Tea Leaf Readings

4 Stars


Grand Junction, CO

I love the pepper. It leaves a nice little "kicker" in the back of your throat without overpowering the other spices. The other spices are nicely balanced.

2 Stars

Pepper flavor is too much!

Augusta, GA

I wanted to love this tea, but I dont. The flavor of pepper overwhelms everything else in this blend. I've tried brewing it a little weaker and a little stronger, but the pepper still dominates. I like the heat of pepper, but I've had other chai teas that had th warmth while still letting the other flavors come through. I won't be buying this one again.

5 Stars

A Favorite of Mine!

Peru, IN

When I first tasted this Chi Tea, I, too, thought it was too peppery, but then I tried using a smaller teaspoonful, and steeped it for a shorter time, and it was perfect!! It is now one of my fave teas!

4 Stars

Not that strong, but very flavorful

Atlanta, GA

This was my first time trying Republic of Tea's chai, so I got the sampler tin, especially since I read the reviews about it's peppery-ness. I enjoyed the flavor, and the pepper added a nice kick. I would have preferred the tea to be a bit stronger; I'll have to add more leaves to each cup. Still, I will return to buy a larger amount.

5 Stars

Great on a cold morning

San Francisco, CA

Consistently delicious. I have a pot of this tea whenever the temp dips. Serve with warm milk.

5 Stars


Brunswick, GA

I take back what I said about this tea being too peppery. It has grown on me and now I am positively addicted to the taste. It is full bodied and the spice is a comforting blend of sweet and hot. I can't seem to get enough of this tea. I am reordering for a third time, this time the 200 cup bag because I have gone through my last two cans and can use them to refill.

3 Stars

Too spicy

Los Angeles, CA

There's too much pepper in this tea. If it had less, I'm sure it would be perfect. Sadly, not buying this again.

4 Stars

Best I Can Find, Not Peppery Enough!

San Diego, CA

I try every chai tea I come across. The best I've had is my mom's mix, but I need something that is more readily available. This is best when properly brewed at the right temperature for the right amount of time. I actually add pepper to it, though. I like my chai with some spice!

4 Stars

One of the BEST chai teas out there!

Birkholz, WA

Awesome tea. I've tried many chai teas, and this one is by far, one of the best. I like to brew it strong and add a little creamer -- I'll even ADD ginger powder and a pinch of ground white pepper for extra spice.

3 Stars

Too much pepper

Brunswick, GA

I have had several cups of the Chai Black and I must say it would be a great tea if they would reduce the amount of pepper. It is just too hot (no pun intended)to really enjoy. I love Chai tea but found this brand to be overboard with the pepper. Wan't order this one again. The other teas I tried were wonderful.

5 Stars

The Best!

Newtown, CT

I love tea, especially chai. I've had Starbucks (Tazo), Teavana (several blends), Celestial Seasonings, Twinings, others I can't even remember. But this is my DEFINITE favorite.

1 Star

sacramento, CA

Way too much pepper. I have drank Chai in India and Pakistan. Pepper should not the main spice in the Chai.

5 Stars

The BEST Chai, hands down

Richmond, VA

This tea is amazing. I've been drinking it pretty regularly lately as Panera Bread offers it as an ice tea chai latte and it is absolutely delicious. So much so that I went to a Whole Foods, a coffee and tea shop downtown, and finally a Fresh Market trying to find it. It's a great tea for anyone to drink, especially those of us who love a good Starbucks latte as this, in my opinion, tastes better than any latte I've ever tried from Starbucks and as a latte lover I have had more than my fair share!

5 Stars


Chicago, IL

It's full of flavor. The best Chai I have tried so far

5 Stars

Rich and Delicious

Bayfield, WI

My husband can't live without this Chai! Try this hot with some honey and almond milk for a great dairy-free alternative.

5 Stars

Delightfully Exotic

Hilton Head Island,

Wonderful spice blend, the tea is excellent on many levels. Delicious with milk and honey but equally good by itself. It also makes an outstanding iced tea. A new favorite and good anytime.

5 Stars


Bradford, MA

This tea is fantastic, rich with a bit of a kick. I've been enjoying it hot but I'd like to try it with milk and honey.

5 Stars


Hampton, VA

The best tea i have ever ordered. I order it by the largest bulk possible once a month. I use it for iced and hot tea. I use the loose tea mix. I love this stuff! Thank you so much!

5 Stars

Top Rate Chai

, WI

Perfect blend of spice. Finishes a little pepper-like warmth. Love this tea!

5 Stars

Like the Three Bears

Missoula, MT

Now that you are scratching your over my allusion to the three famous bears from Goldlocks... this chai is neither too strong, nor too weak, but JUST right in strength. My kind of chai, and maybe yours, too.

5 Stars


An must have. It is a constant in my tea collection.

3 Stars

Too Spicy

Oakland, CA

too spicy for me, but good flavor

5 Stars

, TX

One of the best chai teas I've tasted. I'm hooked.

5 Stars

Best Chai

Houston, TX

Best full bodied chai, love it.

5 Stars


, VA

i have been drinking this tea for several yrs now. I even make iced tea with it. just leave out the milk. i can't get it anywhere anymore except on line so miss it terrribly. but now ikow i can order it I am a very happy camper! its an outstanding tea even when you have a tummy ache. Every morning after my two cups of coffee I start the electric kettle. and drink this tea for the rest of my day. and i Thank you all for making to available! It is wonderful!