Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Great taste


I can taste the mango on the first sip--full bodied and love naturally sweet and fragrant taste, Will be ordering this again!!!

5 Stars


Great Valley, NY

Love all the bottled from your company!

5 Stars


Great Valley, NY

This tea has a great flavor and I order it whenever I have a chance and it's available.

3 Stars


walnut, CA

I love this mango iced tea . I had same tea at restaurant at monterey park restaurant They charge $4 only but this website box price is $4.50 I dont understand

5 Stars

Had this at a resturant - Really good


Had this at a resturant - Really good. I was wondering if I could buy it. The waitress said you could only get it in a resturant.

2 Stars

Something has changed

Wilmington, DE

The very first time I sampled this tea was on vacation in Key West and it was the most refreshing and delightful tea! We ordered it year after year. But a few short years after that, I ordered the tea for myself and it doesn't taste the same. Has the recipe changed?