Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

I love this tea December 30, 2014

Jerry Holmes

Tucson, AZ

I have been a morning tea drinker for 40 years. I wish I had found this a long time ago. It is, by far, my favorite morning tea.

5 Stars

My Favrite Tea November 27, 2014


Indianapolis, IN

I got hooked on this tea 15 years ago. I have been a life long tea drinker (yes, I drank it as a child) and this is by far my favorite. I love the smokiness. Although I live in a mid size city, I cannot find "my" tea locally so I always purchase online.

5 Stars

Unexpectedly smoky July 12, 2014


Miami, FL

I was surprised by the smokiness (obviously didn't read the reviews) but did enjoy it as a nice breakfast time tea.

4 Stars

New user May 23, 2014


Stokesdale, NC

I am new to full leaf. Little strong for me but giving myself a chance to adjust my steeping time. Great service and also trying other flavones.

5 Stars

My Favorite tea March 21, 2014


Lebanon, NH

Nice, just strong and dark enough, never bitter

5 Stars

Truly all-day drinking March 08, 2014

Jammie Sweet

Atlanta, GA

What better way to get through the day!

5 Stars

my favorite morning tea December 28, 2013

Rosa Lee

Stillwater, OK

Delicious smooth smokey flavor. Good for another infusion.

5 Stars

Already wrote a review December 13, 2013


Marietta , GA

I already wrote a review, but didn't seem to give it any teapots, so just to let you know that my review is 5 Pot!

5 Stars

Very good December 01, 2013

Jerald Tobin

Seattle, WA

very enjoyable

Love this tea - long time drinker April 27, 2013


Marietta, GA

I find this tea very robust and flavorful - perfect for breakfast. I've tried other breakfast teas and haven't found one that measures up. I like it with some sort of sweetener - sugar or splenda ( I know you probably don't approve) and silk soy milk creamer, which I don't really use for anything else - just seems to enhance the flavor. I've been drinking this for breakfast for 10 years or so and order it in the 1 lb bag. Believe it or not, my second favorite breakfast tea is Starbuck's Awake which will do in a pinch.

4 Stars

Nice for a change January 26, 2013


Washington, DC

A nice cup with a pleasant smokiness - like a very mild, accessible version of Lapsang Souchong. I like it for a change of pace, though it will never be my daily breakfast tea.

5 Stars

The Burgundy of Black Tea December 06, 2012


Harrison, NY

This tea is extremely smooth and very different from all other varieties of black tea. With the first sip, it brings a smile to my face and with the long and smooth finish, the unique, luscious flavor lingers like the setting sun...beautiful in all ways. Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy over and over again. Simply the best!

5 Stars

Great Tea for breakfast August 18, 2012


Marietta, GA

Wonderful bold but smooth tea for breakfast. It's been my breakfast beverage of choice for 6 or 7 years now. So glad that I can get it in bulk. Love it - thanks!

5 Stars

The perfect black tea May 21, 2012


Columbus, OH

I have tasted black teas from around the world and have always preferred the smoothness of Chinese Keemun, particularly when contrasted with the astringency typical of most Indian teas. This tea, blended with a a bit of Oolong really is perfect any time. I prefer mine steeped for just 2.5 - 3 minutes.

5 Stars

great tea April 11, 2012

, CA

I love this tea..So I ordered the pound bag, but I think what I ordered is a little different that the tin can I first purchase. The pound seems a little bitter, but I still really love it...Truly republic has the best teas I have ever had

5 Stars

No More Coffee April 10, 2012


Austin, TX

I switched from coffee to this tea 15 years ago after I found that coffee aggravated a chronic pain condition. I wanted a tea that had body but no astringency, which I find unpleasant. This tea is full-flavored, with a very pleasant floral/chocolate nose, but it isn't sweet in itself. I've tried many others because sometimes ADB is hard to get here, but none live up to this standard. For me, it's the most civilized way to start the day.

5 Stars

March 25, 2012


this is my saturday morning relaxing tea --- saved for that morning I don't have to rush! mh favorite for years!

5 Stars

First Thing in the Morning Favorite! February 13, 2012


, AL

This is my favorite source of caffeine!

4 Stars

yummy with a hint of smoke December 29, 2011

Kristy Apperson

Ashburn, VA

I love oolong and thought this was mostly oolong, however the black tea with the touch of oolong was quite good.

5 Stars

Perfect! December 09, 2011


Essex, MD

I love oolong tea, but usually find the flavor a bit weak for morning. This blend is the perfect solution!

5 Stars

What a surprise! November 11, 2011


Laguna Niguel, CA

Absolutely delightful! I wasn't expecting too much from a basic blend, but it's become one of my go to teas all through the day.

5 Stars

November 07, 2011


My go to tea every morning. brisk and hearty for the morning wakeup but with a hint of luxury.

5 Stars

Favorite Tea October 20, 2011


Eureka, CA

This is my favorite cup of tea!! The Oolong and Keemun perfectly balance each other. Highly recommend!

5 Stars

Favorite oolong EVER! October 15, 2011

Shanti Marshalla

Hunstville, TX

This is my favorite oolong EVER! Just a bit of sugar and it's good to go.

5 Stars

Robust & beautifully balanced September 24, 2011


Flavorful, never bitter, and extremely good with or without milk. Beautiful balance of leaves to provide a full range of flavors.