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Amazing tea

5 Stars Amazing tea

from FL on wrote:

The Darjeeling tea is very smooth and balanced. It makes you feel calm and gives you a clear mind

I love this tea

5 Stars I love this tea

from NC on wrote:

This tea is my absolute favorite! I drink this every morning and I offer this to anyone who enjoys tea.

Excellent iced

4 Stars Excellent iced

from CA on wrote:

A nice deep, malty nose with fruity and floral hints. Makes for a mild hot brew, the tea flavors disappearing with a splash of milk or cream. But served iced, it's a winner. I let this steep for a minute or two longer than recommended (and not much longer, as it will turn bitter) for that beautiful deep color. A crisp, clean, refreshing unsweetened iced tea with mild floral notes.

Loving it

5 Stars Loving it

from CA on wrote:

Bright, full, no need for milk or sweetener. I don't really like the bother of loose tea, but for this fantastic balanced cup I'll keep coming back for more.

Great tea

5 Stars Great tea

from CA on wrote:

My British husband loves this tea. He's been drinking it for years.

fine darjeeling tea

5 Stars fine darjeeling tea

from MD on wrote:

Smooth and delicious. Was a gift to a friend who doesn't drink tea and she gave it to me --it came straight from India! Thank God for friends with good taste!

First Timer

5 Stars First Timer

from IL on wrote:

Never had this kind of tea before . It is very smooth and delicate not strong like most black teas. I'm hooked now. Try some.

True Champagne of Teas

5 Stars True Champagne of Teas

from TX on wrote:

It has a smooth fruity, clear taste. Its great hot or cold. It doesnt have a bold strong taste like an English Breakfast. So if that is the kind of taste your going for, this isnt the tea. It has a fine delicate taste that I truly enjoy!

Back to Basics

5 Stars Back to Basics

from VA on wrote:

Maybe it's me, but it seems this tea has returned to the superior quality offered in the past. For awhile it didn't have that robust flavor and deep, clear color I sought, but this is superb. Please don't change what you're doing.

Try it iced!

5 Stars Try it iced!

from TX on wrote:

Here in Texas it is often too hot to drink anything hot, even tea. This tea is absolutely marvelous iced. I make a whole pot the night before and put it in the fridge to cool. It is especially wonderful steeped with a sliced key lime. Go darjeeling!

The Best

5 Stars The Best

from MT on wrote:

Delicious! Cannot get enough!

Very Good Tea

4 Stars Very Good Tea

from MN on wrote:

This is a very good tea. I liked it better than I thought I would. It is mild and even a little fruity. Even though I normally don't buy black tea, I think I would order it again.

Very tasty

4 Stars Very tasty

from TX on wrote:

This tea has a great flavor. Very smooth, with a nice balance. A must buy.



from MT on wrote:

A wonderful tea that we cannot live without!! <3

darjeeling black

5 Stars darjeeling black

from NY on wrote:

I purchase this tea for my son. It is all he will drink. We both are sorry you have discontinued your spring pick darjeeling.Both make a very nice cup of tea. I will say even my Grandchildren like your childrens decafe teas I buy them,especially my Grandaughter....tea parties in crazy crazy hats are fun and tasty.

A Nice Darjeeling

4 Stars A Nice Darjeeling

from WA on wrote:

I love Republic's Darjeeling. This particular batch is a little more musky than I like and than previous batches, but still very good.



from NC on wrote:

I love this tea! I have been looking for a black tea with wonderful flavor and beautiful color for so long. It is very slim pickings where I am, so when I began my search online and found this brand of tea, I became intrigued. This Darjeeling tea is so tasty all times of day be it cold or hot, I look forward to the next cup. Due to the rapid delivery, fantastic tea and competitive pricing, I will be order more of this tea and other flavors as well. Thanks for the great cup of tea!!!

Best tasting tea, ever

5 Stars Best tasting tea, ever

from IA on wrote:

this is my very favorite tea, ever. I dabble with the flavored teas in the summer, but this tea with a dash of cream on a cold winter day is a wonderful warming start to the day or after supper treat.


5 Stars Yummmmmmmmmm

from WA on wrote:

I like Darjeeling and have for many years. Yours has nice leaves, not broken up all that much and so I bought a pound of the stuff. As the headline indicates, Yummmmmm. And now since it is about 16 degrees outside with a northeast wind blowing at about 10 with gusts, I'm steeping one to consume shortly.

Smooth and satisfying

3 Stars Smooth and satisfying

from CA on wrote:

Just tried a tasting tin before jumping in- I'll be back for more. Great after-dinner cup, after the table is cleared. Smooth, but tasty.

5 Stars

from on wrote:


from on wrote:

This is my favorite tea and I only drink the stuff I order from Republic of tea.


5 Stars Elegant

from CA on wrote:

My husband and I love this tea weekend mornings in bed...lightly sweetened with honey or plain, it is a weekly indulgence.