Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Perfect blending of Black and Blue! October 25, 2014


Peckville, PA

I have purchased this amazing tea several times and I can't seem to get enough of it. It's wonderful hot or iced and the combination of black tea with blueberry is like a match made in hefactaven.

5 Stars

I love this tea! September 22, 2014


Jackson, MS

Love this tea. Just enough sweet to it that it's good without adding any sweeteners.

5 Stars

Delightful blueberry tea! September 20, 2014


San Francisco, CA

This is one of the first berry black tea I've tried and enjoyed (the other two being Blackberry Sage and Cranberry Blood Orange). I am a fan of berry green or white or herbal teas, but have not found a good, smooth black tea that doesn't try to either completely hide the taste of tea with some fake berry flavoring or kinda hide some bits of berries under a strong black tea taste. That is, until now. This tea produces a rich, dark cup with some nice, smooth,full-bodied tea notes mingling with the taste of warm blueberries. Definitely a fan.

5 Stars

my favorite tea September 14, 2014


Boston, MA

wonderful taste and aroma

5 Stars

my husband's favourite tea. July 23, 2014


sutton, AK

"are you SURE you don't want to try a different tea?" "nope. i'm good. this is my favourite." as well as my husband, i enjoy a cup of this hearty tea every now and then, honey and cream stirred in....

5 Stars

Strong and sweet July 17, 2014


Redding, CA

I love this tea - makes a good strong cup without harshness or bitterness. Almost sweet enough to drink without any honey, but I like to add some anyway.

5 Stars

Best Tea Ever!! July 13, 2014


Mill Valley, CA

This is by far my very favorite tea!! I really love the blueberry taste! And, I love buying the tea in bulk and reusing the tin I already bought in the store.

4 Stars

tea July 10, 2014


Colorado Springs, CO

I am glad I found this tea, I really enjoy it. And like you website and all the choices.

4 Stars

A great cuppa June 28, 2014


Chicago, IL

This blend lets the black tea shine through with just the right accent of blueberry

5 Stars

Delicious Hot or Cold! June 24, 2014


Quincy , IL

This tea is one of our favorites from you. Great blueberry taste!

5 Stars

Pleasant Flavor June 02, 2014


Sykesville, MD

I've had lots of blueberry teas before but this one has the most pleasant flavor. Not too strong and not too weak. As goldilocks would say, "it's just right."

5 Stars

The best blueberry flavored tea ever! April 15, 2014

Denise Ungerman

Pgh, PA

Wild Blueberry is a beautifully fragrant & fruity tea. It has a true-to-blueberry taste. The pleasure begins upon opening the canister lid!

5 Stars

Excellent Product ! March 31, 2014


Kennewick, WA

Good blueberry flavor

5 Stars

One of My Favorites March 27, 2014


Dupont, IN

I first experienced Wild Blueberry tea in a sampler box and it became one if not my favorite hot tea. I am a big lover of black teas and this one hits a tea drinker's spot.

5 Stars

Very good flavor March 25, 2014

Loretta Michalczak

Clinton Township, MI

Very good flavor. You can actually taste the blueberries. It makes an excellent ice tea, plain, no need to add sugar. I paired it with the Mango tea and it was delicious.

5 Stars

Love this tea!!!!! March 10, 2014


san diego, CA

This tea is wonderful. I am addicted to its wonderful flavor. I am also in love with the dandelion vanilla!!!

5 Stars

Buy it, don't hesitate March 08, 2014


Waynesville, MO

Wow this is a great tasting tea. If you like blueberries, and you like black tea, this is a beautiful combination. Flavorful, and aromatic.

5 Stars

Best Blueberry Tea Ever February 27, 2014


Fort Worth, TX

Delicious tea especially for ice tea. You can really taste the blueberry flavor. Love it. Have been drinking it forever

5 Stars

Super yummy! February 24, 2014


Tennessee Colony, TX

This is by far my favorite tea that I've purchased from this company. They are all really good but this is the best!

5 Stars

Christmas gift January 28, 2014


Beaverton, OR

Best Blueberry tea EVER !!!! Thank you Santa !

5 Stars

Great flavor balance December 07, 2013


Salinas, CA

Great flavor balance of tea and fruit. This will also make a great iced tea, will be ordering again.

5 Stars

Best Blueberry Tea Ever December 06, 2013


Centerville, UT

My grandmother use to make me Blueberry tea when I was younger. When she ran out, I could never find a good replacement. I tried this Tea and it tasted same as the one my grandmother used to make. I don't go a day without a cup. It is my favorite Tea. It is soooo good.

5 Stars

Delicious October 30, 2013


Columbus, GA

This tea has a crisp, invigorating blueberry flavor. I love to drink it in the morning to wake up!

5 Stars

My New Coffee April 04, 2013

Shearon Osborne

Coxs Creek, KY

Several years ago I quit drinking coffee in the morning and the wild blueberry tea became my morning replacement. I have my mom sipping this flavor too.

5 Stars

Hooked on Blueberry! March 17, 2013

C Bliss

Plano, TX

This is so good that I have cravings if I go too long without drinking it. My favorite of any tea...anywhere!

5 Stars

its great February 14, 2013

mrs. lee hartung


you can really taste the blueberrys - hot or cold

5 Stars

One of My Favorites January 15, 2013

K Fancher

Tyler, TX

I have been a loyal Republic of Tea citizen for many years. Their wild blueberry is one of my favorite flavored black teas; it is smooth and full-bodied with the perfect hint of blueberries. I prefer it iced.

4 Stars

December 27, 2012


Very mild with a hint of blueberries. Would like a bit stronger blueberry flavor but overall a nice smooth tea.

5 Stars

YUMMY! December 18, 2012


Asheville, NC

When I opened the cannister and was greeted with the aroma of a fresh blueberry muffins, I knew I was in for a treat...and I was NOT disappointed!!! YUMMY!

5 Stars

Love this blend - my favorite December 12, 2012

Marilyn Nicholas

Carlsbad, , CA

This is one of the best tasting teas around - love it iced on a warm summers day

5 Stars

Daily Delight! December 11, 2012


Kihie, HI

Love this tea! I drink it everyday!

5 Stars

Exceptional taste November 30, 2012

Charlene Sandifer

Milford, DE

This tea has a soft subtle fragrant taste of blueberry. It blends well without being bitter or tart. It is the perfect mid-morning pick-me up or afternoon relaxation... Either way enjoy.

5 Stars

The Best Blueberry Tea November 26, 2012


, WI

If you love blueberries you've gotta try this tea. The flavor is powerful, aroma is amazing, and it's Rainforest Alliance Certified!! Easily my favorite!!

5 Stars

Very tasty tea October 30, 2012



Very tasty tea. I have already ordered this tea several times!!!!

5 Stars

Another Great Way to Enjoy the Blueberry Taste October 21, 2012

Maureen F.

Haverhill, MA

I love blueberries and think that this tea is another great way to enjoy the taste of blueberries.

5 Stars

My favorite! October 14, 2012


Winchendon, MA

I love blueberries. And when the fresh blueberries are gone, this is what I turn to to start my day. The flavor is a perfect blend of tea and blueberry. I do find that I don't need to steep the tea much longer than it takes to slowly pour BOILING water through the bag. Usually get 2 mugs from each tea bag.

5 Stars

Delicious! October 13, 2012


, AK

One of my all time faves!

5 Stars

October 12, 2012


Loved it! I would definitely buy more!

4 Stars

A tad bit strong on the blueberry flavor October 12, 2012

Cindy H.

Fort Worth, TX

The blueberry flavor was a tad bit strong for me. I thought this was going to be more of a mellow blueberry flavor, but it is quite strong. I recently purchased it and used it as a flavoring for iced tea- I usually use the Blackberry sage- which is amazing. I would recommend the blueberry if you are truely a blueberry fan!

2 Stars

artificial blueberry flavor October 09, 2012


Chicago, IL

I found the blueberry flavor to be very artifical and did not blend well with the strong black tea flavor. Will be returning this product.

5 Stars

Oh so good October 04, 2012



This is one of the best teas that I have tasted. Definitely a favorite!

5 Stars

Yum! September 26, 2012


Watsonville, CA

This tea is delicious hot or cold!

5 Stars

chases the blues away September 11, 2012


Paradise, CA

A wonderful addition to my morning routine. Chases the blues away! Strong and flavorful!

5 Stars

August 12, 2012


Burleson, TX

Great flavor, very refreshing when iced.

5 Stars

August 03, 2012

, VA

Not overwhelming; can steep a short time or a long time and the tea does not get bitter. I enjoy sipping this as an iced tea as well.

5 Stars

Love this tea! August 02, 2012

Michelle Jacobson

Oxford, PA

I drink this flavor or Cranberry Blood Orange tea every morning. The Wild Blueberry goes well with my breakfast and tastes great.

5 Stars

July 27, 2012


San Francisco, CA

I have about 50 varieties of tea at home and once I found Republic of Tea Blueberry Tea I stopped drinking any of the others. I may have another one, one day every two weeks. I want to always start my day with blueberry tea.

5 Stars

Scrumptious! July 25, 2012

Bellingham, WA

I bought this for my husband because he is such a blueberry fan!! Such strong sweet smelling flavors!!! I think I like it more than he does!!!1 hahahah

5 Stars

July 08, 2012



I've had the Blueberry Superfruit green tea and liked it very much; this black tea with blueberry is also very good. The blueberry flavor is excellent and doesn't overwhelm the tea.

5 Stars

Absolutly the Best Blueberry June 23, 2012


East Lyme, CT

By far the best blueberry flavor, a true blueberry flavor. I have been drinking this tea blend since it was first introduced. I even travel with it, so I am never without my favorite cup of tea.

5 Stars

Beautiful Blueberries! June 21, 2012


Detroit, MI

This is one of my favorites. I love the light blueberry finish to the tea. It has a very well-balanced, satisfying flavor and aroma. It's also great as iced tea!

5 Stars

truly amazing June 11, 2012


Auburndale, NY

The Wild Blueberry Black Tea is a real summer pleaser. Love to have it iced in the summer. This tea is also good as a base for fruit smoothies. Republic of Tea never disappoints.

5 Stars

Best Tea June 04, 2012

Ken C.

Denver, CO

I love the taste of this blueberry tea. This is the best tea out there! Thanks for what you do at Republic of Tea. Best of luck.

5 Stars

I love this stuff May 23, 2012


, WI

I love blueberries, which are plentiful in this area. And, I love this tea. I actually steep my tea for 5 minutes, and, don't find it bitter, at all. Please, don't ever stop blending this tea. If you do, please contact me so that I can buy up a ton of it! Wonderful blend!

5 Stars

May 20, 2012


, TX

This is my absolute favorite tea. Love the blueberry flavor. It makes a very refreshing iced tea in hot weather.

5 Stars

One of my husband's faves May 16, 2012

Donna Bee

Ohioville, PA

This is one of my husband's "go to" teas in the morning.

5 Stars

Watch your steeping time! May 02, 2012


This is a wonderful tea, with lots of blueberry flavor. It can be bitter if over-steeped. When prepared according to directions, though, it is very enjoyable. Really nice with glazed donuts! :-)

5 Stars

Very Delicious!!!! April 17, 2012



Flavoured and Delicious Tea

5 Stars

best ever. . . April 14, 2012


best tea ever. . .don't stop making it!

5 Stars

Exceptional!! April 13, 2012


Baileys Harbor, WI

This tea is, by far, my favorite!!

4 Stars

Great subtle flavor April 10, 2012


Maryville, TN

Wonderful aroma. Most definately a must have morning respite. Maybe not as bold a taste as Blueberry Green Tea/Superfruit Tea by the Minister of Tea, but more soothing. The extra plus: it's free trade tea!

5 Stars

Wonderful flavor!! March 31, 2012


, NY

This tea is bold but not overpowering, with a pleasant blueberry flavor. It's the perfect cup of blueberry black tea, so smooth and flavorful! This is my go to everyday tea, it's just that fantastic!

5 Stars

Wonderful Tea! March 28, 2012


Oxford, PA

I love this tea and drink it through out the day. Great flavor.

5 Stars

March 27, 2012


Georgetown , TX

Love all of your teas but love the taste of blueberries and this one hits the mark!

5 Stars

My Go to Tea March 22, 2012


East Lyme, CT

This is my very favorite tea. I began drinking blueberry tea when in college, and for some time could not find a tea of the quality and flavor that I craved. Wild Blueberry by The Republic of Tea fulfills every requirement for a blueberry tea I ever had. I love this tea hot, black and with just a touch of sweetener, it is also great cold!

5 Stars

Wild about the Berry Best March 20, 2012

Nancy Cronin

Sacramento, CA

I love berry-flavoured teas, but many miss the point - a berry tea should taste like the berry and the tea and anything more is just distracting filler. This strong black blueberry tea is my favourite blueberry tea. Simply black tea and blueberry - perfection! I brew it on Monday mornings when I need motivation to get myself moving for work or on any freezing morning: It warms more than my toes.

4 Stars

March 20, 2012



An excellent cup of tea. The blueberries are /very/ subtle - you might miss them if you aren't looking for them. But I don't think that takes away from the tea; rather, that is one of the things I like best about it! I was worried that it was going to be overpowering-ly blueberry-y, but it is certainly not.

5 Stars

March 15, 2012


Wonderful blend of blueberries. Balanced tasting. Delicious iced or hot (with honey and milk).

5 Stars

lovely flavor March 12, 2012


, KY

I hadn't tried any of the Republic of Tea's fruit flavors. This was a definite hit. I love the blueberry and the black tea gives me a kick in the morning. Excellent choice.

5 Stars

Blueberry tea is my favorite! March 12, 2012

Lori L

Tucson, AZ

This tea is my absolute favorite! I like the black tea, the blueberry is very subtle, and it mixes well with other teas like green tea or sweet ginger peach. I love to use 2 tea bags in a large mug in the morning for flavor and caffeine.

4 Stars

A Nice Surprise March 09, 2012

Belinda R.

Kent, WA

What a NICE cup of tea!! I just purchased and am finishing my first cup. I am quite pleased with the subtle, yet sweet flavor of blueberries... it makes me think of summer. :-) This tea will be a pleasant addition to these cold, rainy Pacific North West afternoons.

5 Stars

Love this tea February 28, 2012


Birmingham, AL

Love love love this tea. Searched high and low for it and finally gave up buying it locally. Great blueberry taste with the rich flavor of black tea. Not a green tea fan, especially first thing in the morning and lamented the fact I could only find this in a green tea version. This is my tea of choice for breakfast. Just a touch of sweet and cream in this rich tasty tea first thing in the morning starts the day out just right.

Blueberry Bliss February 27, 2012


New York, NY

This is easily my favorite. I drink it as iced tea nearly everyday and always order the 250 bags. It is not overwhelming and the scent is superb. It reminds me of Maine. Just talking about it makes me want some right now!

5 Stars

Favorite January 20, 2012


Dayton, OH

This is my standard "go-to" tea that I drink nearly every day. The blueberry flavor is wonderful and does not have that "fake" aftertaste that many fruity teas have. This tea goes down like velvet!

3 Stars

Just okay! January 11, 2012


Columbus, OH

I like that this is a fair trade tea and am usually a big fan of blueberry. I didn't really taste much of a blueberry flavor from this tea. Overall it just did not have a very interesting flavor to me. If you like a berry flavor, I would suggest the Blackberry Sage instead. This is still a good tea, but not as good as a lot of the other teas they have. I would maybe try it again at a restaurant but probably won't buy another tin.

Great tea I missed it for a couple years December 24, 2011

T. Stites

Macomb, IL

This was one of my favorite fruit teas. I have not ordered it for a couple of years. It is my favorite again. I have served it to friends and they complimented me on the tea.

2 Stars

Another winwin for The Republic of Tea December 11, 2011


Lehigh Acres, FL

Beautiful, nice nose like a fine wine

5 Stars

Wild & Wonderful! December 08, 2011

Teri Holloway

Tulare, CA

Delightful! This is quite probably my favorite tea. It is nice to just be in the room where it's being brewed, but then you can't walk away without having a sip or two...or more. Yes, more. Much more. I really enjoy this tea.

5 Stars

Wild to wake up to Blueberry in the morning December 07, 2011

Scott Ebert

Fridley , MN

This is a truely great blend of fruit and black tea.This is a tea to live for.This used to say on the canister once it's gone it's gone, I hope that day never comes. I like also that it is a fair trade tea.

5 Stars

December 06, 2011


Saratoga Springs, NY

Great Flavor. I really enjoy this tea. It is just the quality I expected from Republic of Tea.

5 Stars

Great Tea December 05, 2011



Very happy with the taste of this tea. Simple but good!

5 Stars

Wife likes it... November 20, 2011


Houston, TX

My wife loves the Wild Blueberry, Blackberry Sage, and Ginger Peach. It's a small price to pay to make her happy every morning.

5 Stars

wildblueberry&cinnamon plum November 20, 2011

Dennis Martin

Brockton, MA

They tasted great.

4 Stars

You can't be blue with blueberry tea! November 17, 2011

Sharol Neugent

Chesterfield, VA

fresh, not too sweet, natural

5 Stars

November 10, 2011

Nancy J Batten

Lake Oswego, OR

delicious. perfect blend of black tea and fruit. Simple and good!

5 Stars

#3 all-time favorite tea October 27, 2011


, MN

This is my thrid favorite cup of tea, behind vanilla almond and ginger peach. I love this, it smells wonderful and tastes even better. The blueberry and black tea flavors compliment each other perfectly.

5 Stars

Real blueberry aroma and taste October 09, 2011


Pleasantville, NY

I bought this tea based on RoT reviews and tried it for the first time yesterday. I was afraid it would be some artificial sweet concoction, but it was not. The aroma and taste is of real fresh blueberries, and the underlying black tea gives it body. I drank it hot, but I want to try it as iced tea. I think it would be a refreshing treat on summer days and with light summer fare.

5 Stars

perfect hot or iced July 12, 2011


West Bend,, WI

love this tea - we drink it iced all the time.