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No Indigestion Flair Ups.

5 Stars No Indigestion Flair Ups.

from WV on wrote:

Since I was diagnosed with acid reflux I have had to give up tea drinking. I was an avid tea drinker but it started causing me severe indigestion, no matter in what form I drank it, hot or iced. Recently I decided to give tea a try again and purchased Decaf Ginger Peach Black Full-Leaf tea. I love the taste and most of all it hasn't caused any acid reflux flair ups, even when I drink up to 3 cups per day. I am a happy tea drinker again.

Just like the original!

5 Stars Just like the original!

from CA on wrote:

I'm pretty sensitive to caffeine, so I tried this in a sampler. I was concerned this wouldn't taste the same, but it's still perfect! I blended this with my caffeinated Ginger Peach black tea so I don't get so jittery when I drink it! One of my favorite teas!

great flavor & better as decaf

5 Stars great flavor & better as decaf

from IL on wrote:

great flavor balance with a decaf alternative for evening sipping

Delicious iced with a splash of peach cider

5 Stars Delicious iced with a splash of peach cider

from GA on wrote:

I'm not normally a fan of fruited teas: they either taste too strong, too weak, or too sweet. But at the risk of sounding like Goldilocks, this tea is just right! There is a perfect, natural balance of peach and ginger: it's neither overpowering nor artificial in flavor. And I live right down the road from a peach orchard, so I'm a tough critic. I can't tell a difference between this and the caffeinated version either, which is great because I don't want any caffeine in the hot summer afternoons and evenings. This holds its flavor well when iced, and is delicious with just a splash of peach cider. A little goes a long way, too: I can make a pint of tea with just one teaspoon of the full leaf tea. I'm in love. I think I may have to start ordering this in bulk.

Perfeft iced tea

5 Stars Perfeft iced tea

from CA on wrote:

A erfect blend of black tea with hint of peach and ginger.

5 Stars

from NJ on wrote:

Ginger peach has been a favorite of mine for a long time. I appreciate that the taste of the Ginger Peach Tea has remained constant over the years. It is the tea I turn to when I need quiet time.

NO chemical taste!

5 Stars NO chemical taste!

from MA on wrote:

I've tried 2 other brands of decaf ginger peach tea, both of which had a very chemical aftertaste; yours tastes perfectly natural, just like the caffeinated ginger peach. I'm impressed enough to order it regularly by the bag.

Lovely iced

4 Stars Lovely iced

from WI on wrote:

Almost as good as the regular Ginger Peach. It is great iced.

A wonderful iced tea

4 Stars A wonderful iced tea

from MN on wrote:

I love the richness of the black tea and the fullness of the peaches in this tea. That said, I will also say that I really could not find the ginger spiciness I am accustomed to and prefer; resolved this by adding my own ginger brew. I found it to be a wonderful iced tea that does not lose it's strength with ice.


5 Stars Delicious!

from NE on wrote:

The Decaf Ginger Peach Full-leaf tastes wonderful, and I love that it's available in full-leaf. I prefer the flavor produced by full-leaf over that made with tea bags.


5 Stars Yum!

from WA on wrote:

This is one of my favorites! I always have some on hand.

5 Stars

from on wrote:

The Best!