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Absolutely delicious!

5 Stars Absolutely delicious!

from MN on wrote:

I used to think I needed 2 tea bags for the flavor but if you bring it to a boil and let it steep it is perfect! I can even use only one tea bag in a 16 oz. mug and still get the rich flavor. This is the best decaf black tea I have ever had.

Love this tea

5 Stars Love this tea

from NJ on wrote:

This is the best decaf tea I have tried.

Good but not robust!

4 Stars Good but not robust!

from MI on wrote:

This decaf is far superior to the usual store brands but unless I have a very small cup, I find I have to use two bags to get the robust flavor in your description. I will buy it again!

Great British Flavor!

5 Stars Great British Flavor!

from MO on wrote:

Love the heartiness without the caffeine! I enjoy it with a splash of milk, or, even better, a splash of cream.

More leaves per bag, please

3 Stars More leaves per bag, please

from MA on wrote:

Only if I use two bags per cup can I get a flavorful English cup of tea. Even though I purchase the bulk selection for value (250), it's still very expensive to get a proper cup. I hope Republic will add more leaves per bag? Otherwise this tea is their most expensive tea for the enjoyer.

Great British Flavor!

5 Stars Great British Flavor!

from MO on wrote:

This is a wonderful full-bodied tea. I'm so glad it comes in decaf.

Needs a little more oomph

3 Stars Needs a little more oomph

from WA on wrote:

This tea has a pleasant English Breakfast flavor, but just isn't as strong as I would prefer. Even using two bags, it seems a bit on the weak side. But, considering that I can't have caffeine, it's nice to at least have an English Breakfast option.

favorite decaf black tea

5 Stars favorite decaf black tea

from WI on wrote:

I've been drinking this decaf black tea for years. It has never disappointed me. When steeped for long enough, it is a fairly rich black tea, slightly malty. It's strong enough to satisfy my need for strong tea at times when caffeine would be a bad idea. Sometimes I use two teabags for an extra kick.

Best Decaf Unflavored Black

4 Stars Best Decaf Unflavored Black

from on wrote:

I LOVE this tea! I think it is second best only to the Assam Black Tea (has caffeine). I drink at least one glass of British Breakfast Decaf everyday. It's great plain and with honey. Can't live without it.


1 Star WEAK!

from NY on wrote:

Wow this is weak! One tea bag is like drinking plain hot water. I have to use 2 to get any taste. skip this if you like a stronger decaf.....

4 Stars

from on wrote:

I use this as my late evening tea. Good standard black tea. As I am sensitive to caffeine too late in the day, I can drink this anytime of day and get a good cuppa of black tea

Best Cuppa Tea Ever!

Best Cuppa Tea Ever!

from GA on wrote:

If you're looking to ease the tensions that sometimes coffee brings, drink this tea instead: It's delightfully pleasant tasting and refreshing! What a great change in my morning routine (sometimes, my afternoon, too).

Late night cup

5 Stars Late night cup

from NC on wrote:

Drink this black in the late evening as my before bed cup. Always good. High quality.

Good Morning!

5 Stars Good Morning!

from MA on wrote:

This is every bit as tasty as the caffienated variety.