Tea Leaf Readings

4 Stars

One of My Two Favorites

Upstate, NY

This Golden Yunnan variety is one of my favorites from ROT. It is a great tasting tea that suits me early in the morning and it really can brighten my mood.....try it, and see if you agree.

5 Stars


New Braunfels, TX

Fabulous find. Rich, perky, unbitter, forgiving, malty, mysterious, dark, warming, beckoning. This was an accidental find for me and I'm so glad. This now is the number 1 tea in my stash - the one I will not run out of. I drink others, but only so I'll have contrast when I return to this friend. Fabulous, but I recommend 200 degree water - not boily. 1min 45sec. 2nd steep is almost as good as first if kept short

5 Stars

An Amazing Experience

Burlington, VT

Golden Yunnan is by far my most favorite tea in the world. It's flavor is deep and smooth. I alternate between tea and coffee, and Golden Yunnan is at once a calming and invigorating experience.

5 Stars

This has become our standard for excellence

Bethesda, MD

I bought the small tasting tin for this one--given the price, I didn't want to take a risk of not liking it--at the same time as 3 other teas. Without my having said anything about it, my husband and son commented on how much they liked the Golden Yunnan. It's a great tea, with a deep, smooth, rounded flavor; truly worth brewing in whole leaf and savoring.

5 Stars

Subtle Excellence

Galion, OH

A smooth taste without an overwhelming astringency. Subtle notes of earth and wind in this tea bring one to a level of relaxation that is much in demand at the end of a long day. The full leaf allows for a mellow piquancy that has no equivalent. I will continue to acquire this purity on a perpetual basis.

5 Stars

my feel good tea

sarasota, FL

Pleasurably earthy with sweet undertones. When i feel drained this tea brings warmth and healing. I keep coming back the golden yunnan my brother and I drink almost half a pound of this tea a month.

5 Stars

My Favorite!

Spokane, WA

Golden Yunnan is my favorite tea! I haven't met too many teas that I don't like, but this is my all around, "go to" tea when I really want a great tasting tea. I highly recommend Golden Yunnan; it has a smooth, golden flavor and it tastes great by itself or with food and pastries.

5 Stars

aanother new favorite

Milwaukee, WI

Now I have another favorite. I am a dedicated Oolong tea drinker, but I tried Golden Yunnan for the 1st time, intrigued by the description of "Elevate the Senses", from the cloud-veiled mountains of China. It is everything it is reputed to be. From the 1st sip to the end of the cup and a 2nd infusion, I just love it. I had to write this commentary, so more citizens are inspired to try it ASAP.

4 Stars

Golden Yunnan

Rensselaer, NY

Overall the tea is lovely. Wish it were a little bolder.

5 Stars

old favorite

Renton, WA

This was a reorder. Brews up smooth, flavorful without bitterness even when made stronger. A favorite of guests

4 Stars


A nice mid morning or brunch tea Smooth and mellow yet and rich

4 Stars

Lovely cup of tea

Seattle, WA

This is a very nice tea. It is worth the extra money. The taste is relaxing and smooth. I usually buy this and the earl greyer and that gives me a nice choice.

5 Stars

Probably the best Black Tea I've found

Philadelphia, PA

I can't think of a better black tea. This is the one I pull out when I have company, or want something special. It has a lovely black tea flavor, but it's delicate, not overpowering, and not inclined to bitterness. Just delightful. We turned around an avowed black tea hater with this one.

5 Stars

My daily brew

, CT

This is a wonderful tea. My first taste a few years ago was a WOW experience. I've tried a few others since then, but nothing compares to this tea. I drink a small pot (or two) each day. I make it very strong and make it at night so it steeps until morning. Add a good amount of milk, and a 1/2 tsp of brown sugar. Heaven in a cup.