Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Subtle but holds its own February 20, 2015

Kathy C


The combination of cherry and vanilla provide a subtle duo of well-matched flavor that works well for both hot and iced tea. It has been added to my list of Republic favorites. So glad it was brought back so those of us who did not have a chance to try it initially have now had the opportunity to enjoy such a unique blend.

4 Stars

Not Strong January 22, 2015


Victoria, MS

For a black tea, this didn't brew as strong as other black teas. I still liked it!

5 Stars

Very Flavorable Tea January 10, 2015


Gridley, CA

This is the second time I have bought this tea. I love the cherry flavor and the way it smells in my cup. It is not too heavy nor it is too light. When I want a cup of something of a different nature, I go for this one as it sooths your mood and causes you to relax into a cherry grove. I will buy it again, permitting it is available. It is not always available so buy plenty when it is, you will not regret it!!!!

5 Stars

Yummy Cherries! December 06, 2014


Long Beach, CA

I wasn't sure about this flavor tea when I ordered it...but after I tasted it for the first time I loved it!

5 Stars

My husband loves this tea! October 05, 2014

Tina Shelton

Manvel, TX

I got this tea for my husband. He was drinking another brand of cherry tea. He loves ROT Jerry Cherry tea. He says it is the best cherry tea he has ever had! Please don't retire this tea. It's the best!

5 Stars

Cherry Delicious September 17, 2014


Goldsboro, NC

I'm in love with Jerry Cherry. So delicious with a strong tart cherry flavor balanced with smooth vanilla. Please keep this one!

5 Stars

lovely bright flavor September 14, 2014


St. Louis, MO

wanted to try this for the cherry flavor but was unsure of having the vanilla in the mix....it is an amazing cup of tea and the vanilla did not overpower, just added to the overall flavor....very nice cup of tea

5 Stars

Best Cherry Tea September 10, 2014


St. Louis, MO

This is the best cherry tea of the ROT lineup. Lovey cherry aroma and flavor, good hot or iced. good balance between the vanilla, cherry, and black tea flavors.

5 Stars

This is a Wonderful tea September 02, 2014

Susan Sosnow

Mountain View, CA

This tea has been my favorite for a really long time. It has wonderful cherry taste and aroma.

4 Stars

Subtle and refreshing August 28, 2014


Lancaster, CA

I was so anxious to get this tea and try it. The flavors are so subtle and are good hot and cold. I would definitely order again when this order runs low.

4 Stars

So good! August 22, 2014


Nacogdoches, TX


5 Stars

Cherry August 20, 2014


Jacksonville, FL

I love this flavor of cherry. Its rich warm flavor makes the room smell good. I have tried it plain, splenda, and with vanilla creamer. Each way tastes good. I plan to buy more as soon as I can. I recommend this to those whom like cherry tea.

4 Stars

Great summer iced favorite July 24, 2014

Kathy C

Onancock, VA

This has a wonderful refreshing quality for a nice summer ice tea. Add a slice of lime or orange and.....heaven!

5 Stars

Jerry Cherry July 21, 2014


San Diego, CA

While I'm not usually fond of cherry flavored drinks, I thought I'd give Jerry Cherry a try. I'm glad I did. This is a delicious addition to my tea cupboard. I'm going to try it iced next.

5 Stars

Perfect Hints of Cherry June 02, 2014


Coeur d' Alene, ID

I love cherry teas, and this one has a wonderful, smooth cherry taste blended in with the black tea. It's a very subtle flavor while still being present. Nothing too sweet about it, just right.

5 Stars

Nice afternoon tea April 27, 2014

Sue L.


Really enjoy drinking this tea, especially in the afternoon when I'm feeling tired. Very smooth black tea - the cherry gives a great taste and the vanilla keeps it from getting any bitterness. Would like to see it in bulk bags!

5 Stars

Cherry-licious April 01, 2014


Princton Juncion, NJ

I love fruity teas, I love cherries. Jerry Cherry is the best of both worlds. I wish it was always available.

5 Stars

Refreshing March 23, 2014


Oak Ridge, TN

Great afternoon tea. I bet it will taste good iced.

5 Stars

Refreshing March 23, 2014


Oak Ridge, TN

Great afternoon tea. I bet it will taste good iced.

5 Stars

A New Favorite! March 16, 2014


Chicago , IL

I trusted the description and boy was it right! Great taste. It is nice after dinner like a dessert. Not over powering cherry flavor just right. Please keep this coming!

5 Stars

Yum! March 13, 2014


Muncie, IN

Love this tea - almost like eating a cherry pie!

5 Stars

My favorite tea!!!! March 09, 2014


Gilroy, CA

Wonderful way to start my day!!!! I own many teas but this is my favorite one of all.

5 Stars

Cannot get enough of this. March 06, 2014


Anaheim, CA

This stuff is second only to the cherry chocolate tea they made exclusive to World Market, but only barely beating out the caramel vanilla.

5 Stars

Love this awesome flavor March 01, 2014


Fresno, CA

Slightly sweet, with multiple notes and a strong cherry finish.

5 Stars

Delicious! Subtle and refreshing. February 26, 2014

Tea Lover

St. Louis, MO

Lo9ve this tea, both hot and iced. Please make it part of your core product line!

5 Stars

Permanent, Please!!! February 06, 2014


New York, NY

This tea is delicious and balanced and I'm sad to think that I won't be able to reorder this when I'm done. Please, Republic of Tea, please make this permanent.

4 Stars

very, very, very cherry January 20, 2014


Springfield, IL

I was surprised how intensely cherry fragranced and flavored this tea is. I enjoyed its refreshing fruitiness and would easily drink it by itself anytime, but it is a little harder to pair with food because of its competing intensity.

5 Stars

should be available all the time! January 11, 2014


waymart, PA

excellent tea.......

5 Stars

Pleasant Un-Retirement December 27, 2013

Melissa Rowe

Pittsburgh, PA

This tea has a nice cherry flavor that is different from Spring Cherry. It was a "throw-in" on our order just to try it out, and I am happy that we tried it.

5 Stars

My all time favorite tea December 27, 2013


St. Louis, MO

I love this tea and hope that it is not discontinued again! It has a wonderful cherry finish. Guests at my home who have tried this tea cannot get enough!

5 Stars

Jerry Cherry Tea December 20, 2013


Gridley, CA

This tea has a very cherry flavor to it. I love its flavor. I did not expect it to have such a cherry flavor to it. The flavor last to the last sip in the cup too, and I also reused the tea bag more than once and the cherry flavor was good, but not a good as the first cup! Yummy, yum yum!

5 Stars

love the aroma December 12, 2013


Largo, FL

lovely smooth black tea. My daughter loves this too

5 Stars

great by itself or mixed November 30, 2013


Indianapolis, IN

Great by itself. I also make a double batch using 1 Jerry Cherry & 1 Coconut Cocoa Cuppa Chocolate Tea bag.

1 Star

Does not taste like either flavor October 04, 2013


versailles, MO

This is the first time I did not like one the teas from this fabulous company and I have been purchasing their tea since 1996. This one tastes like tobacco. They will let me return it for a refund but I have to pay for shipping it back. Still, the offer is nice.

4 Stars

Smells more like cherries than it tastes September 30, 2013


Montvale, NJ

Very good tea. it smells more like cherries than it tastes, but it's still very good!

5 Stars

Jerry Cherry May 18, 2013


Chicago Ridge, IL

I received my Jerry Cherry tea order this morning. I couldn't wait to try it. Have brewed and I love it! It would be great if this tea was one of your teas that is available all of the time.

5 Stars

Favorite May 05, 2013


, WA

Jerry Cherry is one of my all-time favorites! The cherry flavor is pure, and the tea is fresh and tasty. I wish this was available all of the time, not just in a limited edition.

5 Stars

good flavor February 12, 2013


Pleasant Hill, OR

I love this tea, it is one of my favorites. It has a nice mild flavor no bitterness, I can leave the teabag in the cup (i use a large cup). I just bought more before it is gone. I enjoy a lot of flavors of Rep of teas, and bought a few new flavors today.

5 Stars

Still drinking February 06, 2013


San Antonio, TX

Been drinking this for a couple of years. Great for those long nights in the office, big cherry fan. Definately recommend, now back to drinking my tea!

5 Stars

Very, very good tea January 23, 2013

Cindy A

san jacinto, CA

I bought this tea on the review of another, I was not dissappointed...Very good cherry flavor...I would recommend...

5 Stars

Excellent! January 20, 2013


Up North, WI

I drink several high end teas that I purchase from two other tea outlets, and this is an excellent flavored tea that stands up as a go to, every day tea!

5 Stars

FANTASTIC! December 29, 2012

Rita Hanson

Whitefish, MT

This is my all-time favorite tea. Hot or iced, it's absolutely delicious. A definite year-round treat for me. Not too sweet or flowery, just that tiny hint of vanilla and cherry combination. I love it!

1 Star

Very Disappointed December 13, 2012

Richard Masten

Ocala, FL

I was expecting a nice flavored tea similar to the name and description but it was terrible. I'm really happy I only ordered the tin and not a larger size.

5 Stars

Great Taste December 12, 2012

Judith Mullins

Cincinnati, OH

Gave this tea to a dear friend as a Christmas gift and she really likes it!

5 Stars

Grateful for Cherry from a Deadhead! December 04, 2012


Owensboro, KY

I am Grateful for the return of Jerry Cherry. It makes a fantastic iced tea and taste soothing while listening to some Dead late at night.

4 Stars

Very Good November 19, 2012


Wilmington, DE

I really enjoyed this tea and I can taste the cherry in this one. A little more cherry flavor would be better, but I would definitely buy it again.

5 Stars

November 01, 2012


Love it! Great cherry flavor.

3 Stars

October 04, 2012


Imperial Beach,, CA

Good flavor, but I was hoping for a more pronounced cherry. I would like to see something like this with almond added to the blend.

My favorite morning tea October 01, 2012

Kathy O

Gilroy, CA

Love this tea and stocked up since you may be discontinuing. :( Great flavor and cheers my up in the morning every day!

Wow! Great tea! Bring it back permanently! September 23, 2012


Chicago, IL

I tried this one out of curiousity and instantly fell in love. It's not only good as a breakfast tea, it also makes a dynamite iced tea as well. Why a limited release? Bring this one back permanently!

5 Stars

Wonderful September 19, 2012

Beth Cummins

Pine Knoll Shores, NC

I just received my shipment of Jerry Cherry tea. WONDERFUL!! It is so refreshing! I drank it hot, sweetened with stevia. I have been hooked on a Twinings Teas brand for 15 years and cannot find it anymore. It had cherries as one of the flavors. I was upset about not being able to get it and started searching the web. I love Rebuplic of Teas products, but had never tried Jerry Cherry. I'm a convert. PLEASE don't retire this wonderful tea! It is just bold enough without being a heavy tea and the cherry adds a very pleasant taste.

4 Stars

Great on ice September 12, 2012


Portland, OR

I was skeptical about this tea because I generally hate vanilla flavored tea. I tried some in honor of Jerry. I don't like it hot but it's great on ice. Very refreshing.

5 Stars

Wonderful! August 14, 2012


Fargo, ND

One of the best teas in the catalog! Should be brought back permenantly!

4 Stars

wonderful, but something is missing August 05, 2012


nompton, OK

more of a black cherry, beautifully strong tea, but it's missing some notes and requires sweetener to round it out. i prefer my black tea unsweetened, but a couple drops of stevia and it's golden.

5 Stars

Excellent! July 30, 2012

Nancy Birtley

Arnold, MO

I love this tea. The cherry flavor is robust and I can never stop with just one cup! Please keep this tea!

yummy July 30, 2012

diane shock

eugene, OR

Though I rarely drink black tea I did order this because it sounded good...IT IS YUMMY - very cherry!

5 Stars

Best teas in the world! July 16, 2012

Douglas C Greene

Yakima, WA

Robust chreey flavor

4 Stars

Wonderful cherry tea June 14, 2012

Michele V

Columbus, OH

A surprise find I stumbled across on the Republic's website. Give this a try, you'll thank me later!

5 Stars

April 30, 2012

Denise Rochele

Chico, CA

This flavor and the Blackberry Sage are my favorites for iced tea.The only way the Jerry Cherry could be any better is if it was available in the bulk tea one pound bag.

5 Stars

Great black tea! April 28, 2012

Deborah McKee

Allport, PA

This is my first time ordering this tea. I LOVE it. It should definitely remain in the inventory! Such a great blend of flavors. I'll be sad to see it go.

5 Stars

Jerry Cherry Forever!!! April 22, 2012


Mountain View, CA

My all-time favorite!! Please keep this super tea around all the time (hint!!!!)

4 Stars

April 10, 2012

Judy Kaneko

Alhambra, CA

Made great iced tea!

5 Stars

March 27, 2012

Republic Fan

, OK

I just bought this to try. Wasn't sure I would like it since it is a black tea. I really enjoyed it and would like to be able to buy it in a bigger quantity. Hopefully it's not retired again, now that I've found it and like it.

5 Stars

My favorite March 25, 2012


Hutchinson, MN

I love the Jerry cherry tea. It is a nice change, with a great flavor. I brew the tea and make iced tea.

5 Stars

The BEST tea February 28, 2012


Prospect, CT

This is truly the most perfect-tasting tea I have ever encountered. I was thrilled to see it was brought back but am so sorry to see that it is temporarily. Why not keep producing a tea that so many people enjoy?? Please, Republic of Tea, RECONSIDER!!! Thank you so much!

5 Stars

What about the rest? February 20, 2012


, WI

I was very excited to find this even if it is limited. I am also looking for Magic Herb Tea and Morning Brew Tea, they were also in J. Garcia collectible tins.

5 Stars

please don't retire! February 14, 2012


windsor, CO

I love this tea! Great flavor and good anytime of day. I wish it would be a regular and not go away! I would also love the tin that goes with it.

4 Stars

Great any time! January 11, 2012


Columbus, OH

RoT knows how to make great things happen with cherry! I was so glad when I saw Jerry Cherry was back, and I'd like to see it become one of their regulars. I wish newcomers would have the chance to purchase the tin with Jerry Garcia's artwork. This is a good tea year-round and any time of day. I am becoming a bigger fan of cherries as time goes by, and this tea has a smooth cherry flavor with the vanilla adding depth. I think it is good to satisfy a craving for sweets too. I also enjoy Spring Cherry Blossom (a green tea) and recommend that tea as well. I actually prefer it over this tea because I think cherry compliments a green tea better. Get them both!

5 Stars

The Reviews are Correct!! January 10, 2012


Flagstaff, AZ

I've made it iced, hot and love it! Wonder why it is a "limited edition"?

4 Stars

Another fantastic tea December 29, 2011

Momma V

Columbus, OH

Another wonderful tea - in my opinion, very good iced or hot.

5 Stars

Great tea! December 04, 2011


Fargo, ND

This is a great tasting tea with a wonderful combination of flavors! Definately should be brought back full time!

5 Stars

Best Tea Ever!!!!! December 04, 2011

Karen Lundien

Visalia, CA

I have never tasted a tea that I enjoy as much as I do this one. It is smooth and tasty. I hate to see it go off the market. Why?

5 Stars

My favorite tea! November 27, 2011

Nancy Birtley

St.Louis, MO

I love the clean, crisp cherry flavor left after a sip of this tea. I have to have just one more cup, then one more cup! I am happy you brought this one back and hope it never goes away!

5 Stars

November 19, 2011

Jackie Milke

Lake Morena Village, CA

I love this tea, to wake me up in the morning or give me a lift in the afternoon, or even enjoy by the fire at night. I just wish I could get another tin.

5 Stars

Our favorite! November 01, 2011

Bill S.

Lake Forest, CA

Very good combination of flavors, and smells wonderful! Great unsweetened, with milk, or with milk and a little sweetener. So bummed when it was gone, and so glad it is back. Please don't ever leave me again!

5 Stars

My favorite is back! September 21, 2011


Baltimore, MD

Rich black cherry flavor with the hint of sharp tang from the black tea. Smooth as silk, comforting and delicious year round! I fell in love with this tea when it was first released years ago. I'm absolutely delighted to be able to get it again. I know RoT is saying this is a limited re-release, however I beg you to reconsider! I would buy this tea all the time if only it were available. It's my favorite tea of all I've ever had.

5 Stars

July 08, 2011

, CO

This is my very favorite Republic of Tea tea! Please don't retire it!