Love at first sip

5 Stars Love at first sip

from MS on wrote:

This tea just seems comforting to me. I'm not usually one for citrus with tea, but the blood orange and cranberry combo is great. I first tried it in a sampler pack and knew I needed to buy bulk.


5 Stars Surprising

from NJ on wrote:

Hints of chocolate and ginger make for a delicious cup


5 Stars Enjoyable

from IN on wrote:

Yummy flavors of cranberry and orange!

cranberry blood orange black

5 Stars cranberry blood orange black

from TX on wrote:

one of my favorites. I really did not expect it would be good. Trouble thinking cranberry and blood orange would flavor a black tea. It was delightful. Flavors were not overpowering but definitely recognizable. Love it.

Very Good

5 Stars Very Good

from CA on wrote:

I had a sample of this tea at my job. I loved it and it made me want to buy some. I ended up liking this tea best on ice. I can't have enough of it.

This is the best tea I've ever had

5 Stars This is the best tea I've ever had

from MB on wrote:

If you like sweet teas, this is the best. Republic of Teas, do not ever discontinue this flavor.

well balanced

5 Stars well balanced

from OH on wrote:

I love this tea on a cold winter day. The flavors are nicely blended so that each one is present but not overpowering. Every one I have given this blend to have loved it and bought their own. Well done, Republic, well done!

Amazing Flavor

5 Stars Amazing Flavor

from PA on wrote:

The Republic of Tea Cranberry Blood Orange Black Tea Bag has tons of amazing flavor. It's delicious! It's great hot & cold. You can use the tea bag again & it tastes just as good as the first time. This is a tea I would not get tired of.

Office Favorite

5 Stars Office Favorite

from VA on wrote:

I buy this for folks in my office. It disappears very quickly.

A tasteful treat

5 Stars A tasteful treat

from FL on wrote:

I only drink tea from Republic of Tea since the quality far exceeds what is available in grocery stores. The cranberry/blood orange has become my favorite. It seems to be naturally sweet and has a strong flavor even though I do add cream to the hot tea. I am sure it will be wonderful as an iced tea for summer.

Hands down my new fav tea!

5 Stars Hands down my new fav tea!

from CA on wrote:

Not only does it make a spectacular hot tea - it also makes the best iced tea you have ever had. Everyone that comes over and tries it just sighs into the glass, whether it be hot or cold. And they all end up buying some!


3 Stars Tasty

from CA on wrote:

But not something you can drink cup after cup of

Cranberry Blood Orange

4 Stars Cranberry Blood Orange

from TX on wrote:

This is another of my "treat" teas that contain fruit and/or spice flavors. I haven't had a cup yet because I'm saving it to drink during November and December, but I salivate with anticipation every time I think of it.

Outstanding Taste

5 Stars Outstanding Taste

from NJ on wrote:

Bought tea to drink for summer but one taste and I was hooked! Now I drink it year round and it's my favorite drink of choice chilled.

Love this tea

5 Stars Love this tea

from IN on wrote:

One of my favorites. I've been drinking this tea for a long time.

Oh my...

5 Stars Oh my...

from CA on wrote:

....this is one of the best flavored teas that I have every had. I have a cup every night be I go to bed. I will definitely be buying again and again.

An Iced tea keeper!

5 Stars An Iced tea keeper!

from MD on wrote:

LOVE is tea iced for summer. 3 bags of CBO with 4 bags reg black tea into 2 quarts hot water & steep for 30 mins. Add sugar to taste. Never fails to elicit raves of "this is so good, what kind of tea is this?" I have sold 4 different family members on this tea. Now I coordinate placing a large order for all of us 2x a year!

Surprising twist

5 Stars Surprising twist

from TX on wrote:

I love the surprise on people's faces when I serve them iced tea made with this blend. It's very refreshing and the perfect warm weather drink. Serve with an slice of orange or tangerine.

Bright aroma of blood oranges

5 Stars Bright aroma of blood oranges

from LA on wrote:

I grow blood oranges, and there is nothing that compares with their bright, sunny aroma. Blood oranges are naturally sweet, not tart. We use them for fresh juice and also for making Mimosas for holiday brunch. The juice is naturally red. I was skeptical about blood orange flavored tea, and am very pleased to report I've never enjoyed a more lovely tea. The cranberry adds a bit of tartness that enhances and contrasts the sweetness of the blood orange flavor. I truly am surprised at how much I enjoy this tea, and will keep a good stock of it.

A Favorite Tea

5 Stars A Favorite Tea

from IN on wrote:

My wife and I have been enjoying Cranberry Blood Orange for a couple of years. It is just a well balanced and lovely blend that most all our friends always remark,


5 Stars Perfect!

from IL on wrote:

I have been looking for a good Cranberry tea for 3 years. As of yesterday I'm not looking anymore. This the perfect marriage of the flavors.



from IL on wrote:

This tea satisfies my primal needs with it's bursting natural flavor.


5 Stars Delicious!

from MD on wrote:

Got a single bag of this included with my order. Smells wonderful, tastes fruity and delicious. No bitterness, can be sipped straight, but I added sugar because I like sweet tea. Wished I had ordered a can of this instead of the Safari Sunset and Cinnamon and Plum of which I care for neither. Will order a can of this though!

Even if You Don't Love Tea, You Will This One

5 Stars Even if You Don't Love Tea, You Will This One

from OH on wrote:

First time I had this tea but at lunch with a friend, and I fell in love with it. I then went to this site to order. I have shared with family and friends, and they asked me for more. Greatest taste in tea ever as well as their other flavors, but this one is my favorite.

Great tea! Refreshing

5 Stars Great tea! Refreshing

from CA on wrote:

Great tea! Almost reminds me more of juice than tea. It's great hot or iced, and not bitter at all.

Wonderful flavor

5 Stars Wonderful flavor

from KS on wrote:

This tea is so good that I buy the largest quantity of bags available. You can actually put it in a cup for hours and it never gets bitter. Such a wonderful tea, I have been buying it for years.

Makes great iced tea!

5 Stars Makes great iced tea!

from TX on wrote:

Great tea flavor with a touch of orange. I like to add a splash of fresh OJ or cranberry juice


5 Stars Cravalicious

from PA on wrote:

This has become my most favorite RoT. I drink it all year around. Cranberry and Orange is perfectly fruity harmony...Look forward to enjoying this tea every day. Lured by the aroma, then by the taste to have another cup... Always order 250 bags now.

Best flavor ever!

5 Stars Best flavor ever!

from TN on wrote:

I can't get enough of cranberry orange flavor, so when I found this tea I knew I would have achieved tea nirvana! Love this one especially for breakfast . I haven't used it for iced tea, but I see of previous reviews that I should give it a try.

Superior Tea

5 Stars Superior Tea

from VA on wrote:

Makes the best iced tea EVER! Completely addictive, can't go back to regular tea.

Favorite Tea

5 Stars Favorite Tea

from PA on wrote:

My husband and I loooove this tea! Try it with regular tea bags and several of these Cranberry Blood Orange tea bags to make iced tea. Everytime I make it, I am asked what kind of tea is this??? Love it!!!

Just sweet enough

5 Stars Just sweet enough

from PA on wrote:

This is my favorite mid-day tea, when I still want a pick-me-up but have finished with coffee. It is just sweet enough to drink without extra sweetener, and is a delightful finish to lunch. This purchase was a refill, and I'm sure I'll buy again.

The very best

5 Stars The very best

from VA on wrote:

It's not hard to understand why this is an award-winner. This is my all time favorite and a terrific way to start your morning

Terrific Base for Tea Sangrias or Mock Smoking Bishops

4 Stars Terrific Base for Tea Sangrias or Mock Smoking Bishops

from NJ on wrote:

My go-to winter tea of choice, like a Russian Tea mix without the sugar and petrochemicals. In addition to enjoying this on miserable rainy days, we've used this as a base for tea sangrias and as a faux smoking bishop (brew it up, serve it in a crockpot with a clove studded orange floating in it, with or without mulling spices or port).


5 Stars YUMMY!!!!

from MI on wrote:

Can really taste the cranberries and the orange. The second best. The best ever is Comfort and Joy.

Please Make a Decaf Version

5 Stars Please Make a Decaf Version

from TX on wrote:

I love the flavor of this tea and it's very satisfying. I'd love it even more if it were also available in a decaf version so I can drink it at night.

Favorite tea anywhere

5 Stars Favorite tea anywhere

from CA on wrote:

I grew up a "southern sweet tea" girl and through the years have developed a love for hundreds of flavors and types of tea as I have traveled the world. This is my absolute favorite and the way I start my day, every day. I carry it with me in my work bag and look forward to it's subtle wake me up.

A new favorite!

5 Stars A new favorite!

from IL on wrote:

There is something about this tea that is really special. It has a lot of flavor while still being mild (not overly fruity). Very smooth & tasty. I will be ordering more :)

cran/blorange tea

5 Stars cran/blorange tea

from SD on wrote:

Quickly became my favorite tea. I have shared it with many people and they all love it as well.


5 Stars Great

from WI on wrote:

Wonderful on a cold winter day.

Cranberry Blood Orange Tea Takes the Prize

5 Stars Cranberry Blood Orange Tea Takes the Prize

from NJ on wrote:

I love this tea! It's fruity and fragrant, a treat for the senses. I can't stop drinking it and will be sharing future product purchases with friends in the way of gifts. This tea will not disappoint!!


5 Stars Amazing!

from OH on wrote:

This tea is delicious! If you love the taste of oranges you will love this tea. With the tartness of the cranberries, this would be great all year round. I made mine hot with sweetener. It was perfect for the cold day. This tea would be great on ice too!

This makes me smile

5 Stars This makes me smile

from CA on wrote:

I found this tea at a friends house and just had to have it! The family loves it iced during the summer, and enjoy it hot on chilly mornings! Pure bliss in a cup.

Awesome tasting tea

5 Stars Awesome tasting tea

from GA on wrote:

Got this tea as a present. It was sitting for a while, because I normally not crazy about fruity teas, prefer black tea only. When I finely used it, I was impressed by the great mild taste. I do not even need sugar for this one.(I have a sweet tooth. Need sugar or else in my tea). Great tea.

My favorite black tea

5 Stars My favorite black tea

from OK on wrote:

This is my favorite black tea of all time, other than plain old black tea. It has SUCH a wonderful wonderful scent of blood oranges, along with a slight tang of cranberry when you drink it. I love to drink it with some honey, and it is SO good even cold... So even when I forget to drink it all when it's hot, I come back to a wonderful cold surprise! I will always be ordering this tea.

Best Tea Ever!

Best Tea Ever!

from AL on wrote:

I have ordered many tins of Cranberry Blood Orange Tea and have shared it with friends. My husband drinks it daily and likes it above all teas. I sometimes join him when I'm not having coffee. Hope it will always be around. The best!!

Love This TEA :)

Love This TEA :)

from OH on wrote:

I love this tea...Iced or hot, it has the best flavor ever. I was given this tea for Christmas and I am strictly a black tea person...the stronger the better. So at first i used one of each in my pot, but now i just use Republic of Tea...Cranberry Blood Orange. Give it a try...Bet you will like it :)

This is a great tea

5 Stars This is a great tea

from NY on wrote:

This Cranberry Blood Orange Black Tea is the best tasting flavored tea I have ever had. I received a sample in a catalog and tried it this morning for my wake up drink at work, and it was wonderful. I hope that many will try it and that it stays available for a long time.

A favorite

5 Stars A favorite

from WA on wrote:

i first experienced this blend as iced tea at a bakery near my home. Although they no longer use this as their house iced-tea blend, I still enjoy a cup, iced or warm. Since I am not often near that bakery any more, I will have to suggest this blend to the coffee stand I frequent and who offer other blends of Republic teas.

Surprised by the deliciousness!!

5 Stars Surprised by the deliciousness!!

from MA on wrote:

I got this tea as a sample and made it right away. It was soooo good! I didn't have to put anything in it (which is unusual for me!) and it was perfect! I even had a hard time holding on to my mug. I gave my father a lift and he took a sip and loved it right away too. I was lucky I got it back!! Absolutely delicious!

Very nice and clean as all republic of teas are

5 Stars Very nice and clean as all republic of teas are

from NY on wrote:

Really enjoyed this tea it was in my catalog as a free samples, I would love to see this as a decaf, would for sure order it then, as I prefer decaf

Family Favorite

5 Stars Family Favorite

from LA on wrote:

Smooth, perfectly balanced flavors of cranberry and blood orange. This is one delicious tea! I love both cranberry and orange, and really like the flavor of the orange without spices. I haven't tried it iced yet, but I plan to this spring. As a hot tea, it's the current family favorite. With 3 tea-sippers in our house, the 50-bag tin doesn't last long, so I bought the bulk 250 bags--a good value!

A favorite black tea

5 Stars A favorite black tea

from on wrote:

A repeat order! love it!

Better Than Expected

5 Stars Better Than Expected

from AZ on wrote:

Tried this tea a few different ways before I found the "right" way for me. I enjoy this w/a tiny bit of sweetner & a couple drops of lemon, totaly "brightens" up the cup! Usually I put a splash of cream in my black teas, not recommended for this tea but do recommend as iced, wonderful!

I used to love coffee over tea...not any more...

5 Stars I used to love coffee over tea...not any more...

from CO on wrote:

I first tried this at my daughter's house. Normally I go for the coffee. This tea is delightful with honey and lemon. Now I go for the tea...but it has to be this particular one!

All-time Favorite

All-time Favorite

from VA on wrote:

This is the best! No wonder it's an award winner. Flavor is just right - not artificial; not so strong you forget all about the tea.

The Tea Eliminator

5 Stars The Tea Eliminator

from VA on wrote:

I am so sad for all other teas. After sampling this tea over a year ago, it's all I ever buy or drink now. I keep trying other great RoT teas, but none of them are even half the tea of this. Possible the best tea in the whole universe. I buy bulk bags and full leaf all year long. If this tea is every discontinued, I may just shrivel up and die from thirst.


5 Stars Excellent

from IN on wrote:

This is just one of my favorites. Absolutely love it hot or cold.

MMMMmm sipping away right now

MMMMmm sipping away right now

from VT on wrote:

I just this minute made a cup & sat down to check my e-mail...there you were! I love the scent of Oranges and the taste.It is a MOST refreshing sip of tea in My satelite Republic of tea here in Vermont.Come see the colors....(-:

The result of a free sample

5 Stars The result of a free sample

from on wrote:

A sample of Cranberry Blood Orange was included in one of your periodic mailings. Curious, I tried it, and now I order it in bulk!

New Favorite

5 Stars New Favorite

from LA on wrote:

I was drawn in by the blood orange, curious to try it. What I discovered was the best black tea I'd ever tasted. This is our new family favorite. I've tried it cold but the rest of the family prefers hot tea. I'll take either in this flavor. It does not disappoint.


5 Stars Perfect

from CA on wrote:

My favorite black tea! The flavors are perfect. A wonderful way to begin the day!

Best ROT Tea

5 Stars Best ROT Tea

from ID on wrote:

A perfect blend of black tea. I love cranberries and with the blood orange makes a taste that I want to drink always. One big pitcher last me only a couple of hours its so great.

Love this tea!

5 Stars Love this tea!

from PA on wrote:

I drink this flavor or Wild Blueberry tea every morning. It goes well with my breakfast and tastes great.

5 Stars

from CA on wrote:

This makes the best iced-tea ever! I buy the 250 count tea-bag and use it all spring and summer.

5 Stars

from TX on wrote:

Love it....hit's the thirsty spot when nothing else can.!

Wonderful Tea!

5 Stars Wonderful Tea!

from PA on wrote:

I love this tea. The flavor is wonderful. I drink it at breakfast and again any time through out the day.

Makes great iced tea!

5 Stars Makes great iced tea!

from CA on wrote:

This is one of my favorite teas to make iced tea with! I love the taste!

Drink it every morning!

5 Stars Drink it every morning!

from MD on wrote:

This tea starts my day and prepares me for my morning stretch routine. Wakes me up and keeps me regular, if you take my meaning. Wouldn't miss it. When it became hard to find in stores, I went direct to manufacturer and sure enough, found better pricing options.

Cranberry Blood Orange is Delightful!

5 Stars Cranberry Blood Orange is Delightful!

from OK on wrote:

"Delightful" is the perfect word for this tea. I drink it all day long. The only problem I have is that I keep running out! Its a "When its gone, its gone tea". Please warn me when you are getting low so I can stock up! I get cranky without it.

: )

5 Stars : )

from WI on wrote:

I am a big fan of the blackberry sage and do not drink a lot of teas with caffeine in them, but this tops the chart. The flavor is awesome, I just can't say enough good things. Try it!

Tastes as good as it smells!

5 Stars Tastes as good as it smells!

from TX on wrote:

Absolutely LOVE this tea! The first cup I made, it was the fragrance that had me hooked even before the first sip. It not only smells great, it tastes great! This is one flavor of tea I have come to crave, don't want to be without. I will definitely be ordering more.

My favorite of all the ROTs

5 Stars My favorite of all the ROTs

from UT on wrote:

This is my favorite of all the Republic of Teas. I can drink this nearly all day long; hot, cold, tepid- it always tastes good. I enjoy it with just a touch of honey for sweetness and sometimes some milk. This tea is timeless and can be enjoyed in any season! It's difficult to find in the stores, so I'm glad I found it here!

5 Stars

from WI on wrote:

one of my all time favorites!!!!!!!


5 Stars Love

from OH on wrote:

This is one of my favorite black teas. The cranberry and blood orange flavors are very strong and present but they manage to blend with the black tea and make this a great blend! Even my friends who are not avid tea drinkers enjoy this tea!

5 Stars

from AR on wrote:

I love this tea. It has a light fruity flavor, but the flavor is not overpowering.


5 Stars Flavors

from DE on wrote:

Great mix of flavors that blend into one

Wish This Came in Decaf

4 Stars Wish This Came in Decaf

from OH on wrote:

I love everything about this tea except for the caffeine. It's great as iced tea on a hot summer day, and the cranberries and orange peel make a wonderful hot tea when the snow flies in winter. I'd happily drink it all day every day if there were a decaf version. Please, Republic of Tea...???

Wonderful rich flavor!

5 Stars Wonderful rich flavor!

from MN on wrote:

The Cranberry Blood Orange tea has a wonderful flavor that is not too sweet, but rich in flavor. Wish this wasn't a limited time tea, as I would continue to buy it!

Wonderful anytime tea

4 Stars Wonderful anytime tea

from MN on wrote:

I love this fruity tea anytime of day it is an excellent pick me up when ever you are in the mood for a cup.I leave the tea in the cup until I am done with the whole cup.

A Bright and Warm Cuppa Tea

A Bright and Warm Cuppa Tea

from IL on wrote:

The shipment came in fantastic time, thank you. This tea needs the proper brewing time in order to enjoy the full flavor and aroma. I prefer with some sugar. I usually love iced tea, but this is great hot. Great blend.

Beatiful Tea

5 Stars Beatiful Tea

from GA on wrote:

This is now my favorite fall morning tea. The flavors and finish are delightful and it has actually replaced my beloved Earl Greyer as my morning cuppa. Definitely one to try if you have not already.

5 Stars

from ID on wrote:

Addictive, wonderful cranberry orange tea that is flavorful and not weak! Highly recommended!

The best for iced tea

5 Stars The best for iced tea

from on wrote:

This tea makes absolutely the best iced tea ever!

Fabulous Iced or Hot

5 Stars Fabulous Iced or Hot

from TN on wrote:

This tea has a wonderful uplifting flavor. It was so good hot I decided to brew some for Iced Tea....Hard to pick which I like more!