Tea Leaf Readings

4 Stars

Delicious March 26, 2015

Mushroom Mom

Cincinnati, OH

Ordered this recently. It is wonderful. I am sorry I did not order it in bulk. I do add sweetener to all my tea and the sweetener really brought out the apricot flavor. I have already had several cups today. I love the ginger peach tea but this may become my favorite.Ferr

5 Stars

Great Tea June 02, 2014


Sturbridge, MA

Love this tea...one of my favorites

5 Stars

nice flavor May 30, 2014


Northport, NY

A nice tea - not as rich and strong as the decaf vanilla almond but still is more flavorful than a regular black tea. I love it in the afternoons.

4 Stars

2nd favorite tea May 28, 2014


West Palm Beach, FL

Excellent balance of black tea and apricot flavors.

5 Stars

Great taste May 27, 2014


Clark, WY

This is a very tasty tea. Needs no sweeteners. Excellent as a night time tea if you get the decaf.

5 Stars

Awesome! May 24, 2014


Jackson, MO

Great taste, wish it came with caffeine also

5 Stars

Great tea May 20, 2014

Willa Rose

Shingletown, CA

Although I don't drink tea I buy the decaf for my sister who can only drink decaf because of a heart problem she loves all these different flavors.Thanks Much

5 Stars

If You Love Apricots, This Is The Tea For You April 29, 2014

Patricia Murphy

Grand Rapids,, MI

I love this tea. When I want to change it up, I let it steep in a two cup pot for hours, then add a small juice glass of Apricot Juice to it. Drink this room temperature or drop an ice cube or two into it. Yum! Love Apricots. Love this tea!

5 Stars

Exceptional Tea! April 04, 2014

Karen Mcgillivray

Newberg, OR

It is great as both a hot tea and an ice tea. In fact, I had one cup that was left on the table until lukewarm, and I finished it. It had great flavors still while other teas would have tasted dead.

5 Stars

Don't miss the caffeine! March 30, 2014


Houston, TX

Delicious, smooth, flavorful. Love this tea anytime of the day!

5 Stars

Decaf Apricot Black Tea March 26, 2014


Ventnor, NJ

delicious, warm and deep flavors - love it!

5 Stars

AWESOME!!!!!!!! March 12, 2014



I enjoyed this so much I bought 250 bags before I finished the canister I just bought. I put a little lemon & sugar in it to dazzle my taste buds and I am a very happy camper! A full bodied flavor. Thank You!

5 Stars

tasty March 08, 2014

annette sequino

new hyde park, NY

very good tasting tea. It should be just wonderful as ice-tea. The delivery was so rapid. I appreciate that!

5 Stars

Decaf Apricot Black Tea February 18, 2014


New Castle, DE

Very pleasing and full-body taste. May become my favorite decaf black tea.

5 Stars

Best in Bulk January 17, 2014

Nadine Stuth

College Station, TX

This tea makes the very best iced tea. My friends, family and customers all love it. We do find buying the 1b bag is not only economical but makes and even better iced tea. And we Texans know our iced tea!

5 Stars

Still hoping for a caffeinated version?! January 09, 2014

Patricia A Robinson

Plaistow, NH

I'm still hoping you'll develop a caffeinated version I can alternate with my daily staple, Ginger Peach.

5 Stars

Best tea ever January 05, 2014


Nashville, TN

Makes the best iced tea I have ever tasted. Great hot, too. Smooth with a natural touch of sweetness. Perfect.

4 Stars

Better with Sweetener January 03, 2014


Maxwell, NM

The tea did not taste like apricot at all. With my second cup, I used a little sweetener and that brought out the apricot flavor! I love it with sweetener to bring out the flavor.

5 Stars

Best Apricot tea I've ever had!! December 23, 2013


Tulsa, OK

The real bits of apricot is what gives this tea it's amazing flavor. I highly recommend. Great as iced tea as well.

5 Stars

Decaf Apricot December 21, 2013


Ellsowrth, OH

My all time favorite! The best to drink day or nite since it is decaf. Perfect taste, not too strong. I bought it first in the tin and now purchase the 50 count refill bag!

4 Stars

Very good tang to it. December 12, 2013



Pleasant tang, good color.

5 Stars

If there were 10 teapots I'd give it a "10" ! December 01, 2013

Barbara Cutrupi

Fishkill, NY

This is probably the most mellow, smooth tasting tea I've had.

5 Stars

Best Apricot Tea October 21, 2013

Sonja Hans

Beach City, TX

I had Apricot Tea mixed with traditional tea (Luzianne) and it was wonderful! Adding the Apricot gave my regular tea a brisk, clean flavor. It is also very good hot. I just finished a cup just minutes ago. It is refreshing. Can't wait to try a cold glass of Apricot tea.

5 Stars

Love this tea October 04, 2013

Marilee Meadors

Euless, TX

I love this tea. It is smooth and has a wonderful taste. It has become my favorite afternoon tea.

5 Stars

Still Hoping for a Caffeinated Version July 12, 2013

Patricia Robinson

Plaistow, NH

I don't bother with decafs when it comes to my tea - I want "the whole package" - but am dying to enjoy the taste, health benefits, and that all-important aroma in a caffeinated Apricot Tea. Have requested such an offering in the past, but no luck yet, as Ministers tell me they need to find right tea/mix to meet their standards. Might I suggest experimenting with addition of spices, as well? Ginger would seem a natural, as it pairs so well with the peach. Or how about some variety of pepper, or ginger + pepper. Cardamom? Cinnamon? Nutmeg? Any of these would seem naturally enhancing to that sweet/tart flavor, and a great boost to the aroma. Please give it the old ROT try?

5 Stars

The best tea flavor! May 07, 2013


Brenham, TX

I have been drinking this tea for years and it has the most delightful flavor. I use it for a dessert after dinner, with skim milk--it just fulfills my sweet tooth without the calories. Love it!

1 Star

Very disappointed... April 12, 2013


Vancouver, WA

I want to start by mentioning that I LOVE Republic of Tea and have some definite favorites that are always on hand. I have never seen apricot tea before, and the reviews were so great that I was super excited about trying it. Apricots are definitely one of my favorite fruits, but I also have IBS and have to stay away from caffeine, so coupled with the additional digestive benefits, I was really looking forward to this tea. I was surprisingly disappointed with the lack of aroma and serious lack of flavor! For those of you who have enjoyed the ginger peach or the honey ginseng teas (among some of the other flavors!) you know how important aroma is. For flavor, I've tried two bags at a time, brewing it longer, and even sugar to try and coax the flavor out. I'm still on the fence about returning it -- I might just mix it with an herbal peach since it's iced tea time.

5 Stars

My very favorite evening tea! February 22, 2013


Columbus, OH

I dearly love this decaf tea! I have lots of your other ones, but I want this one most nights.

5 Stars

Goood! February 12, 2013


Stillwater, OK

This is one of my favorite flavored black teas and it's decaf too! Sometimes I just need a hot cup of tea (w/milk, of course) but I don't need the caffeine. This is da one! Love it!

5 Stars

Greatest Decaf Tea ever !!!!!!!! February 04, 2013

Jan Foulkes

Littleton, CO

I absolutely love this tea. I have introduced it to many of my friends and I hear only rave reviews.

5 Stars

Decaf Apricot Black Tea. Such a soothing tea...love it!!! February 03, 2013

Sharon L. de Lautour

Costa Mesa, CA

I have been drinking your wonderful green tea for at least a couple years now and have tried some of your other choices as well. Excellent tea. I am especially in love with the Decaf Apricot Black Tea. I find it so richly delicious and very soothing tea that I enjoy so much. I gave a few of the bags away to a dear friend and she loved it also, so I need to send her address to you for her to receive your book. She too also loves her tea, as I do. Thank you for such a wonderful product. Sincerely, Sharon L. de Lautour

5 Stars

True Flavor! January 22, 2013

, IN

This tea is delicious and I look forward to my daily cup in bed before I go to sleep. I do wish there was a full flavored Apricot fruit/herbal tea, too!

5 Stars

Nice flavor - no decaf aftertaste January 20, 2013


Chicago, IL

Some decaf teas have a weird aftertaste. This one is nice and smooth. Love the apricot flavor.

5 Stars

Delicious November 19, 2012


Wilmington, DE

I've purchased this tea many times and enjoy it's rich apricot flavor. It's one of my favorites.

5 Stars

One of my favorites! November 09, 2012

Deb Kelner

Boulder, CO

I'm a big fan. Sometimes I'll combine this tea with the Cranberry Blood Orange for a delightful combination. Alone or mixed it's a very satisfying sip and without the caffeine I can feel comfortable having tea before bed or sharing it with my children.

Delish! October 27, 2012

Carole Kreis

Denver, CO

Excellent tea -- lovely flavour! It’s one I will be buying many more of.

5 Stars

September 24, 2012


My very favorite Apricot Decaf!

5 Stars

Great Iced Tea September 17, 2012


Niantic, CT

I always use this in my iced tea, I like the delicate but fruity flavor

5 Stars

Best ever September 10, 2012

Sue Farber

Griffin, GA

I love apricots and prefer to drink decaf, this is by far one of the very best teas to pass my lips. When my day is coming to an end, this is my Quiet time treat for myself. Excellent.

5 Stars

My sister loves it September 07, 2012

Gerry Marrs

Priest River, ID

I bought this for my sister because she likes apricot tea. She really likes this. I perfer the regular.

4 Stars

Pretty good September 04, 2012

Susan Cromby

Mesa, AZ

Decent flavor, definitely tastes of apricots. Could be a trifle stronger, but it's not bad. Made good ice tea.

5 Stars

Love this decaf. tea! August 02, 2012

Michelle Jacobson

Oxford, PA

I like to drink this flavor in the afternoon and evening every day. The flavor is great.

5 Stars

Decaf apricot July 28, 2012

darcy swiscz

lavalle, WI

wonderfully flavorful tea. love it..

5 Stars

Hot or Cold it's the best June 23, 2012


Lewisville, TX

I love the Apricot Decaf Black Tea. it has such a refreshing flavor. It may just replace most of my coffee..

5 Stars

Delicious June 11, 2012

, MO

I love this tea. It makes a great glass of ice tea.

5 Stars

June 11, 2012

Joanna Achille

Des Plaines, IL

My absolutely favorite tea of all time. I really look forward to the end of my day, when I can relax with a cup of my Decaf Apricot. (with a teaspoon of your vanilla honey).

5 Stars

AWESOME!! May 06, 2012

Christine O'Reilly

South Elgin, IL

This is the best cup of tea that I have ever had. It has a beautiful flavor that is not overpowering. Decaf is the best!!

5 Stars

Nice! April 28, 2012


Stillwater, OK

Really enjoy this decaf apricot tea. I think what I like best is that it has not other spices in it...just the plain and pleasing taste of apricot.

1 Star

weak April 25, 2012

kitty entwisle-sherer


had my first cup last nite after a stressful day and was disappointed. no real outstanding flavor and tasted like a tea bag in hot water than had been used a few times.

5 Stars

My fav tea of all time! It suits my craving for tea with a mellow, fruity flavor April 08, 2012


Gainesville, FL

I love this tea. It has the fruity flavor with the soft tones of sweetness and smooth tea quality. I like that is is decaf and lets me sit quiet with it for long periods of time doing whatever. I mix my teas and this is one that goes with every other one.

Decaf Apricot Black Tea April 06, 2012


Spartanburg, SC

I got this tea for my daughter because we both love apricot. She said it wasn't one of her favorites. Not enough apricot taste. She loves the mango though.

5 Stars

March 28, 2012

New Orleans, LA

So far this is my favorite decaf tea.

5 Stars

Love this Tea March 15, 2012


Brownington, VT

This is a subtle and delicious tea that we cannot get enough of...

5 Stars

decaf apricot March 11, 2012

Lynn Hammond


Delicious. My joy would be complete if you had apricot green tea.

5 Stars

Apricot decafe tea March 06, 2012

Pat Ramos

Rome, GA

Delicious tea, not too strong just right. Loveing it.

5 Stars

"Wow!" February 29, 2012

Mare Hull

Dublin, OH

"Wow" is what everyone says when I serve this tea. They always want a few tea bags to take home. Needs no sweetening added. Two people even come to meetings at our home because they know they are going to get Decafe Apricot. They have admitted to trying to find a tea like it at the local stores but have not succeeded. I think I am going to make out little cards to hand out so they know where to get this magnificent tea.

5 Stars

Apricot Lover's Delight! February 08, 2012


valpo, IN

This is in my top five favorites from Republic Of Tea. I love apricot and it truly sings in this tea! I add a touch of wildflower honey and it is divine! I prefer it cold but it is equally lovely as a hot tea. The peach flavor seems to really come out if you do sweeten this tea a bit. The fruit flavors are perfect and not fake tasting like other brands of tea. Buy this and you will not be disappointed at all!

5 Stars

Personal Favorite February 08, 2012

, AK

Smells amazing and one of the rare teas that actually tastes about as good as it smells. Highly refreshing!

5 Stars

I love the way this smells January 23, 2012



I love the way this tea smells. There's something about it on a cold winter morning on my way to work. It's like summer and joy all rolled into one. The black part of the tea makes it stable and deep, where the apricot just gives it light lifts. The fact that it's decaf doesn't decrease its essence. Yummmm.

5 Stars

January 16, 2012

, CO

I love this tea.

5 Stars

Wonderful! January 15, 2012


, OH

One of the best apricot teas I have had!

5 Stars

Fabulous tea! December 24, 2011

Carolyn Patrick

Leander, TX

This tea is delicious! We drink it iced, and it is really wonderful - one of my favorites.

5 Stars

Great Decaf tea December 15, 2011


Reno, NV

I really like this decaf tea. It has a subtle apricot note and is very good both iced and hot. It is one of my favorite teas and I am so glad that it is still available.

5 Stars

How to choose--Apricot or Peach? December 08, 2011

A. Marina Fournier

Campbell, CA

If I'm up at the late or the wee hours, and I'm chilled, I will want tea, but decaf or green. I like the Apricot AND the Ginger Peach, and have a really hard time choosing between them, but then I like both fruits.

5 Stars

November 20, 2011


Yay, decaf black tea with flavor. My favorite stuff with hot water in a cup.

5 Stars

Wonderful Tea! November 19, 2011


Oxford, PA

I love this tea in the evening! The flavor is great! Don't stop carrying this one.

5 Stars

Excellent! November 13, 2011


murfreesboro, TN

I enjoy this decaf tea very much.