House Tea

5 Stars House Tea

from KS on wrote:

This is my house summer iced tea. I have been brewing it (loose) for years. It is flavorful and very refreshing.

One of my FAVORITES!

5 Stars One of my FAVORITES!

from AK on wrote:

I recently bought 4 different tins: Mango Ceylon Black Tea, PassionFruit Papaya Black Tea, The Passion Fruit Mango Red Tea and Assam Breakfast Black Tea. My absolute favorite is the PassionFruit Papaya as an iced tea, next favorite is the Mango Ceylon (as iced or hot); then the other two I don't love as much as the first two, so it may take a while for those to go.

Delightful Iced Tea

5 Stars Delightful Iced Tea

from CA on wrote:

Really like the smoothness of this Mango Ceylon. I brew a 6 cup teapot and drink the first cup hot. The rest of the tea I let cool and it's great over ice. Very delightful blend. I will gladly buy it again. Thanks ROT Well Done!

My Favorite Ice Tea

5 Stars My Favorite Ice Tea

from PA on wrote:

Mango Ceylon is my favorite tea for ice tea. It has the best flavor. When I eat out and order tea, nothing compares to it. If I was not already retired I would consider working for The Republic of Tea.

Absolute pleasure to drink

5 Stars Absolute pleasure to drink

from AR on wrote:

This is my favorite tea blend. I recommend this tea to all drinkers. I find it to be the perfect iced tea when brewed right at the 4 minute mark.

Best in the US

5 Stars Best in the US

from FL on wrote:

After years of ordering mango tea from Harvey Nichols in London, finally I found one here in the states that closely rivals HN's. Trust me when I say not many "mango teas" actually taste anything like mango. You nailed it! And I no longer need to spend exorbitant shipping. Thank you!

Best Loose Leaf

5 Stars Best Loose Leaf

from MD on wrote:

Hands down (or pinkies out), the best loose leaf tea I've ever found. I turn on friends regularly to tea by introducing them to this one (and the loose leaf Blackberry sage). Without the Republic's loose leaf tea my life would be less fun and I'd feel way less rich!

Perfect Iced Tea

4 Stars Perfect Iced Tea

from TX on wrote:

Excellent served cold and slightly sweetened. This is our daily iced tea.

An old favorite

5 Stars An old favorite

from IL on wrote:

I have been buying tea from The Republic for years. My husband recently became interested in drinking more tea than coffee. I bought him the loose leaf as a Valentine's Day surprise and he really likes the rich, full, sweet flavor.


5 Stars WOW

from CA on wrote:

Ordered this one simply because it was a bestseller and I was curious, and all I can say is... WOW. I'm not even a fan of the mango or its juice, BUT, this tea has a wonderful tangy flavor. Second favorite tea.

my favourite tea

5 Stars my favourite tea

from CA on wrote:

even if i lose track of time & accidentally over-steep, this tea is always delicious. i like to drink it with a splash of vanilla soymilk, or iced in the summer.

A masterfully blended tea

5 Stars A masterfully blended tea

from OH on wrote:

This is just a wonderful cup of tea. The ceylon black leaves are nice and light, and blend perfectly with the mango flavor. The sunflower petals are a beautiful addition to this tea, and add the nicest hint of flavor. Subtly sweet, this tea uplifting, and is one of my go-tos. I always have it in my pantry.

Delightful blend

5 Stars Delightful blend

from TN on wrote:

Received this blend as a gift years ago and continue to enjoy it now. Such a wonderful aroma and taste.

Love this tea!!

5 Stars Love this tea!!

from on wrote:

I love this tea! There is still the full body of the black tea with a hint of mango - the fruit flavor is subtle. We drink it both hot and cold.

Uplifting cup....ah...yes

4 Stars Uplifting cup....ah...yes

from WA on wrote:

Most of the time I prefer black teas but have discovered that Mango Ceylon is a delicious, delightful blend of flavors that are threatening to become my favorite. It tastes good, the souls who created this blend of my almost favorite fruit and a good black tea should be given a knighthood if the Republic has such a title. It will be a standard in my collection.



from WA on wrote:

I've been drinking Ginger Peach for awhile and like it a lot so decided to mess with the Mango Ceylon. Ginger peach is good; Mango Ceylon is wonderful which in my world outranks good by some degree. No, I don't taste a real mango here...but it just has something in it that works for me and hope it works for you so they keep blending it.

Tea for Non-Tea Drinkers

5 Stars Tea for Non-Tea Drinkers

from VA on wrote:

This was the second black tea served at Buffalo Springs Herb Farm... and the second one to get me into hot water, as it were! When I have guests who are lukewarm to tea (as I once was), I brew up Mango Ceylon because it's the finest introduction to a well made cup of tea. It never fails to elicit approval.

A surprise favorite!

5 Stars A surprise favorite!

from MI on wrote:

After receiving a sample of this that came with a catalog, i didn't think this tea was going to stand out very much, boy was i wrong, it is now one of my absolute favorites.

too soon, I haven't opened this yet

too soon, I haven't opened this yet

from WA on wrote:

I haven't opened this one yet. My tea storage area is fairly small and I have to make room before I can drink it. I expect to like it. Try me again in a few weeks.

Best tea in the world!

5 Stars Best tea in the world!

from FL on wrote:

Every day at lunch I drink a cup of the Mango Ceylon black tea for the soothing, refreshing way it makes me feel. It also helps chase away the after-lunch sleepy time, while the full-bodied, smooth taste quenches my craving for carbs. It is truly my favorite tea and has been for 20 years.

it really is that good cold

5 Stars it really is that good cold

from FL on wrote:

Every now and then I'll make a cup of tea and get caught up in what I'm doing and it goes cold. When i forgot about a tea I hope it is this one because it is amazing just how good it is cold. A good hot tea is to be expected, a good cold tea is hard to find.

Favorite ice tea

5 Stars Favorite ice tea

from PA on wrote:

My daughter recommended Mango Ceylon for ice tea. It has been my favorite ever since I tried it. It is the only ice tea I drink.

The best iced tea ever

5 Stars The best iced tea ever

from CT on wrote:

We have been drinking this as our everyday iced tea for 15 years or more. My husband loves the fruitiness. There is no bitterness. It is always refreshing, we use it year round

Amazing blended black tea!

5 Stars Amazing blended black tea!

from OH on wrote:

I have been drinking this tea for well over ten years! There is something so clean and fresh about the flavor. I think that there is the perfect amount of mango flavor to it, and the black tea tastes of a good quality due to its total smoothness. I find it to be a mild black tea overall. It is the best plain; sometimes I add some almond milk though. It has a nice color to it that is lighter than I would normally expect from a black tea. It is also great iced. This and Blackberry Sage are tied for my favorite blended black teas from RoT.

5 Stars

from MN on wrote:

One of our favorite tea during many years.Love it!