Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

WOW, it's AMAZING!!!!

North Attleboro, MA

I am a vanilla tea freak! Whenever I can find this flavor of tea, I always buy some. I'm lucky enough to go to. London every year so and always bring back a load of Vanilla tea from different tea places there, Harrods, Fortnum & Mason,etc. However, I just took a sip out of my first cup of Republic of Tea's Vanilla Almond tea and was absolutely blown away by how DELICIOUS it is! By far the best I've ever had! If you like a sweet dessert - type tea, get this- you will love it!

5 Stars

Light Almond Flavor, Very Soothing

Coeur d' Alene, ID

I love vanilla teas, and this one is wonderfully soothing with the perfect hint of almond. It isn't overly rich, and the loose leaf blend really brings out the flavors. Great for any time of the day.

4 Stars

Nice winter tea

Wausau, WI

This is a sweet and warming winter tea. It's not something I drink every day, and it's too heavy for summer, but it's one I keep on hand and use frequently when the weather is cold.

5 Stars

So rich and nutty

Vienna, VA

I really enjoy this tea, almost as a special treat. I found it while searching for an almond herbal tea, which evidently does not exist any longer. I would still like to find an almond herbal tea, but this was a nice surprise.

4 Stars

Very nice rich flavor

Wausau, WI

This tea has a rich, rather sweet flavor that offers a nice variation from my daily cup.

4 Stars


West Brookfield, MA

Nice but without pizzazz, so I use it to flavor a fruity black tea to give it more body. It is a fantastic addition when I blend teas. Just a pinch here and there makes a difference in flavor.

5 Stars

So grateful my nephew told me about Repulic of Tea

Aransas Pass, TX

I love the Vanilla Almond Black tea, both the full leaf and the bags. I shared it with a friend and now she is ordering it. Can't wait to try some other flavors. Nancy A.

3 Stars

A little too bland

, CA

I'm in the minority here, but this tea smells better when dry. Even then, its aroma is strongly of artificial almond, overwhelming the vanilla. I expected to be hit over the head with almond after brewing but found a surprisingly bland tea instead. In my experience, oolong tea handles the almond flavor better than black and I wish Republic of Tea offers a Vanilla Almond Oolong. Oh well.

5 Stars

My all time favorite tea.


I simply adore this tea. It's a rich black tea flavor, strong enough to notice without being overpowering. The vanilla and almond combine to give it a balanced sweetness. The smell when you open the tin is simply heavenly, and is almost as much fun as your first sip! I generally get at least 2 brewings per infuser.

5 Stars

I bought a pound!

, PA

After buying a tin of this tea at a local store I instantly fell in love with it. My wife and I went through it in no time. This tea is so good I HAD to buy a pound of it. If this was the only tea available in the world I’d be ok with that. This is a must buy. Guaranteed you will love it. If you buy it and hate it ….send it my way :)

5 Stars

By far my favorite vanilla almond tea!!


I have tried several vanilla almond teas and no one does it better than Republic of Tea! Other tea makers often offer a version of this tea with a flavor of vanilla that is far too overpowering, nearly muting the almond flavor. This tea is perfecetly balanced. I serve it with a bit of honey, delicious!

5 Stars


Appomattox, VA

I love this tea. Its smooth, warm and inviting. The smooth taste of vanilla perfectly compliments the sweet taste of almond.

5 Stars

Delightful, my favorite tea!

Chehalis, WA

I just love this tea! It's my current favorite...I could drink it every day! A perfectly wonderful blend.

5 Stars

Brooklyn, NY

This blend (along with Yerba Mate) was responsible for my daughter switching from coffee to tea. Excellent!

5 Stars

Wonderful smooth natural tasting tea

Springfield, VA

This tea is a wonderful black tea with just a hint of vanilla and almond. The flavor is perfectly balanced and taste natural.

5 Stars

Green Teas by Republic of Tea

Bath, ME

I wanted to review Republic of Tea green teas. In the last month, I have eaten at several restaurants. As a tea citizen, not a coffee drinker, it is fun to try different teas. Well, the green teas of several companies, are bitter to me. I have to put lots of honey in them. Not so with my Republic of Tea green teas. They are milder and not bitter at all. This is probably because the leaves are picked at their prime. I drink it straight and enjoy a sugar-less event. The only restaurant that sells a green tea I liked, Panera Bread, told me the reason I love their green ice tea is because it is Republic of Tea. They have an exclusive recipe with our own Republic! Everyone should only buy their green teas from R.of Tea. Thank you for the hot and iced teas. Lise

5 Stars

My "go to" tea

Treynor, IA

I love trying new tea flavors and types but I always come back to my Vanilla Almond. It's so smooth and flavorful.

5 Stars

My favorite tea

Kokomo, IN

This is my favorite tea! I drink it every morning with breakfast. The vanilla almond flavor is subtle -- just enough to provide a little flavor to the black tea.

5 Stars

, PA

We used this tea for a jewelry sale/tea party fundraiser last year and it was a huge hit. I ordered it again this year by special request.

5 Stars

My Go To Tea

Sherman, TX

This has to be my favorite tea. Love the aroma of almond with the taste of vanilla. Neither overpowers the other.

5 Stars

Very Favorite Tea

Frederick, MD

This Vanilla Almond tea is my very favorite. Great on its own or with a splash of cream. Aroma is terrific as well.

5 Stars

Tastes like cookies

Tilghman, MD

If you love the taste of almond cookies at the Holidays, this is the tea for you. Add some cream and use your immersion blender to make a great latte.

5 Stars

Personal Favorite

Philadelphia, PA, PA

This is my personal favorite tea that Republic of Tea offers. The vanilla and almond is nicely apparent, but not too strong either. You can see little chunks of vanilla bean mixed in the tea. I like it best with milk.

5 Stars

Satisfies a sweet tooth

Cleveland, OH

This is one of those great teas that is sweet without adding sweetener - although I have it that way too! The vanilla is definitely Madagascar, I have been using it for years and I refuse to bake with anything other kind. It is a distinctive vanilla, and you can really smell and taste it in this tea.