Fragrance, taste, color? Win!

5 Stars Fragrance, taste, color? Win!

from NC on wrote:

This mix of teas balances a beautiful mix of tea fragrance, a complex blend of tea favors, and pleasing color in any cup. I have tried English Breakfast tea from five leading tea companies and Republic of Tea is the clear winner: Peet's Mighty Leaf, Numi, Adagio, The Tea Spot (strong second place), and Republic of Tea. They'll all quite good but Republic of Tea just edges ahead with a plum fragrance, bright taste, and natural red brown color.

Makes a proper Cuppa

5 Stars Makes a proper Cuppa

from TX on wrote:

Brilliant full flavored stron English Breakfast blend...enjoy so much, just bought 3 lbs!

Keep coming back to this one

5 Stars Keep coming back to this one

from WY on wrote:

Great flavor, never bitter. Nice all around black tea.

The best tea around

5 Stars The best tea around

from NJ on wrote:

This is a smooth cup of tea that I enjoy throughout the day.. It makes the best cup of tea around.

My wife's go to morning tea

5 Stars My wife's go to morning tea

from IN on wrote:

This tea is my wife's favorite morning tea. It helps get her going in the morning.


5 Stars MS

from NY on wrote:


Great tea

5 Stars Great tea

from TX on wrote:

This is my Monday morning cup of tea .

British Breakfast full leaf

5 Stars British Breakfast full leaf

from KS on wrote:

My tea, what can I say. I don't even buy other kinds any more, if they land in my house my college kid gets them. Why not give myself the tea I love the most :).

Seems like quality is declining over time

3 Stars Seems like quality is declining over time

from IL on wrote:

I've been a Republic of Tea customer for years, and I think over time the leaves in their British Breakfast blend have been getting smaller and smaller. The most recent bag I received is ever-so-slightly better than the last one I got (which was one step better than fannings) but both bags have compared poorly against another major vendor's tea I purchased recently. I used to buy English/British blends from both companies and mix them together, but I think I'm going to stop doing that and just go with the competitor from now on. I really wish Republic of Tea was maintaining a higher standard with regard to leaf size/quality. Also, as other reviewers have noted, the flavor is a little one-dimensional.

A strikingly bold, wonderful tea

5 Stars A strikingly bold, wonderful tea

from NC on wrote:

A strikingly bold, wonderful tea. I originally reviewed this as 4-star but would like to amend it to 5-star. After trying two other competitors, I find this the best full leaf British breakfast!

A Bit Disappointing

3 Stars A Bit Disappointing

from NC on wrote:

I blame myself for not taking notes when tasting samples from an earlier order. I recall liking all the teas, but some were outstanding. This tea is OK, but not sensational and rather one-dimensional (must have confused it with the Assam Breakfast tea). Being from the South, I love ice tea, too. Unfortunately, British Breakfast makes poor ice tea: cloudy and bad tasting. It is even more unfortunate that I ordered a pound of the stuff.

Fast Delivery, Nice Container, Slightly Less Intense Than Twinings

4 Stars Fast Delivery, Nice Container, Slightly Less Intense Than Twinings

from NC on wrote:

My order was placed on a Thursday, I believe. It shipped Friday and was received on Saturday. I was very happy with the incredibly fast turnaround! The tea container was very pretty, and keeps the tea fresh. With regards to the tea flavor, I find it slightly less intense than regular Twinings tea bags. However, it has more fullness. Overall, I rate Republic of Tea British Breakfast Black Full-Leaf 4 stars!


5 Stars YUM!

from KS on wrote:

This is my favorite tea. I want it every morning, and sometimes during the day, I have liked it for ages. Full bodied, intense, earthy, lovely with milk (make that whole milk). I can happily live with just this one tea.

Absolutely wonderful!

5 Stars Absolutely wonderful!

from WI on wrote:

This tea literally stopped me in my tracks! I had to go back to the kitchen and read the blend ingredients. I love a good English Breakfast tea but this one is exceptional.

Nice Bold Flavor

4 Stars Nice Bold Flavor

from on wrote:

I start my day with this tea. It has a nice bold flavor making it a great morning starter.