Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

My favorite tea

Washington, DC

This tea is unbelievable. A revelation. I am an avid tea drinker, and this is the one I always come back to. It is perfect as is, does not need milk or honey. The after taste is also amazing. It's a true delight.

5 Stars

Raspberry Quince Tea Review

Alvin, TX

My favorite tea of all time. I drink it as iced tea.

4 Stars

this was my first experience with raspberry quince tea

Outlook, WA

This one caught me off guard! I was not expecting the floral along with the berry, it almost reminds me of the aroma of roses in the air! After my first glass of iced tea it quickly went to my top 5 list and I will definitely be ordering this one again!

5 Stars

My Longtime Friend

Philadelphia, PA

This was my first tea from the Republic of Tea. I had it as Iced Tea first and fell in love with crisp fruitiness. Then I tried it hot and love it that way too. Even though I have branched out to many different flavors, this is my favorite.

5 Stars

Always order this

Philadelphia, PA

Definitely one of my favorites. No matter what I want to try, this one is always on my list. Bold and tasteful.

5 Stars

Raspberry Quince Black Tea Bags

Louisville, KY

It is my favorite tea! I love it!

5 Stars

A House Favorite

Highland Park, NJ

Our family's second favorite, 'staple' tea. Raspberry Quince is rich and fruity and holds up to being chilled for iced tea. Excellent served as a dessert tea, though you wouldn't want to add dairy.

4 Stars

Nice light flavor

Champaign, IL

This tea has a nice, light raspberry flavor. It is not overpowering, just the right amount.

5 Stars

Like grandmas raspberry quince jelly!

Rochester , NY

Bright and beautiful, with fantastic aroma and flavor! Has all the warmth of a late summer afternoon in my mind whenever I inhale that fragrance.

5 Stars

Super tasty!

Tomball, TX

Fragrant, sweet and mellow

blissful haven

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Raspberry Quince tea is best beverage I've ever tasted. I sweetened it with Truvia and had it over ice.

5 Stars


Scituate, MA

I first requested this tea as a sample because I enjoy the flavor of raspberry. I enjoyed it so much, I placed an order right away. It has a very nice raspberry flavor, with notes of apple and pear, which I'm guessing is the quince. This is my new favorite, and I will definitely be purchasing this product again.

5 Stars

What a Surprise

Galloway, OH

I usually don't care for flavored teas but I was turned onto a flavored white tea at Teavanna and surprise it's been discontinued--I tasted this as a substitute and was instantly hooked went home fromt the bakery and ordered a tin immediatley!!!

2 Stars

Overwelmed black tea

Fargo, ND

Very disappointed with this tea. The fruit flavors overwelm the black tea. It tastes more like a herbal tea than a black tea.

5 Stars


Brensbach/Odenwald GERMANY,

I bought this tea on Cape Cod in Aug. with a Van. Almond tea. I wasn't sure I liked the Raspberry Quince the first time I sipped it...but the next time, better...by the third time, I was hooked. In fact, this has overridden the Van. Almond. I wish I could buy it here in Germany. This is a very pleasant tasting tea.

UGH Don't like at all

Scottsdale, AZ

Thought I would try something new but don't like this one at all. My favortie is still the Ginger Peach.

Fayetteville, NY

I love this tea and have reordered it several times. It's a full flavored tea with wonderful aroma. I keep a can at home and one at work. Great for an afternoon break. My favorite black tea!

5 Stars

Very refreshing flavor.Extra fast delivery.

Cartersville, GA

Was given as a gift to my sister. She loves the flavor. Second year she is getting it for Christmas. Thank you Republic of Tea.

5 Stars

Quince on a Hot Mic!

Crowley, LA

I gave this to my grandmother for Christmas last year, and I was happy to taste that quince is in the driver's seat. The fruit is full-tasting, and the quince is so quincey! The experience is all over with this tea. It's so aromatic. Raspberry Quince over Glade behind the couch all day, y'all!

5 Stars

My Favorite

Holden, MA

I've been ordering from Republic of Tea for years and have never been disappointed. Love Raspberry Quince, Blackberry Sage Decaf, and British Breakfast Decaf and Regular.

5 Stars

It's Invigorating!


This tea has a very bold flavor that is good for waking you up; "bright" would be a good word for it. I didn't really like it that much at first taste, but I like it more and more each time I have a cup. It also makes a really good iced tea with sugar. If you want an invigorating and flavorful cup of tea, then this is for you.

5 Stars

Great for sun tea


For a quart of sun tea let sit out with 2 bags in it, if you want to add a bag of black tea with it that is good also. For a gallon of sun tea, 3 to 4 bags, depending on how strong you like it; and as above, if you want to add a bag of black tea to it that is a good change of pace.

5 Stars

Just What I Wanted

Sugar Land, TX

Love the bottled raspberry quince and bought tea bags for ease of transporting. One of my favorite flavors. Find that I just want to sit and sip ...a lot.

4 Stars

Tea Bags

Portland, OR

I have enjoyed Raspberry Quince hot and plan on trying it out as iced. Requires hotter weather than we have had.

3 Stars

Raspberry Quince

Rozel, KS

The Raspberry Quince is good, but I still prefer the Blackberry Sage and Ginger Peach. Love these teas

5 Stars

Melbourne, FL

I first tried this tea when I lived in Missouri. It is the best tea I have ever had. When I moved back to Florida it was hard to find a place that carried this brand of tea. I went on line and found it and ordered it. I wish I could find a place near by to purchase some whenever I run out. Purchasing this on line was easy and was delivered within days.

1 Star

VERY floral

Essex, MD

I was disappointed in this tea. I only taste hibiscus, and it has a soapy aftertaste. I tasted no raspberry at all. Avoid this tea unless you enjoy floral flavors.

5 Stars

Pleasantly surprised!

Philadelphia, PA

I have to admit I was unsure how I would feel about this tea when I initially ordered it. I was not all that familiar with the flavor of quince and I had been disappointed by raspberry teas in the past. When I first opened the tin my nervousness increased, there is an initial bold scent of raspberry; however, upon brewing the flavor is well balanced by the quince. I have thoroughly enjoyed this tea and will likely be ordering again when I run out.

3 Stars

More herbal than black


I have to say I was disappointed with this one. It tastes more like a herbal tea, than a black tea with added flavors. Not a favorite of mine.

5 Stars


Houston, TX

I thought this tea was the most refreshing tea i have ever tasted. it was full of such flavor and natural sweetness!