Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

my favorite June 24, 2014


brenham, TX

I have several dozen kinds of tea, and lucky Irish is by far my favorite. I hate to use this phrase, but it is full-bodied and deeply rich. No fruits or flowers to distract from a perfect cup of tea!

4 Stars

Better than English Breakfast Tea June 01, 2014


Richmond, VA

Milder than English Breakfast Tea - yet the caffeine is enough to get you going in the AM.

5 Stars

Great flavor...satisfying cup of tea April 17, 2014


Aurora, CO

This tea is one of my favorites. I enjoy the flavor...it's one satisfying cup of tea!

5 Stars

Great afternoon tea April 05, 2014


Albertvile, AL

Delicious with an afternoon tea cookie!

5 Stars

nice flavor March 27, 2014


Hanover, PA

This is one of my favorites so far! It has a very nice flavor, even unsweetened. It doesn't get bitter or strong, but has a nice bold flavor. Love it.

5 Stars

Top O'the Morning! March 27, 2014


Sarasota, FL

This is probably the highest quality Irish Breakfast Tea I have ever tried. The flavor sings and it's a great eye-opener in the morning. I have found myself noticing how delicious this is at the first sip and the second and the fifth, etc. Really great!

5 Stars

Luck of the Irish March 19, 2014


Norwood, NY

Wow did I luck out with this new try. Having lived in London I tend to stick to carious English black blends but I thought I might give the Irish a try. This is a wonderful, mellow tea that I found quite soothing. Although it is listed as a breakfast tea, I find it wonderful at any hour.

5 Stars

Great Tea for Combinations February 21, 2014


Boulder, CO

Great tea in combination with the Black Sweet tea. (I use a larger cup than most people so it's just the right amount.)

5 Stars

Tea Worth a Ten-Teapot Rating! January 23, 2014


Fayetteville, AR

I have been hooked on Lucky Irish tea for several years. My day doesn't go well without it. The delicious malty flavor goes so well with a touch of sweetness and a splash of cream. It is truly delightful and continues to be my favorite. I highly recommend it!

5 Stars

Tastes Like Ireland January 04, 2014

Mary Ann

Santa Clara, CA

I'm reminded of my trip to Dublin whenever I drink my morning tea.

5 Stars

Almost a Decade of First Choice December 21, 2013

Micki Smith-Darnauer

Silver Spring , MD

Tea is my drink of choice whether hot or cold. For almost a decade, I've been drinking Irish Lucky morning through dinner. It offers enough oomph to get me moving, enough taste to satisfy my palate, and enough "tea-ness" to keep my happy.

5 Stars

Strong yet delightful brew December 19, 2013


Cincinnati, OH

A strong bodied traditional tea. Love it in the place of the morning coffee

5 Stars

Irish Breakfast Tea Bags December 05, 2013


Sun City West, AZ

robust breakfast tea..makes a deep and dark tradition pot of tea that is nice drinking straight or with milk added, if desired. Wonderful addition to meal replacing tradition american coffee

5 Stars

Great malt flavor! March 24, 2013


Schell City, MO

I love the malty kick in this great full-bodied tea. It is not bitter like some of the stronger black teas. I put milk (and sometimes half-and-half!) in it, which makes it almost taste like a rich, caloried drink. However, I sure wish it came in a decaffeinated form, like your British Breakfast Tea.

5 Stars

wonderful January 26, 2013


Nashville, TN

Assam is one of my favorite teas so the blend is perfect. Great morning eye opener.

5 Stars

A wonderful Christmas treat January 08, 2013


San Ramon, CA

This Christmas, I treated myself and my family to several gourmet teas. My breakfast is always a very large cup of strong tea with sugar and milk. It starts the day out right. So far, the Lucky Irish tea is my favorite of the teas I ordered. It has a mellow, smooth taste and stands up to the milk and sugar, if I brew my cup using two tea bags. It is too bad that I used the last of it yesterday. I'll be placing an order for more today.

5 Stars

deliciously strong tea December 23, 2012


madison, WI

This is my first choice for early mornings when I don't have time to brew a pot of loose leaf tea. The tea is strong and invigorating. I don't add anything to it. I love the malty, dark taste.

5 Stars

December 07, 2012


A nice all around breakfast tea. If I want a nice cup I usually choose this one or the British Breakfast.

4 Stars

Full-Bodied November 28, 2012

Marsha Hnat

Pascagoula, MS

This is the most full-bodied of the breakfast teas. The rich flavor warms you as you drink it. While I enjoy drinking this tea when the weather is chilly, it is a little too stimulating for hot weather, hence the four teapots instead of five.

5 Stars

Lucky irish Breakfast November 27, 2012


Little Falls, NY

This tea was purchased as a Christmas Gift. The shipping was very fast and the packaging was great.

5 Stars

Love It! November 07, 2012


Snohomish, WA

My favorite black tea, hands down. I also love the tea bags - they are sized to never make too strong a cup of tea, even if I forget and leave the bag in too long.

5 Stars

Wow!!! October 23, 2012


Parker City,

Best Irish Breakfast I have ever had.

4 Stars

Quite Satisfactory October 02, 2012

John Wilkins

Galion, OH

I am a fan of many black teas, and while this tea is certainly among the top in my selection, I must admit that I found nothing "outstanding" as regards its flavor. It is pleasing, calm, smooth with a slightly astringent after taste, reminiscent of a good 12 year old scotch. Please, do not misunderstand. I found it most entertaining and delightful and I'm sure I will order more of this tea. But it did not overwhelm me with savoriness. But then we cannot be overwhelmed at every occurrence, now can we?

5 Stars

Delightfully strong September 04, 2012


Columbus, OH

This is my favorite black tea, malty and strong. Perfect.

5 Stars

August 17, 2012

San Antonio, TX

Love the flavor of Lucky Irish Breakfast tea. Have tried others, The Republic of Tea is my favorite. Starts my morning off right!

3 Stars

Great flavor - could be stronger August 10, 2012

Ray Chirayath

Inverness, FL

I've been hooked on Irish tea ever since my trip to Ireland about 5 years ago. Over these last several years I used to wake up to a different Irish (one that is made in Ireland) tea. Lucky Irish has great flavor - I would prefer if it were stronger. Just a personal preference I guess. I just use two bags each time and that works well.

5 Stars

A Morning Requirement July 22, 2012

, CA

I've started every day for the last 3 years with a cup of Lucky Irish Breakfast. I simply don't feel sane without my morning cup, and this tea best meets my morning requirements: strong, delicious, and stands up well with milk & sugar. My Irish grandmother would approve; certainly, I do!

5 Stars

Brings back tea memories July 02, 2012


Winnemucca, NV

This tea is so reminiscent of the delicious tea I savored on a long ago trip to Germany. I was never able to find the exact variety that I tasted there until I discovered Lucky Irish Breakfast.This tea is rich and smooth and a perfect midmorning pick-me-up! I keep some at work just for that purpose.

5 Stars

Love the flavor June 23, 2012


Snohomish, WA

Also love the fact that it is nearly impossible to make a bad cup of tea with Repulic's smaller bags.

5 Stars

I was surprised! May 29, 2012


Medford, OR

I had to google "what does malty taste like", and still wasn't sure. So I took a chance, ordered this, and was pleasantly surprised! My first sip had me smiling. Very flavorful, just right. I added a splash of cream and a sprinkle of stevia. A wonderful way to perk up my afternoon. Very very nice and smooth!

5 Stars

A true delight May 23, 2012


, WI

If you enjoy English Breakfast Tea, treat yourself to a new delight by pouring a cup of this. I have a couple dozen varieties of teas in my cupboard, and, this is one of my favorites that I can savor day or night.

5 Stars

One of our favorites May 12, 2012


New Hartford, NY

Invigorating and inviting. You won't stop sipping after one cup!

5 Stars

Amazing!!! May 11, 2012


Bennington , VT

This is the only tea I will drink with no sugar it is smooth, tastes amazing and makes me think positively!!

5 Stars

April 16, 2012

, GA

wonderful taste.

5 Stars

March 27, 2012


Phoenix, AZ

I love this tea. It makes me feel I'm in Ireland. It has a rich taste that wakes me up.

4 Stars

Eye Opener March 27, 2012


Warrensburg, MO

Straight to the sleepy eyes, no nonsense with this cup for the morning.

5 Stars

Lucky Irish Teabags March 26, 2012

Ellen Lang

Castleton, VT

Great smooth taste,never bitter. Mellow yet refreshing fora morning cup or anytime. Very flavorful and not strong.

5 Stars

Lucky Irish Teabags March 26, 2012

Ellen Lang

Castleton, VT

Great smooth taste,never bitter. Mellow yet refreshing fora morning cup or anytime. Very flavorful and not strong.

5 Stars

March 24, 2012


Larchmont, NY

Perfect way to start the day!

5 Stars

Good start to a lucky day March 22, 2012


Lake Wales, FL

I recently tried this tea, and fell in love with it. It's deep and earthy, a perfect way to wake up and start the busy day. I like the depth of this tea, it's strong but not overpowering. It's full bodied and delightful. Perfect with a little honey.

5 Stars

My Irish Grandmother would have loved it!! January 26, 2012


, NH

Ieven think I can smell the peat smoke from the stove in the kitchen in Co. Leitrim!!!

4 Stars

December 08, 2011


Lovely pick-me-up that is slightly peppery. Great for those mornings after late nights of grading final exams!

5 Stars

Start the Day with the Irish November 10, 2011

Micki Smith-Darnauer

Hedgesville, WV

Every morning I wake to the world with a steaming cup of "Irish." The day is now in focus. People say I make the best iced tea ever and I reply, "It's all in the tea bag--the Irish does it all." Irish gets consumed in this house every day of the year and then some.

5 Stars

The only way to start my day! August 13, 2011


San Francisco, CA

I start my day with Lucky Irish Breakfast. It is the best way to get me started on my day. Sometimes I add a tad of Almond Milk to it. I drink it everyday religiously.