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Better than plain old Earl

5 Stars Better than plain old Earl

from MI on wrote:

I recently purchased Earl Grey and live the taste. Plain old Earl is one of my favorite black teas and this is even better. The bergamont tastes just a bit more bergamonty (not sure this is a real word), enhancing the flavor.

Republic Tea in Many Republics

5 Stars Republic Tea in Many Republics

from MN on wrote:

NO COMPLAINTS!! Well, maybe except that this tea is not available in the former USSR. Later last year I ordered a big box! The shipment was no problem with Russian Customs. I'm so glad that shipment to Russia is possible and not over-priced!! Everyone here in Siberia LOVED THIS TEA!!

The satisfaction of sipping a splendid tea is incomparable

5 Stars The satisfaction of sipping a splendid tea is incomparable

from WV on wrote:

The flavor of this splendid tea, while not encouraged in polite company, is lip smacking good.

Best Earl Gray!

5 Stars Best Earl Gray!

from NY on wrote:

Tasted this in a store yesterday. The bag design caught my eye and I'm a big fan of Earl Gray. This is quite possibly the best Earl Gray around! It's got that bold flavor, yet it has a smooth Finnish. I'd highly recommend it.

Best tea ever!

5 Stars Best tea ever!

from TX on wrote:

I really enjoy the robust flavors in Earl Greyer. I have always been a fan of Earl Grey and have had many brands. This is by far the best.

Wonderfully smooth!

5 Stars Wonderfully smooth!

from IN on wrote:

I'm a big fan of Earl Grey tea, but even Jean-Luc Picard would have made this his tea of choice! This is probably the smoothest tasting Earl Grey I've ever tried, while having that bold kick from the Bergamot oil. It is robust enough to hold up to a little dab of honey without losing the tea flavor, yet mild enough to enjoy on it's own. It's a welcome change from coffee, which can be acidic and harsh. This is how I will start my morning from here on out!

Best Tea Ever

5 Stars Best Tea Ever

from TX on wrote:

Love this tea since I first tried it, and nothing else has come close.

Best Tea I Ever Had

5 Stars Best Tea I Ever Had

from NY on wrote:

I had this the other day at Panera Bread. It was my first time trying it. I actually stopped and said to my friend, "This tea is fantastic!" I made sure to check out the brand as we left the store. I am now frantic to find it somewhere near where I live.

Simply the Best

5 Stars Simply the Best

from TX on wrote:

The Republic of Tea EARL GREYER is simply the best ... at any price ... for any reason ... period. Beautifully bold and perfectly smooth ... equally only by fresh dark roasted, highest quality, French coffee beans from San Francisco's The Daily Grind, circa 1985.

The ultimate Earl Grey

5 Stars The ultimate Earl Grey

from CA on wrote:

Earl Grey is kind of the Platonic ideal of tea. It is my default tea and what I typically order when I'm out. As a result, I've tried a lot of different brands. I have a few that I like, but this is by far the best. The bergamot is just so fragrant! It seems a bit sweeter or more floral than the bergamot in other teas -- maybe it is just more pure? I typically drink black teas with honey to cut the bitterness (and because I'm a honey junky), but I was out of honey one time and it was absolutely fantastic without it. I'm hooked.

Earl Greyer Tea

5 Stars Earl Greyer Tea

from MD on wrote:

My tea came as a gift, Earl Greyer. It wasn't what I requested, and thank goodness! It's absolutely delicious, mind boggling, toe twirling until my tumbler is empty. I've ordered another and an English breakfast tea. Hurry I'm waiting by the door!

This is the Earl Grey for me

5 Stars This is the Earl Grey for me

from WA on wrote:

There's something about the bergamot smell that comes from this tea. Perhaps it's more floral, or more fruity, or maybe both? It's hard to say. What I can say is that upon opening the tin I find myself in love, waiting for that kettle to hurry up. I asked my wife to buy me some Earl Greyer not long ago but since she couldn't find it, she grabbed some other brand. It was okay. It was just not as intensely flavored as Earl Greyer. It took me a while to get through that box of tea as I wasn't excited about it. Finally about a week ago I re-ordered some Earl Greyer--the 250 count this time. I did worry whether I had deluded myself into thinking that this tea was the best I'd ever had, and that I purchased way too much. Fortunately, I was wrong. As soon as I opened the bag and out wafted the most intense bergamot smell I'd ever smelled, I was salivating. TL;DR - This is my favorite Earl Grey.

they aren't kidding

5 Stars they aren't kidding

from TX on wrote:

Best Earl Grey on planet Earth. Picard would flip his lid over this, just the best ever. If you like Earl Grey, you need this in your life! I'm getting the bulk of this one for sure.

My Husband Loves the Tea

5 Stars My Husband Loves the Tea

from NJ on wrote:

The taste is great! He drinks it with honey and adds a bit of ginger to curb the appetite.

Best Earl

5 Stars Best Earl

from TX on wrote:

Earl Grey has long been my favorite tea, hot or iced. This one is the best ever. So flavorful and soothing.

Long Time Favorite

5 Stars Long Time Favorite

from CA on wrote:

Earl Grey Tea had been my favorite hot tea since I started drinking tea every morning. Earl Greyer became my absolute favorite morning hot tea the very first time I smelled it's intoxicating aroma rising from the cup, in a resturant, several years ago. I rarely have the same flavor two mornings in a row, but I will make an exception with this delightful tea.

Wonderfully Fragrant

5 Stars Wonderfully Fragrant

from ND on wrote:

I've found my coffee alternative, when I'm wanting a little boost without as much caffeine. I brew a cup of Earl Greyer and top it off with a little half-n-half. Beautiful!

My last cup of the night

5 Stars My last cup of the night

from MA on wrote:

My last cup of tea for the day is always Earl Greyer. I used to drink another fine brand, but Greyer is definitely a cup above!

My Go-to Tea

5 Stars My Go-to Tea

from OK on wrote:

This is my favorite earl grey blend - which is saying a lot as earl grey is my favorite daily tea. Compared to Bigelow or Twinnings, it is a gentler, brighter tea with a more noticeable citrus flavor and subtle floral notes. It is equally good black or with agave or honey. I've been drinking it for years.

Deliciously strong!

5 Stars Deliciously strong!

from KY on wrote:

This is the tea sample that prompted me to place my first order with Republic of Tea! I am not a tea snob and do not know much, but my tastebuds came alive when I had my first sip! I like to add creamer and sugar to my tea. This tea tastes unlike any other black tea that I've tasted! So much so, that I just ordered another can of it!

Doesn't get bitter, even leaving the tea bag in

5 Stars Doesn't get bitter, even leaving the tea bag in

from FL on wrote:

This is a wonderful tea. It never gets bitter, even when I leave the bag in the cup for awhile. I love it.

This is the best Earl Grey tea...

5 Stars This is the best Earl Grey tea...

from CA on wrote:

I have tried various Earl Grey teas, but this is the best one... the combination of the bergamot orange and tea is just right on the money!

Earl Grey

5 Stars Earl Grey

from ME on wrote:

Been drinking Earl Grey for 30 years and find Earl Greyer to have the perfect blend, not over popwering the smooth black tea.

My favorite

5 Stars My favorite

from MI on wrote:

There is nothing better, in my view, than a cup of Earl Greyer with a little cream. (Except a cup of Earl Greyer and a scone or two...)


5 Stars Soothing

from MO on wrote:

The smell and taste are so soothing I enjoyed it very much

Smooth and delicious

5 Stars Smooth and delicious

from VT on wrote:

The best Earl Grey that I have ever had! Smooth with just the right (subtle) amount of bergamot flavor. Love this tea.

Most Extraordinary!

5 Stars Most Extraordinary!

from OK on wrote:

My husband is a big fan of the Earl Grey teas. Until shopping on the Republic of Tea website, he did not know there was an Earl Greyer variety. Needless to say, he is forever hooked. Being a Southern man, he enjoys his tea iced, and all of our guests are always commenting on how delicious our ice tea is...thanks yall!

Very good Earl Grey

5 Stars Very good Earl Grey

from WA on wrote:

This is a very good and flavorful Earl Grey tea. It's now on my favorites list. Now if they will just make a HiCaf variety for those mornings when I didn't get enough sleep. :D


5 Stars Faboo!

from HI on wrote:

This tea knocks the socks off any Earl Grey tea I've ever tasted. It's also a real eye-opener with plenty of pick-me-up. The flavor is something you'll want to wrap your lips around and savor. Do yourself a flavor and try this tea!

My Favorite Tea

5 Stars My Favorite Tea

from WA on wrote:

This is my preferred tea. Being a black tea, it has the deep flavor I enjoy, but with a spot of orange flavor it gives a nice sweet blend.


5 Stars Mmmmm.....

from ON on wrote:

Greyer is the key word and the distinct bergamot flavour of this tea is absolutely luscious. Too often I find teas have some fragrance but lack the flavour - not the case with this one!

Great Earl Grey

5 Stars Great Earl Grey

from OH on wrote:

fragrance is wonderful,taste wonderful

classic great tasting tea

4 Stars classic great tasting tea

from NC on wrote:

the description for this tea is spot on. the orange is evident in both fragrance and tea. it feels like the classic tea you would be served in fine restaurants. i prefer 5 minute steep so the black tea doesn't overtake the orange flavor...but some may desire more with it to find the balance between the black and orange. i don't think this tea will disappoint most tea drinkers looking for classic taste

I live this tea

5 Stars I live this tea

from UT on wrote:

I have this canister of bags in my motor home - starts my day off right when we are off and about. I use loose leaf Earl Grayer at home.

Pleasant Surprise

5 Stars Pleasant Surprise

from WA on wrote:

Delicious, fragrant, an experience I want to have again and again.

Favorite Tea

5 Stars Favorite Tea

from PA on wrote:

This is by far the best Earl Grey tea. It also happens to be my favorite. I like making iced tea out of it too during the warmer months. This why I can have my favorite tea year round.

Favorite Black Tea

5 Stars Favorite Black Tea

from PA on wrote:

The name of this tea is very apt. I love Earl Grey tea, and this is the best flavored of the teas out there. Sometimes I squeeze two cups out of one teabag, and the flavor lasts through both. Bergamot oil helps the brain be creative, which is something that everyone needs once in a while.

Best of the Field

5 Stars Best of the Field

from CA on wrote:

We have tried a minimum of eight different types of Earl Grey tea brands. We have found that this brand stands above the rest we tried when we make sun tea. The flavor is full and bright and does not have any bitterness with this slower lower temp process. It also does well when brewed in the traditional hot water process. Thanks for making such a high quality tea!



from NY on wrote:

Love this tea

5 Stars

from OH on wrote:

Makes excellent iced tea!

The only Earl Grey I drink

5 Stars The only Earl Grey I drink

from PA on wrote:

I love this tea. I have tried many brands of Earl Grey. Some are passable, some (Tazo) are down right awful. Earl Grey is supposed to have oil of Bergamot but some have so little you can't taste it. Might as well drink English Breakfast at that point. The flavor of this Earl Grey is perfect.

Earl Greyer is Great

5 Stars Earl Greyer is Great

from MA on wrote:

This tea has a very unique taste that is flavorful and bold. I certainly understand why Captain JeanLuc Picard of the Starship Enterprise frequently enjoyed a cup of Earl Grey tea. It is out of this world.

Earl Greyer Black Tea Bags

5 Stars Earl Greyer Black Tea Bags

from AZ on wrote:

traditional blend of teas providing a brew to make a great cup of Earl Greyer to put your feet up and enjoy a restful moment

Earl Greyer

5 Stars Earl Greyer

from FL on wrote:

I love the extra kick of oil of bergamot.


5 Stars Yummy!

from MI on wrote:

One of mine and my better half's favorite tea is Earl Grey, and the The Republic of Tea makes a fine blend of it. The Bergamot is perfect and the Ceylon is rich and deep flavored. It's great with milk and honey or just by itself. Goes nice with deserts. Earl Greyer is our first choice when choosing an Earl Grey. I've started buying it in bulk, because we drink it so often.

Best Tea!

5 Stars Best Tea!

from WA on wrote:

The BEST Tasting Earl Grey I've ever found!! I love it hot with a touch of honey. It's also great with a little bit of sugar & poured over Ice!

5 Stars

from on wrote:

I love this tea. Wonderful taste.

5 Stars

from on wrote:

I totally enjoy sipping Earl Grayer tea. The subtle hint of bergamot lends such a unique flavor to the tea that one can drink this all day long.

my favorite

5 Stars my favorite

from MT on wrote:

This is my favorite tea of all time. It makes all other versions of Earl Grey tea pale by comparison. It also makes GREAT iced tea!

A Bit Strong

3 Stars A Bit Strong

from OH on wrote:

I ordered a pound of this tea for my adult son. The first cup was a surprise for both of us. It was pretty strong. It requires much less steeping than brands like Twinnings. That may be because this tea is fresher. Who knows how long Twinnings has sat on the shelf and lost flavor. Once this change was made, he loved the tea much more. He tends to drink his tea black and I add milk and sweetener. We both enjoy it.

Tastes Just the Way I wanted it to

Tastes Just the Way I wanted it to

from on wrote:

I have been looking so long for the best Earl Grey tea I could find. I would go from coffee to tea and back, but what i really wanted was a very good cup of Earl Grey tea and I found it in this. its just sweet enough and not bitter like most Early Grey's are. its mild buy tasty. It totally satisfying. I am so happy to have found this tea!

Not Greyer, a let down and too timid

Not Greyer, a let down and too timid

from IL on wrote:

I usually drink a from a 20oz cup. my standard go to Earl Grey, provided from a purveyor in Vancouver Canada, I put three bags in the cup. For this tea, I put three bags in the cup and there was barely a taste, certainly not near that of my regular supplier. A cursory examination of the problem yielded a probably explanation. 50 bags of Republic of Tea ($10.50) is labeled as 2.8oz on the tin. 50 bags ($14.50) from the Vancouver Canada purveyor is labeled as 9oz. I think you could do just as well with Twinnings from a local supermarket.

Great flavor

Great flavor

from on wrote:

This was a wonderful tea with great flavor.

Great tea

5 Stars Great tea

from AL on wrote:

I have been a fan of The Republic of tea for many years and i have tried many brands of earl grey, this has to be the best ever, i use full leaf tea and my weekend's start with a pot of earl, this is my all time favorite

Very Delicious!!

5 Stars Very Delicious!!

from IL on wrote:

Very delicious. Excellent with milk and sugar too.

Very nice, subtle flavor

5 Stars Very nice, subtle flavor

from CA on wrote:

This tea has a wonderful, subtle flavor. It startled me at first, because it was not what I was expecting. I had not ever had an Earl Grey tea that tasted like this. When I used up the last tea bag, I felt so sad, because I will miss it terribly until I can order up some more.

5 Stars

from on wrote:

Very flavorful tea for anytime of the day.

20 Years and Still Sipping

5 Stars 20 Years and Still Sipping

from OK on wrote:

Twenty years of sipping and Earl is still my favorite tea. Great quality every cup. Looking forward to the next twenty.

My Favorite

5 Stars My Favorite

from NY on wrote:

Earl Gray has been a long time favorite tea. I've meandered through several different brands. Republic of Tea's Earl Grayer is by far the best of the bunch for my taste. It has a strong rich black tea flavor with the sharp citrusy notes that make earl gray so wonderful.

Good but too Strong

3 Stars Good but too Strong

from on wrote:

I was excited to try this earl greyer because earl grey happens to be a favorite of mine. I personally thought that this was a little too strong in the spices, although I've only had one cup, but it didn't steep for very long. I prefer Twinings Earl Grey to this. I'll be trying to steep for a shorter amount of time.

A new standard for Earl Grey tea

5 Stars A new standard for Earl Grey tea

from MA on wrote:

I love Earl Grey tea. I have had a cup before bed for years. I even taught my children to like Earl Grey tea. Then I found your Earl Greyer! Wow. I now own the huge copper tin and keep it full. Yours is a delicious version that resets the standard!

A lovely tea

A lovely tea

from CA on wrote:

A nice blend of mellow black tea with bergamot. The orange flavor is in the background as it is meant to be in Earl Grey, while the black is low in tannins. This is a perfect breakfast cup, although I have been known to enjoy a late afternoon cup with a finger or two of scotch - dont knock it until you've tried it!

5 Stars

from MA on wrote:

Earl Greyer is probably my favorite of the bunch. It is a classic must for any tea lover.

Good, but not strong

3 Stars Good, but not strong

from SD on wrote:

I found this tea to taste good, but I just couldn't get it strong enough for me. It almost tasted like a decaf black tea.

My office basic

5 Stars My office basic

from WA on wrote:

This is my basic - go/to tea when I get to the office. Excellent blend

An exquisite tea

5 Stars An exquisite tea

from VT on wrote:

My favorite ambrosia in the morning with a bit of milk and honey. Divine!

5 Stars

from on wrote:

I think this is the best Earl Grey out there. My whole family can't get enough of it.

Very Enjoyable

Very Enjoyable

from PA on wrote:

Earl Grayer is fast becoming my favorite spot of tea. It is so refreshing and delicious tasting that I have begun drinking this almost exclusively throughout the day. I would, and have, recommended this to other tea lovers.

I love this tea!

5 Stars I love this tea!

from CT on wrote:

This is one of my favorite Earl Grey teas, and I drink a lot of Earl Grey! I love the fragrance as soon as you open the canister. It's a lovely tea!

Best Ever

Best Ever

from UT on wrote:

I really enjoy the Republic of Tea's Earl Grayer with my breakfast. Earl Gray has always been my favorite tea and this one is more full bodied. I find it quite delightful.



from NY on wrote:

great waker upper tea and good to accompany a meal , great to blend with green tea , definetly a sub for coffee

Our Favorite!

5 Stars Our Favorite!

from WA on wrote:

This one is excellent hot, and makes the best iced tea too. This time of year we are drinking lots of iced tea. Earl Greyer has been a long time favorite of ours. It is great unsweetened and also takes sweetening well. I add lemon to my iced tea, and the flavor is complementary.

Best Earl Grey on the market

5 Stars Best Earl Grey on the market

from PA on wrote:

Best Earl Grey tea on the market.. Such good flavor..

Fantastic tea and fabulous service

5 Stars Fantastic tea and fabulous service

from WA on wrote:

This is one of my favorite Earl Grey teas, it rivals some of the Earl Grey teas I've tried in the UK. I am deeply impressed with TROT's service, the tea was shipped quickly, arrived quickly, and I loved the use of old cut-up tea bags as the stuffing. You won't be disappointed with the tea nor the service. Thanks!

Great Tasting Earl Grey

4 Stars Great Tasting Earl Grey

from VA on wrote:

This is the best Earl Grey Tea I have ever tasted. It's strong/full bodied and smooth without being harsh. If you like Earl Grey Tea, you will not be disappointed with Earl Greyer

Bad Product

2 Stars Bad Product

from FL on wrote:

"Recognized as the best tasting Earl Grey available." By whom??? Absolute bilge. Bigelow makes a much finer product, but even that brand has disappointed me as the years go by. This tea by the Republic is not worth wasting one's money on--very inferior, to say the least.

Love the smell and taste

5 Stars Love the smell and taste

from FL on wrote:

Taste like tea my grandmother used to make for me as a child. I love the subtly taste of the bergamot orange. Sipping it as I'm typing this review. Will definitely buy this again.

My favorite tea

5 Stars My favorite tea

from OK on wrote:

This is the best tea ever. Wonderful flavor and you can go English and add a little milk - unbelievable!

My Fav!

5 Stars My Fav!

from IA on wrote:

Earl Greyer is my 'go-to' tea first thing in the morning. It soothes me into the day with it's pleasing bergamot fragrance. I carry it with me and have even been known to substitute it for tea ordered in a restaurant ;)

Morning bliss

5 Stars Morning bliss

from IA on wrote:

This is my 'go-to' tea first thing every morning; soothes me into the day and I take it with me whenever I'm away from home. I've even been known to order hot tea at a restaurant and slip my Earl Greayer into the teapot ;)


2 Stars Salty?

from NL on wrote:

I recieved this as a sample in the catalogue, and when I tried it, it seemed a little salty. I don't know if it was the water, or what, but it wasn't all that great.

Best Ever Earl Grey Tea!

5 Stars Best Ever Earl Grey Tea!

from OR on wrote:

I buy this tea in bulk because I never want to run out. I love the Bergamot scent as you open the can. Cannot get enough.

5 Stars

from on wrote:

always the best Earl Grey tea...

My favorite way to have Black Iced Tea!

5 Stars My favorite way to have Black Iced Tea!

from WA on wrote:

Starbucks USED to have my favorite black iced tea- but then I tried Earl Greyer Black Tea... It is my favorite! It's aroma tantalizes my tastebuds to a point where I can never have only one glass. My preferred method of making iced tea? -Boil a cup of water -Steep one tea bag -Add desired amount of AGAVE sweetener while it is still hot (I used to use Splenda, but Agave is a natural and perfect pairing to black tea.) -Carefully add the tea to a glass of ice! Yum <3

I'm hooked

5 Stars I'm hooked

from NY on wrote:

My first taste of Republic of Tea's Earl Greyer, was a free sample that came with one of their catalogs. I brewed it, tasted it, loved it, and am hooked. It's a very enjoyable tea.

the best!!!

5 Stars the best!!!

from CA on wrote:

I love Earl Grey tea. I went to a tea shop and they were serving Republic of Tea's Earl Greyer. It was the best, richest, most wonderful cup of tea I had ever had. It has the most wonderful rich mouth feel. There is nothing like it. I'm delighted to find it for sale in bulk here. Keep up the good work.

Bold Flavor

5 Stars Bold Flavor

from FL on wrote:

Wonderful tea to start out a morning.

The Greyer Weekends

5 Stars The Greyer Weekends

from WV on wrote:

This is absolutely the best tea to help give you a wake up while at work... We in the MICU/SICU at WVUH drink this tea on a nightly basis. The word spread fast & it has become a twice nightly routine for us RN's on the weekend crew! Thanks for making a great tea & also thank you for selling it in the bulk of 250 tea bags through your website!

Best Tea Ever

5 Stars Best Tea Ever

from UT on wrote:

I drink a lot of tea. Earl Gray is my preferred flavor. The Republic of Tea Earl Grayer is the best I have tasted.

THE Best Ever

5 Stars THE Best Ever

from FL on wrote:

I am a tea drinker,never coffee and this Earl Grey is the best. Originally tried it at lunch at Panerra's and had to order from their supplier, The Republic of Tea.

The best early grey

5 Stars The best early grey

from AZ on wrote:

Absolutely delicious and smooth. The best earl grey I have tried (the decaf is great too). The round bags with the edges sealed all around are great too. Other tea bags tend to come undone and then there is loose tea floating around - not pleasant. The whole product is great.

best earl grey ever

5 Stars best earl grey ever

from IN on wrote:

I immediately fell in love with this tea. I have tried many other earl grey tea varieties and brands and this is the best tasting and the one I always come back to. It makes the best iced tea, in my opinion.

Little Weak

4 Stars Little Weak

from NC on wrote:

This was a great tea, but I was disappointed that it wasn't a bit stronger.

Earl Greyer

5 Stars Earl Greyer

from MT on wrote:

I've been drinking Earl Greyer for years. It's one of my favorite flavors. Plus the service from Republic of Tea is excellent.

My favorite Republic tea!

5 Stars My favorite Republic tea!

from AK on wrote:

Earl grey is my favorite tea and I have never found a better one than the Republic of Tea's Earl Greyer! Perfect in lieu of a cup of coffee in the morning or as an afternoon pick-me-up. It's also great in a tea latte.



from FL on wrote:

I have been a lover of Republic of Tea, Earl Greyer Tea for many years. It has the perfect blend of bergamot. I try Earl Grey teas from many sources - NONE are as excellent as R of T, Earl Greyer. It has a wonderful bouquet; if I can't smell and taste the bergamot then for me, the tea is inferior. In addition to its special begamot flavor, is the beautiful deep amber color. I have at least three POTS of Republic of Tea tea every day, of which at least one is the Earl. Keep up the great work. There have long been tea ceremonies from Asia to England, but the Republic of Tea contributes to the best. Thanks. CW

My boyfriend's favorite!

5 Stars My boyfriend's favorite!

from CA on wrote:

This Earl Greyer is addictive. A staple in our house. No other brand taste as deep & rich as this!

Good relaxing tea

5 Stars Good relaxing tea

from FL on wrote:

Have always enjoyed a cup of Earl Grayer and this is one of the best. Good notes of bergamot and fine tea.

Best Ever

5 Stars Best Ever

from OR on wrote:

The enjoyment begins with just opening the canister. Earl Greyer Tea has the best Bergamot aroma. The tea is full bodied, but not too strong. This is a good everyday tea. Also, a great alternative to coffee.

As Comfy as a Slipper

5 Stars As Comfy as a Slipper

from PA on wrote:

Having been a coffee addict for many years, I decided to take the plunge, give up coffee and try tea instead. The store brands just didn't do it, so I tried the Republic of Tea. Remembering a delightful elderly British professor who always had a pot of Earl Grey on his desk, I gave Earl Greyer a try. Now four years later, it's my main beverage and one that satisfies me beyond belief.

very good, but , , ,

4 Stars very good, but , , ,

from OH on wrote:

I love Earl Grey tea and I was expecting Earl Greyer to be even better than most, but to be honest, while it is very good, it was a bit weak. I followed the recommended brewing directions for the first cup, then made the second cup stronger, but it still just slightly missed the mark. I will buy it again, but I was hoping for a bit stronger taste.

#1 Earl Grey

5 Stars #1 Earl Grey

from MD on wrote:

I've tried many brands of Earl Grey, and this is by far the best.

uncle earl

4 Stars uncle earl

from MD on wrote:

My family is not such a big fan of Earl Grey: they hate it. Despite their expostulations, I gave it a try. It's fragrant, its classic, its awesome. If you didn't feel the Grey before, give this one a sip :)

Best Earl Grey Blend Outside the UK

5 Stars Best Earl Grey Blend Outside the UK

from IL on wrote:

This is my favorite Earl Grey blend outside of the UK. I have been drinking Earl Greyer for many years and appreciate the consistency and quality - every cup as good as the previous ones.

A balanced, fragrant, civilized tea...

5 Stars A balanced, fragrant, civilized tea...

from CT on wrote:

When a certain popular TV character would order tea on the show ("Earl Grey, hot..."), he obviously knew a good thing when he tasted it. This tea is wonderful. Balanced, smooth, and fragrant with a gorgeous color. I steep mine a bit longer than most would because I enjoy the deeper flavor. It lends itself to a profound sense of civility and I enjoy it tremendously. Give it a taste and see if you don't come away with an new appreciation of Earl Greyer.

Still the best!

5 Stars Still the best!

from KS on wrote:

I can remember exactly where I was the first time I tasted this tea back in 1997. This is still the best Earl Grey I have ever had. It is deeply fragrant, delicious with or without milk, a beautiful tea. I've managed to get several dear friends "hooked" on this one over the years!