not what i expected

2 Stars not what i expected

from IL on wrote:

Do not like this tea: wanted to because it is 1 of few which are organic leaves, but it is too heavy and strong. If you seek one lighter and refreshing - do not buy.

I love this tea!

5 Stars I love this tea!

from NM on wrote:

This is a wonderfully malty black tea that is perfect for breakfast (I use the loose leaf tea and drink it black). It is especially flavorful when steeped with truly boiling water (212 degrees) for about 5 minutes. I also appreciate that it's organic, and that I can get refills in bags rather than getting a new tin each time.

A staple in our house

5 Stars A staple in our house

from UT on wrote:

I use this tea to make homemade kombucha and very pleased with it. Great price considering it is an organic product.


5 Stars Delicious!

from KS on wrote:

I usually drink Earl Greyer (from Republic of Tea, of course), but thought I'd try this when I was in the mood for something without added bergamot flavor. The Organic Assam is wonderful, both malty and smooth, great with or without honey, and is great by itself or with a meal. It hasn't swayed me away from Earl Greyer, but it sure did come close to it (so close that I couldn't decide which tea to buy with my last order, so I bought both!)

nice every day tea

4 Stars nice every day tea

from CA on wrote:

This was my go-to black tea for a while, but I've recently preferred some slightly softer blends. I do keep this in my regular rotation, but more like once a week instead of daily. Great for those mornings when you want something with a little extra character and robustness.

Great breakfast

5 Stars Great breakfast

from MN on wrote:

Excellent tea for breakfast. Rich flavor, strong finish and just enough caffeine to get your day started.

Assam tea

5 Stars Assam tea

from PA on wrote:

Trying another tea, I decide to get the Organic Assam Breakfast tea. My first cup experience was having a robust tea but mellow taste which I enjoyed a lot. Now It became one of my regular cups during the day. Very Good!


5 Stars My FAVORITE tea

from CO on wrote:

This has been my favorite - for breakfast or anytime. I brew the 1st cup STRONG, then re-brew all day - until the tea is weak. Use the weaker tea for dinner, or reserv for ICED on warmer days.

This tea changed my mind!

5 Stars This tea changed my mind!

from AL on wrote:

I've avoided Assam tea for the longest time because I've wrongly assumed that it is just a plain, ordinary tea.. Recently, however, I took the plunge and decided to give TROT's Assam a try since I've never had a bad TROT tea. Well! Talk about an unexpected and pleasant surprise when I drank my first cup. This is some seriously tasty tea, provided I brew it slightly weaker than recommended. If I steep Assam Breakfast in 8 oz vs 6 oz, it's so good that it actually makes some of my prior favorite teas seem rather bland in comparison. This is one tea that is going to take up permanent residence in my house. Highly recommended!

So good

5 Stars So good

from CA on wrote:

I love this tea, I drink it all day. For a little sweetness try a touch of maple syrup. I had a bottled assam somewhere with that in it and I do it at home all the time now.

Consistently Good Flavor

4 Stars Consistently Good Flavor

from NY on wrote:

I've been ordering this from ROT for almost a of my favorites in their line of teas.

I say Assam

5 Stars I say Assam

from GA on wrote:

Rich tasting, robust smelling breakfast tea par excellence!

Delicious tea

5 Stars Delicious tea

from NM on wrote:

My husband and I had this tea for the first time in New Zealand about 20 years ago and LOVED it. Had never been able to find it until a few years ago discovered Tea Republic. So HAPPY! This is a wonderful tea throughout the day. We love it hot and it takes milk wonderfully (soy, coconut, cow). Terrific go-to tea without the bitterness that happens with others.

Assam - Robust Black Tea

4 Stars Assam - Robust Black Tea

from FL on wrote:

Not only enjoyable for breakfast, it is also good for an afternoon pick-me-up. Add a little lemon juice and "WOW!"


4 Stars FEpNsxnQnhOgYKbX

from MS on wrote:

Thanks alot - your anwesr solved all my problems after several days struggling

awesome tea!

5 Stars awesome tea!

from VT on wrote:

This has been my "go-to" tea for a few years, but I can't get it locally now. So, I went direct to the Republic. Wow! So much fresher and more flavorful! Really, REALLY good black tea, with just the right caffeine kick for me. It also brews nicely. What I mean is, if you measure with the same spoon, and fill the pot to the same level, you get the same strength tea, even if you get a phone call and let it brew ten minutes longer.

Our Daily Standard

5 Stars Our Daily Standard

from TN on wrote:

WE may mix other teas with this for a variety of flavored drinks, but this is always our starting place. The absolute bedrock of our tea drinking tradition!

Great tea flavor

5 Stars Great tea flavor

from AZ on wrote:

This tea is our favorite black tea. It is wonderful alone or works well blended with other teas to add a little extra flavor. My husband and I both reach for this one time and again.

Brewed strong in the morning...

5 Stars Brewed strong in the morning...

from OH on wrote:

...and I drink it through the day. I love it with a touch of honey and a splash of vanilla soymilk. I fill up an extra large travel mug to get me out the door, then I add ice to the half that's remaining by 10:30 and drink through lunch. I've loved this tea for more than a dozen years.

5 Stars

from CO on wrote:

This is the BEST basic, go-to tea. Excellent flavor heavy or light, first pot or third.

Daily Tea

5 Stars Daily Tea

from CA on wrote:

This one is my go-to daily tea. I drink it plain for a strong, no-nonsense morning.

Best in the Morning

5 Stars Best in the Morning

from PA on wrote:

As an avid tea drinker (and coffee convert), boiling a pot of water and brewing tea is the very first thing I do every morning -- every! I drink a variety of teas from a variety of suppliers -- none of generic super market origin. If I had to pick a single variety for that first-in-the-morning cup, foregoing every other, I'd choose Republic of Tea's Assam Breakfast Full-Leaf Black Tea in a heartbeat, and never look back. I simply think it the most robust, best tasting, most satisfying morning tea out there.

Smooth and Full Flavored

5 Stars Smooth and Full Flavored

from on wrote:

I have tried several breakfast teas but this one is the smoothest. Great wake up without bitterness!

Assam has a new convert!

5 Stars Assam has a new convert!

from CA on wrote:

I opened the tin and let the aroma fill me. Oh, my gosh. The only thing better was my first sip--I have never tasted a better black tea! I am a convert.

My Fav Black Tea!

5 Stars My Fav Black Tea!

from CA on wrote:

Go to black tea every morning with a dash of milk. PERFECT. Worth getting out of bed for!