Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

A Favorite March 31, 2014


Marietta, GA

I love the flavor of blackberry sage tea. I have to limit caffeine so the decaf makes it possible for me to enjoy this black tea.

5 Stars

Blackberry Sage Tea March 30, 2014

Denna Lowe

Lenexa, KS

This is my 2nd favorite tea after ginger peach! Wonderful taste and is good hot or cold.

5 Stars

My favorite March 27, 2014

Dawn Wilson

Aledo, TX

A delicious tea.

5 Stars

Nice flavor & aroma! March 13, 2014


Savannah, GA

This tea is very good. I am always searching for tasty decaf fruit flavored teas. I find that I can use less sweetener with the fruit flavored teas. I discovered that adding a little culinary lavender buds when steeping this tea makes it absolutely divine. The lavender blends very well with the blackberry & sage. Try it!!!!!!!!!!

5 Stars

Great tea January 12, 2014


Little Rock, AR

I love this tea, my favorite flavor. I have regular already and ordered decaf to enjoy in the evenings.

5 Stars

Awesome flavor! January 05, 2014

Rebecca Weber

Johnstown, OH

Makes great iced tea!

5 Stars

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm So Good! December 19, 2013


Lancaster, CA

This is thee best! I even made ice tea out of it and it is wonderful! Thank you!

5 Stars

Wonderful Tea October 13, 2013

Jenny H.

College Station, TX

I am new to the whole tea experience, but have recently purchased many different varities from Republic of Tea, I have to admit this one is my favorite. So soothing & refreshing...I will be ordering again!

5 Stars

perfect! July 13, 2013


Seward, NE

This tea is perfect! Love it hot in the winter and cold in the summer. Great relaxing and interesting flavors. I have never had anyone that I served it to not like it! I love this tea! The blackberry and sage do not drown the other out so that itself makes it a perfect blend!

5 Stars

Vision enhanced February 14, 2013

Donna Gimarc

Rowlett, TX

When a side effect from a new prescription made my vision dramatically blur nothing helped for six weeks until I had two delicious cups of decaff blackberry sage. Within half an hour my vision began to clear. My eye doctor was astounded. I am grateful.

5 Stars

love this tea January 24, 2013


lake tahoe, NV

I particularly love the decaf version of this tea. It never leaves a bitter aftertaste, and it has a sweet aroma, but isn't overly sweet to drink. Highly recommend it after dinner!

5 Stars

Nice flavor January 20, 2013


Like the blackberry flavor. No decaf aftertaste.

5 Stars

Unique and delicous December 05, 2012


, SD

I really enjoy this tea. It has a very unique flavor, it's fruity with an herb flair.

5 Stars

Superb blend of flavors: Blackberry + Sage November 10, 2012

Suzanne C.

Redwood City, CA

I am a major tea lover and this one is a winner. It is an exceptionally enjoyable, tasty and delightfully aromatic tea. The tea blenders at Republic of Tea completely nailed the balance of flavors and aromas in this blend of Blackberry and Sage with black tea. You can taste the quality and that it was made with great care and skill. I thoroughly enjoy this tea both in its regular version as well as this decaf version. My experience has been that most decaf versions of black teas suffer by comparison to their regular versions, but this one is an exception. It's hard to explain the little something extra that happens when you drink this tea--but it does have a noticeable positive, centering, mind-focusing effect on me. Maybe there really is something to the ancient belief that sage augments wisdom.

4 Stars

A Great Tea October 19, 2012

Danni wyatt

Racine, WI

This is an excellent tea. The aroma soothes you before you even take a sip. The blend of raspberry and sage is perfect. This seems an ideal all year round tea.

5 Stars

Love this tea! October 12, 2012

Cindy H.

Fort Worth, TX

This tea is amazing! I use an iced tea brewer and mix it with regular black tea bags. The blackberry sage adds the perfect compliment to the tea. This is by far my favorite tea. I drink this tea after 7 PM and never have an issue falling asleep!

5 Stars

The Most Delightful Tea I've Ever Tasted September 27, 2012


San Diego, TX

This tea is incredibly delicious, and is my absolute favorite tea to drink. The berry flavor is really complimented by the addition of sage, leading to a tangy but not bitter tea. I could drink this tea all day.

5 Stars

Berry Lover's Delight September 25, 2012

April B.

San Jose, CA

Delicious, versatile and the perfect way to end a long day. I love berry-teas and decided to give this one a try - I am smitten! Love this tea!

5 Stars

Divine meditative tea! September 21, 2012


Johnson City, NY

If you are having trouble relaxing, this tea will take you to a peaceful, centered, place. After steeping, allow your self to totally enjoy this tea's wonderful aroma, then slowly indulge in its mild taste. Within minutes you will feel like you are in a whole new place.

Love this tea! September 04, 2012

Judith Hanzelin

Homewood, IL

I carry this delicious tea in my purse so I can always have a cup of delightful tea even if the restaurant doesn't carry decaf tea! This black tea has a delightful aroma and taste.

5 Stars

The BEST August 12, 2012


Denver, CO

This has to be the most aromatic and satisfying black tea available -- even in decaf. Rich berry taste with a wonderful aroma that keeps me coming back.

5 Stars

Awesome!!! June 30, 2012

Tina Madler

Belfield, ND

wonderful tea made it as sun tea today

5 Stars

June 15, 2012

george t dudzik

lynwood, IL

good coid

5 Stars

March 28, 2012


My all time favorite. So delicious!

5 Stars

My favorite March 26, 2012


Omaha, NE

This is my all-time favorite tea. The taste is wonderfully subtle. I also enjoy other flavors but this one is at the top of my favorites' list. My only complaint is that it is not available in Decaf Full-leaf.

4 Stars

March 24, 2012

, LA

The flavor is a little strong for me but still I like it.

5 Stars

blackberry sage March 22, 2012


binghamton, NY

Well this tea I purchased for my daughter-in-law as well as another of your decafe teas once again i will say she is hidding it from me. IT IS SOOOOO good and refreshing cold or hot.

5 Stars

Wonderful flavors January 29, 2012

Walter Miller

Grand Prairie, TX

Our favorite tea! And second is the mild Pineapple Ginger. Wonderful flavors.

4 Stars

Tea for Wisdom January 01, 2012


Chambersburg, PA

My brother picked up a sample of this tea while visiting my house and loved it, so I purchased more as a Christmas gift. He enjoys the flavor and the health aspects of blackberries.

5 Stars

"Sage" advice--buy this tea! October 02, 2011

Krista Schwabe

Lakeland, FL

I absolutely adore Blackberry sage, so much that I buy it by the bag now. I love my iced tea strong, so I usually brew 3 bags and add a little sweetener. The berry flavor is as fresh and juicy as if you just picked it, and the sage is such a delightful pairing. I'd never had sage in anything other than stuffing before--now I can't live without this tea! I just wish you'd bring back the Blackberry Sage tea jam--though I might have to try and make my own ;) Fabulous tea, one of my top favorites!