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5 Stars smooth

from TX on wrote:

I love Assam tea! Most black tea's tend to dry my throat out. The best word i can use to describe Assam tea is smooth. Hot and black or with a little cream it's great at breakfast. This tea is also great cold.


5 Stars Delicious

from KY on wrote:

My usual black tea is British Breakfast. After reading the reviews I decided to try this Assam. I love it! It is very smooth with no bitterness. I add a small amount of the lemon honey for tea and enjoy every sip

Good wake up drink

5 Stars Good wake up drink

from MI on wrote:

Not always easy to find. It is a good wake me up morning tea.

A bit too smooth for me

4 Stars A bit too smooth for me

from PA on wrote:

I have been drinking British Breakfast for years and love it. However, I really want to drink an organic tea, so I tried the Organic Assam. As other reviewers have said, this is very smooth, never bitter. However, it doesn't have the depth of flavor that I love so much in British Breakfast. I've tried steeping it for a long time, and it just doesn't have that full-bodied flavor. If you don't love tea, than this is the tea for you ;)

My favorite tea

5 Stars My favorite tea

from OH on wrote:

This is my absolute favorite tea to drink either hot or cold. It is a well rounded tea, not too weak or strong.

My favorite black tea..

5 Stars My favorite black tea..

from AZ on wrote:

This is by far my favorite black tea! It's bold and earthy, not bitter. I drink this every morning...

Love this tea

5 Stars Love this tea

from NY on wrote:

The tea is smooth and it's not bitter at all. I drink it with unsweetened soy milk and I absolutely love it.

The best

5 Stars The best

from NH on wrote:

This has been my favorite tea to drink every morning at work. I have a hard time justifying having any other kind of tea because of how delicious this blend is!

Delicious black tea

5 Stars Delicious black tea

from CA on wrote:

This tea has a wonderful flavor. I like to leave the bag in my cup and continue adding water when I am at work. There is not a hint of bitterness. Delicious to the last sip.


5 Stars wow!!

from FL on wrote:

I am not a review writer, but this tea has me needing to express my deepest feelings! I just received my tea, followed directions and stepped one of the best tasting cups of tea that I have had since drinking tea in china town. It relaxed me and I know now that this will be the only place I ever buy tea from!!

My Favorite ... so far!

5 Stars My Favorite ... so far!

from OH on wrote:

~ LOVE this tea! Great anytime, but especially in the morning. I like my tea with milk & sugar, only need just a touch of sugar with this blend & it holds up very well to milk. Love Love Love!

nice rich tea, wish it came decaf!

5 Stars nice rich tea, wish it came decaf!

from CT on wrote:

This is one of my favorite teas, rich, stands well and blends nicely with other flavors. I'm sorry it doesn't come with a decaf variant, caffeinated I can't drink it as much as I'd like to!

Assam Breakfast

5 Stars Assam Breakfast

from FL on wrote:

Brisk full bodied--makes an excellent flavorful iced tea (esp with a cinnamon stick added)

assam!! awwww....

5 Stars assam!! awwww....

from OR on wrote:

its hard for me to find your product on store shelves...i've tired several other brands but each time was a major disappointment...enjoying a cup of real assam tea is a gift, a blessing, i'll have to order from now on just so i can have blessed moments, its worth it...there is no other like republic's assam...enjoy!!

Excellent Black Tea Variety

4 Stars Excellent Black Tea Variety

from FL on wrote:

This Assam has a rich strong smooth flavor--not as flavorful or as strong as some I've had--but very good. Perhaps the bulk Assam would have a stronger flavor. One sign of an excellent black tea that this Assam has is no bitterness or aftertaste even after lengthy brewing time. An all around good black!

Keeps me going

Keeps me going

from TX on wrote:

Unique taste with a kick.

Assam Breakfast Tea

Assam Breakfast Tea

from CA on wrote:

You sent me two Einglish Breakfast and no Assam.

Les Moore Tea

3 Stars Les Moore Tea

from WI on wrote:

Nothing more, nothing less.

Distinct Flavor, Great Value

5 Stars Distinct Flavor, Great Value

from on wrote:

Very high quality tea. So glad to have a good source for Assam tea.

The PERFECT black tea

5 Stars The PERFECT black tea

from SD on wrote:

I think this is the most perfect cup of black tea in existence. I love, love, love to drink this both plain and with honey. This is the only plain black tea that I've ever been able to brew strong enough--I like very strong black tea. The only way it could possibly get better would be if a decaf version was offered.


5 Stars Ahhhh...

from CT on wrote:

Rich, full, dark, smoky... ahhhh, tea.

Love the flavor

5 Stars Love the flavor

from TX on wrote:

This tastes like autumn.

great breakfast, refreshing and change of pace

5 Stars great breakfast, refreshing and change of pace

from VA on wrote:

Hearty without bitterness

My favorite tea

5 Stars My favorite tea

from MI on wrote:

I had to give up coffee which I loved but found this assam tea to be just what I needed! A rich bold flavor, I have been drinking this in place of coffee for several years. I never start my day without it!

My Absolute Favorite

5 Stars My Absolute Favorite

from FL on wrote:

This has been my "go to" tea for many, many years. Naturally sweet, this is the most smooth and satisfying tea I have ever tasted!

My Go To Tea

5 Stars My Go To Tea

from CA on wrote:

I've drinking tea for as long as I can remember - I drink coffee out and tea in. The Assam Breakfast tea is my go to tea of choice. It's bold, and flavorful. I really enjoy it with milk and sugar, but I've also enjoyed it without milk.

Bulk Packaging Might Cause Flavor Loss

3 Stars Bulk Packaging Might Cause Flavor Loss

from NY on wrote:

Recently purchased bulk bags of Assam and Mango Ceylon and found both to be less punchy in flavor and strength. Surprisingly, as hard as it may seem to believe, each tasted like the other despite being of different varities. The individual 50 bag containers, which brought me to Reublic of Tea to begin with, may be the better way to go.

My favorite breakfast tea

5 Stars My favorite breakfast tea

from CO on wrote:

This tea has a wonderful nutty richness to it without ever getting too bitter or tannic. I could drink it all day everyday- its not just for breakfast anymore!

Great tea great service

4 Stars Great tea great service

from MI on wrote:

For value, Assam tea is wonderful. Ordering on line is very easy and it always comes in a very short amount of time. I love The Republic of Tea.

Best every day tea

5 Stars Best every day tea

from AZ on wrote:

Smooth start to finish. Great way to start the day.

I Can't Stay Away

I Can't Stay Away

from AZ on wrote:

I am occasionally wooed into sampling another, more exotic tea but I always come back to this one. Strong, but not bitter, pleasantly smooth. Great with a splash of cream or just plain. This is the best tea I've ever tasted!

Best ever black tea

5 Stars Best ever black tea

from OK on wrote:

I fell in love with this tea many years ago. I have yet to find one to take it's place. For me, it's the tea of all occasions.

full-bodied, strong, slightly smoky - yummmmm!

5 Stars full-bodied, strong, slightly smoky - yummmmm!

from CA on wrote:

The best tasting black tea that RoT sells. Slightly sweet (malty), very very mildly smoky, not acidic at all (esp if you add milk) - lovely!