Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

The best chai for me March 09, 2015


Carlsbad, CA

I've tried many chai teas, and this is absolutely my favorite. Would love to see this without the sugar -- I'd rather sweeten it myself.

5 Stars

Perfect blend of spices February 10, 2015


Rome, GA

First bought this when you had the 12 oz sizes in regular and decaf ordered both. This is absolutely the best chai around. I told a Starbucks employee that if they wanted to know what a superb chai taste like they needed to try this from Panera ( i was getting a gingerbread latte )would never get chai any where else but Panera or prepare mine at home which I am about to do. Please bring 12oz reg & decaf back. Please Please Please!

5 Stars

Absolutely Delectable September 12, 2014


Greensboro, NC

This Chai tea is absolutely, by far the most delectable tea I ever tasted!!! Please consider producing a smaller, more manageable size than just the large 64oz Republic Chai Concentrate.

5 Stars

Delicious! August 12, 2014


Washington, DC

As a self proclaimed Chai addict, this is the best chai that I have ever tasted. It has the perfect compliment of spices and sweetness. I can never get enough of it. I highly recommend that you buy a 1oz measuring cup. It makes it easy to pour the 1oz into whatever formula you use to make your chai.

5 Stars

Lasts longer than 90 days August 16, 2013


I used to make the Oregan Chai mix at home, until I found this. This stuff is the best! I know the description says only 90 days refrigerated, but I've had mine in the fridge for close to a year and it still tastes great! Don't worry about buying the larger portion...it's cheaper and it lasts!

5 Stars

Best Chai ever! July 11, 2013


Plaistow, NH

Wow, this is the best chai tea. I have ordered 4 different chai teas from online stores and nothing compares to the taste and quality of this one. Mine lasted 10 months in the fridge, it still tasted great.

Best Chai Tea Ever June 09, 2013


Lansdowne , PA

The best chai tea ever. I go to Panera daily to purchase the chai tea latte because buying the concentrate jug is too much for my household. There's no way to use it up within 90 days. I know I'm spending a fortune by doing this way. Please bring back the 12 or 16 oz bottles (I can't remember with size it was). They were perfect. Love, love, love your chai tea!

5 Stars

Best Chai Tea May 09, 2013

S Phaneuf

Plattsburgh, NY

When I tasted this tea for the first time I was in heaven! I will buy this tea and share with my family members. Everyone should try this tea. Exceptional flavor!!

5 Stars

Re: Too Much of a Great Thing April 29, 2013


Los Angeles, CA

I agree that the 64-oz. size is too large for the standard household, but here is a solution to your problem: Freeze the concentrate in 1 oz. portions. The typical ice cube tray is perfect for this task! When frozen solid, simply pop out the cubes and store them in a Ziplock bag. I hope this helps.

4 Stars

Too Much of a Great Thing April 01, 2013


Madison, WI

I love the Chai Tea concentrate, but the 64oz Jug is just too much. I can't use 64oz in 90 days, I threw out about a half of a jug just two weeks ago. I want to order more Chai, I just don't want to keep throwing out more money. The smaller containers (12oz) I think, worked well for me. I could keep 3 around, and might use all 3 within 90 days, but since all three bottles weren't open at once, I had plenty of time to use. The big issue, well besides the 64 oz, is that you've got 90 days to use after opening. Please, please, please bring back more manageable sizes for those of us, who drink a wide variety of teas, rather than daily doses of Chai (regardless of how fabulous it tastes).

5 Stars

I love you Republic of Chai October 02, 2012


Bowie , MD

Thank you for making the concentrate available again. This is THE ABSOLUTE BEST CHAI EVER!!!!

5 Stars

I love this tea!!! June 12, 2012

Michelle B.

Windsor, CT

This is the same Chai tea from Panera Bread. I can't get enough of it. I served it to some friends and family after a dinner recently and I just heard that they too are purchasing some. It's just the best.

5 Stars

The Best Chai June 03, 2012


Dayton, OH

This chia is so good. Its the same that Panera Bread uses.

5 Stars

The best chai mix I have found June 02, 2012


Catonsville, MD

I have tried a lot of chai mixes looking for one that tasted like my favorite chai that I had in a shop once. This one fits the bill. The amount of spice is perfect, it's easy to blend, works great with the (naturally sweeter tasting) lactose free milk I use, and I can't get enough of it! This is a great all around chai that is sure to please anyone.

5 Stars

My favorite May 07, 2012

Stuart Pierce

Carlsbad, CA

I have tried dozens of chai teas, and this is easily my favorite. It has just the right balance of flavors.

5 Stars

Love the chai w/ soy milk March 31, 2012


Burlington , VT

love it hot or cold over ice with vanilla soy milk. Yum!

5 Stars

Moreish March 01, 2012

Lisa Buchanan

Independence, KY

Just awesome, the best.

5 Stars

Exquisite! February 24, 2012


This mix make other chai mixes look bad. It's such a lovely gingery, slightly-sweet blend. It's just fantastic.

5 Stars

the best!! February 17, 2012


I am a chai tea gourmet and this is the best chai I have ever tasted. They use it at Panera bread where I first had it and had to order some for myself . I wish you had a larger container of it we could order.

5 Stars

Fabulous!!!! January 14, 2012


I love, love, love this chai!! It is the perfect blend of sweet and spice. I just wish it was sold in larger quantities.

5 Stars

December 26, 2011


Best Chai I ever bought! I will be buying this agsin. The shipping was also easy and arrived really fast.

5 Stars

Yummy December 13, 2011

St Petersburg, FL

This is exactly what I was looking for! Only wish it was offered in a larger size.

5 Stars

Great taste! November 07, 2011


, UT

Wanted to compare this to another brand I get at the big box store. No comparison, this Chai tea is the best by far. I also purchased the Chai Latte Whip and have such fun creating a frothy top on it. I've now ordered other flavors and can't wait to try them.

5 Stars

OMG!! Delicious and not too sweet. November 02, 2011


Rochester, NH

I love this. I tasted this latte at a chain sandwitch shop and had to buy some for home and office. I wish the bottle included a 1oz. measure of some kind. Othewrwise it is perfect.

5 Stars

Love Love Love October 20, 2011


, IL

I am a huge Chai tea drinker and I had friend tell me about this. I bought my first bottle, received it today and I have to say I absoutely love it !! Awesome flavor - If you love Chai tea I would defenitely recommend buying this. I also want to mention that the ordering process was easy and I recieved my order very, very quickly.

5 Stars

October 09, 2011


Best chai tea ever.

4 Stars

YUM July 15, 2011

K. Brown

Bloomington, MN

I am an Iced Chai drinker. I seem to drink at least one every day. Usually from Starbucks. I have been know to drink from the rivals. If you are at all curious, this is finally a mix that tastes like the drink you buy for a premium. I am saving lot's of money drinking at home, and think this tea is a closer match to store drinks than from the box they sell in/ on site. Yum