Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

My Favorite Iced Tea April 23, 2014


Manvel, TX

This is My Favorite Iced Tea. I brew it half and half with regular black tea. It makes a refreshing, tasty glass of iced tea.

4 Stars

Love this iced June 30, 2013


La Place, LA

Love this tea iced, especially on a hot Louisiana summer day.

5 Stars

September 12, 2012

Dick Bergemann

Omaha, NE

Undoubtedly this is our favorite ice tea for all seasons. Love the subtle explosion of flavors and aroma. We take a zip lock bag full of Raspberry Quincy when we travel accompanied by a gallon jug so we're certain to be refreshed where ever we go. We prefer this flavor over some that are listed as favorites.

3 Stars

Overpoweringly floral May 28, 2012


Tempe, AZ

Hibuscus is overpowering this one. Even when I blend with a basic darjeeling or assam taking this down to 1 part raspberry quince to 8 parts basic black tea, the floral flavor overpowers (and not in a good way). But it can be blended down to 1 to 12 or more to make a nice balanced tea. Then it is perfect for summer tea.

4 Stars

A favorite tea, love this iced. April 12, 2012


LaPlace, LA

Love this tea iced, one of my favorites.

5 Stars

My favorite! August 30, 2011

JT Moran

Boston, MA

This is easily my favorite Republic of Tea flavor. The smell when you first open the bag (I always buy it in bulk!!) is so delicious, it makes my mouth water! Although I enjoy it hot, nothing compares to this tea, iced. Amazing. Whenever I make a large picture and take it to the beach with me, it vanishes, immediately. Everyone loves it and wants to know where they can get some.

5 Stars

Harmonious sums it up August 04, 2011


Vancouver, BC

Reminiscent of a Summer morning, the sun hot on my face and the morning freshness still in the air, picking raspberries in Mom's garden. A warm raspberry flavour with the freshness of quince and hibiscus.