i have been only drinking your hot teas for years, they are awesome too. thanks guys

5 Stars

Wonderful selection of sugar free teas!! April 29, 2012


Naperville, IL

A very nice selection of flavors. I love that these teas are sugar free, and yet so tasty!

5 Stars

Best Tea Ever! April 14, 2012


Long Beach, CA

Loved the tea. I first tasted The Republic of Tea in a restaurant and wanted to buy some when I went home. Found your website and bought some just for me. I'm not sharing with my family, your tea is too good.

5 Stars

Best Ice Tea ever March 19, 2012


Columbus, OH

This is the best iced tea ever. It tastes delicious. The flavor makes it seem like it is sweetened but it's not...which I like. Fast shipping, perfect packing. I usually wait for a 'free shipping' sale before ordering, as the glass bottles are heavy.

5 Stars

Superb! January 17, 2012


Lombard, IL

Very fast delivery and packages arrived in perfect condition. Served it to guests and received compliments from all. Absolutely terrific tea!

5 Stars

Great variety December 19, 2011


Venice, FL

I have ordered this product a few times, delicious variety, always enjoyable to have on hand

5 Stars

Great Iced Tea Selection! July 28, 2011

Mary Rae Fouts

Pleasant Hill, CA

The Sampler Case is a great iced tea selection. It arrives perfectly packed, and the quality of the brewed tea is unmatched. A must have for your pantry.