Cinammon Plum

5 Stars Cinammon Plum

from FL on wrote:

Loved it! Will buy again!

Cinnamon Plum Tea

5 Stars Cinnamon Plum Tea

from PA on wrote:

I just now am trying the Cinnamon Plum Tea as I am typing this review. I really do like it. I don't even have to add sugar, which is a good thing because I am trying to do away with sugar, and it is very tasteful, I would definitely buy it again. The cinnamon is more prominent with a hint of plum.

Plum Good for Winter

5 Stars Plum Good for Winter

from IL on wrote:

Cinnamon Plum is my go to winter tea. The fruit brings hope for summer in the cold & the spice is warming too.


5 Stars Delicious

from PA on wrote:

As yummy as its description sounds


5 Stars Yummy

from IL on wrote:

This is my first tin of this flavor, I is destined to become a favorite!

Delicious tea

5 Stars Delicious tea

from PA on wrote:

I drink this tea in the morning and it is delicious. The cinnamon & plum are perfect together.

Too delicate for my taste.

2 Stars Too delicate for my taste.

from MD on wrote:

This is not a strong black tea.

A cup of refreshing tea.

5 Stars A cup of refreshing tea.

from CA on wrote:

Hadn't had Cinnamon Plum in some time. Decided to order a tin. I'm sure enjoying it and sharing it with friends. It's a refreshing and comforting blend.

Surprisingly GOOD!

5 Stars Surprisingly GOOD!

from MN on wrote:

I went out on a limb and bought a tin based on the reviews and they were right on the money! This is definitely a tea worth trying!

Cinnamon Plum

4 Stars Cinnamon Plum

from TX on wrote:

I tried it because I enjoy your fruit flavors generally. This tea is especially good with foods that have cinnamon in them--or with plums. It will stay on my list of "treat" teas!

I love the Cinnamon Plum tea!

5 Stars I love the Cinnamon Plum tea!

from NY on wrote:

It's the only tea I drink. Love it hot or iced, day or night. The now I can relax tea!

Great new flavor!

5 Stars Great new flavor!

from CA on wrote:

I had not seen this flavor before. It intrigued me so I had to try it. It was everything I expected it to be. It is a very wonderful flavor for tea.

Soooo Good!

5 Stars Soooo Good!

from OH on wrote:

Out of all the hundreds and hundreds of teas in grocery stores and specialty shops this tea is the only blend of cinnamon and plums I have found. It is my very favorite and I drink a cup or 2 or 3 everyday. Taste, aroma, and comfort all in one little tea bag!

All time favorite

5 Stars All time favorite

from TX on wrote:

I don't drink coffee, but do love my tea's. The Cinnamon Plum is my all time favorite. I started out years ago drinking it when I could easily find it in stores. Now I order it by the large bag (250 tea bags) a couple of times a year. I've got two grandboys (young) who LOVES "Nonna's hot tea", and expect to have a cup with me whenever they come. I can drink it in the morning, or in the evening - plain, with some Sugar in the Raw, or with creamer - it depends on what mood I'm in. Very pleasing taste!

Still the One

5 Stars Still the One

from NY on wrote:

Still my favorite tea and drink it exclusively. Have shared my preference and I have convinced my friends that this tea is far superior to Tetley or Salada and they agree!

Mellow & calming

5 Stars Mellow & calming

from SC on wrote:

I found the favors of is tea to be mellow. You taste & smell the cinnamon initially. The flavor of the plum is lasting on your palate. I like a cup in the afternoon prior to dinner.

nice addition

4 Stars nice addition

from FL on wrote:

Nice fall tea

One of my favorites

5 Stars One of my favorites

from CO on wrote:

This is one of my favorite teas. Had it at a tea party once and fell in love. The mix of black tea, plum and cinnamon is perfect!

I love this tea

5 Stars I love this tea

from MA on wrote:

I love this tea. It is comforting and rich, and I drink it everyday. It revives me mid day and if I wake up with a headache or feeling not quite myself it's all I need to restore my balance. The cinnamon fragrance and subtle flavor is wonderful and the deepness of the plums is just the right blend. I offer this to everyone who comes to my house and I have a lot of converts to this wonderful tea.

Wonderful fragrance

5 Stars Wonderful fragrance

from TX on wrote:

Great taste and fragrance. Wonderful cinnamon and plum taste without being overpowering. I can't wait to try it iced!

Twice as nice!

5 Stars Twice as nice!

from IL on wrote:

In the winter, hot, with a good book or a knitting project. In the summer, iced blended with Spring Cherry Green tea! Either way, my very favorite tea of all.

My Family Loves This Tea

5 Stars My Family Loves This Tea

from SC on wrote:

Best tea ever. I use it to make iced tea a gallon at a time. It's a favorite of both of my children.


4 Stars Easy

from IN on wrote:

No fussy prep needed. tastes good no matter what

Long-time favorite

5 Stars Long-time favorite

from FL on wrote:

I have loved this forever. The cinnamon and fruit notes are subtle, but are definitely there and it's a harmonious combination!

Enjoy the spice of cinnamon

5 Stars Enjoy the spice of cinnamon

from TX on wrote:

It has a bite of cinnamon and it really goes well with the plum flavor.

Tastes AMAZING!!!

5 Stars Tastes AMAZING!!!

from IL on wrote:

Subtle, balanced, flavorful - plummy and cinnamony in equal parts. Very aromatic - ordered this on recommendation of friend. VERY happy I tried this - is now my favorite Republic of Tea flavor.

My favorite Tea

5 Stars My favorite Tea

from MA on wrote:

This tea is hands down my favorite tea ever. I give it as gifts and the recipients always love it. I drink this tea daily and just enjoy the cinnamon flavor and the blend with the plum . It is not to fruity but subtle and relaxing. It is great when you have a headache, or stomach upset, or just need to unwind. It is best with just some honey that enhances the cinnamon flavor..great tea!

I finally found this again

5 Stars I finally found this again

from TX on wrote:

I have looked everywhere for cinnamon plum ... love it... so glad to have found this online!

Soothes yet energizes

5 Stars Soothes yet energizes

from on wrote:

I'm really fussy when it comes to tea. This is a powerful tea with a delicate taste. Favorite for over 15 years!

Mildly spicy

5 Stars Mildly spicy

from NV on wrote:

Another wonderful winter time tea. Since it's so mildly spicy I'm guessing it would make a great cold tea, as well. I enjoyed this tea.

4 Stars

from FL on wrote:

Smooth relaxing with the smell of the cinnamon. It's great I would highly recommend it.


5 Stars Delish

from VA on wrote:

Wonderful tea but I found it a bit temper-mental. It goes bitter very quickly but if you get the timing right it steeps a beautiful rich brew with an earthy cinnamon and spice taste up front and a subtle plum finish.

My Favorite

5 Stars My Favorite

from OH on wrote:

This is the tea I want when I am wrapped up in a warm blanket next to the fire, or when I am feeling under the weather and want to feel cozy and warm. It is definitely "good medicine."

Perfect combination

5 Stars Perfect combination

from CO on wrote:

For years I've searched out this lovely tea in stores (unfortunately having a hard time finding it) - I don't know why it didn't occur to me earlier to buy it on line! This is one of my favorites. The cinnamon is a subtle enhancement to the plum. YUM!

Another great one

5 Stars Another great one

from IN on wrote:

Love the combination of flavors.

Best Tea Ever

5 Stars Best Tea Ever

from MO on wrote:

This is my very favorite tea. I have been drinking it for several years and have not found another flavor more tasty!


5 Stars Yummy!

from CO on wrote:

This one is also great with half -n- half! I think I will enjoy it even more once winter arrives.

5 Stars

from NY on wrote:

I am comforted in the replenishment of my beloved beverage.

Great as an Iced Tea!

5 Stars Great as an Iced Tea!

from NJ on wrote:

This is my favorite tea to use for iced tea. So aromatic and refreshing. Just wish I could find this tea in a store near me!!!!

Best Tea Ever!!

5 Stars Best Tea Ever!!

from WA on wrote:

Love this tea... especially on a rainy day! The flavor is great and I top it off with a tiny bit of cream. So yummy!!

My Favorite of All

5 Stars My Favorite of All

from MI on wrote:

This was the first tea I'd tried from the Republic of Tea family and it is still my favorite! I drink it with a dash of lemon and it is delicious at anytime of the day. I can't get enough of it.

One of my favorites from the start!

5 Stars One of my favorites from the start!

from NY on wrote:

This tea was the first Republic of Tea I ever tasted in 1994, and I fell in love!So glad it's still available, and a citizen favorite! The flavors are subtle, but just enough to make me all warm inside.

It's more than worth the money

5 Stars It's more than worth the money

from OR on wrote:

I wrote a HubPages article about tea, with recommendations about Republic of Teas brand tea choices. So far, Cinnamon Plum is my favorite of them all!

My favorite tea!

5 Stars My favorite tea!

from MA on wrote:

I love the way this tea tastes. I enjoy the combination of plum and cinnamon. It's great on a cold winter day or a warm summer night...anytime really!

Wonderful taste and aroma

5 Stars Wonderful taste and aroma

from MD on wrote:

Wonderful taste and aroma. Needs no sweeteners. Gets better each time I drink it.

Tastes like good memories

5 Stars Tastes like good memories

from CO on wrote:

Memories of Christmas pasts, and shopping in cute gift shops that smell so good. Memories of my english nanny, who danced the highland fling and made me cambric tea when I was a child. All this happiness inspired by one sip of this excellent tea!

My favorite flavor tea

5 Stars My favorite flavor tea

from PA on wrote:

I love plums and I love cinnamon so what could be better than the two combined in one tea.


5 Stars Yum!

from MI on wrote:

Yummy! I love this so much I order it online. No one sells it in stores. :-(

Great tea for winter.

5 Stars Great tea for winter.

from MA on wrote:

The cinnamon and plum flavors are a wonderful combination - not too sweet, not too spicy. I love it with raw sugar and vanilla soy milk. I especially enjoy it around the holidays.

Nice chai alternative

5 Stars Nice chai alternative

from MD on wrote:

This is my go-to tea if I'm out of Republic Chai. It's even better in chilly weather. It might be a good alternative for people who like spice, but feel that Chai is too strong for them.

Wonderful full flavor you want to savor

5 Stars Wonderful full flavor you want to savor

from IA on wrote:

This is a wonderful full flavored tea with rich cinnomon and you can taste the plum too. A nice pick me up especially after being out in the cold or you just want to mellow out


5 Stars Favorite!

from on wrote:

This is my favorite tea! A wonderful blend that has a hint of cinnamon with a plum finish. I drink it hot or cold with a touch of simple syrup.

Love this tea!

5 Stars Love this tea!

from NY on wrote:

I found I love this tea. Hot or cold, with fruit garnish or without. A soothing cup to relax and unwind. This is the ONLY tea that I drink.

good, but not for the cinnamon

3 Stars good, but not for the cinnamon

from NY on wrote:

Mildly and pleasantly fruity, especially in the aroma. A nice blend, but lacks any significant degree of cinnamon zest. If you're looking for a distinct cinnamon zing, this isn't the tea for you.


5 Stars Novel-TEA

from IL on wrote:

This is the tea I love to sip while luxuriating in a fabulous work of historic fiction! My children know not to interrupt . . .