Darjeeling is truly the champagne of teas!

5 Stars Darjeeling is truly the champagne of teas!

from TX on wrote:

I first became familiar with this tea when our Houston Heights Woman's Club used this for their Victorian Holiday Tea. I have drunk a lot of tea in my life, but this tea was above and beyond anything I have ever tasted; it's fragrance was clean and rich with a hint of evergreen (pine?) which made it the perfect tea for our holiday event. Two years later I became the "Tea Mistress" for the annual event and now nearly 12 years later it is the only tea we use. Initially we made it pot by pot, but it was inconsistent due to the variation in the size of the pots. Now we have fabric tea bags that allow us to make a great deal of tea at one time. We can serve 80 ladies in less than 10 minutes! I have found that rinsing the leaves in a little boiling water before steeping enhances the flavor greatly. The leaves can also be steeped a second time without sacrificing any flavor. As lovely as it is for the Holidays, it is just as enjoyable year round. It even makes a nice iced tea. No lemon needed!

smooth and light

4 Stars smooth and light

from CA on wrote:

On my last order, I decided to get smaller quantities of my two regular teas and try several new teas, this being one of them. While I've enjoyed the Darjeeling, it doesn't rank in my top few teas as it just has a hint too much fruity/floral overtones for my personal preference. I can, however, see it being a lovely accompaniment to a light lunch or with an afternoon pastry.

Amazing tea

5 Stars Amazing tea

from FL on wrote:

The Darjeeling tea is very smooth and balanced. It makes you feel calm and gives you a clear mind

I love this tea

5 Stars I love this tea

from NC on wrote:

This tea is my absolute favorite! I drink this every morning and I offer this to anyone who enjoys tea.

Excellent iced

4 Stars Excellent iced

from CA on wrote:

A nice deep, malty nose with fruity and floral hints. Makes for a mild hot brew, the tea flavors disappearing with a splash of milk or cream. But served iced, it's a winner. I let this steep for a minute or two longer than recommended (and not much longer, as it will turn bitter) for that beautiful deep color. A crisp, clean, refreshing unsweetened iced tea with mild floral notes.

Loving it

5 Stars Loving it

from CA on wrote:

Bright, full, no need for milk or sweetener. I don't really like the bother of loose tea, but for this fantastic balanced cup I'll keep coming back for more.

Great tea

5 Stars Great tea

from CA on wrote:

My British husband loves this tea. He's been drinking it for years.

fine darjeeling tea

5 Stars fine darjeeling tea

from MD on wrote:

Smooth and delicious. Was a gift to a friend who doesn't drink tea and she gave it to me --it came straight from India! Thank God for friends with good taste!

First Timer

5 Stars First Timer

from IL on wrote:

Never had this kind of tea before . It is very smooth and delicate not strong like most black teas. I'm hooked now. Try some.

True Champagne of Teas

5 Stars True Champagne of Teas

from TX on wrote:

It has a smooth fruity, clear taste. Its great hot or cold. It doesnt have a bold strong taste like an English Breakfast. So if that is the kind of taste your going for, this isnt the tea. It has a fine delicate taste that I truly enjoy!

Back to Basics

5 Stars Back to Basics

from VA on wrote:

Maybe it's me, but it seems this tea has returned to the superior quality offered in the past. For awhile it didn't have that robust flavor and deep, clear color I sought, but this is superb. Please don't change what you're doing.

Try it iced!

5 Stars Try it iced!

from TX on wrote:

Here in Texas it is often too hot to drink anything hot, even tea. This tea is absolutely marvelous iced. I make a whole pot the night before and put it in the fridge to cool. It is especially wonderful steeped with a sliced key lime. Go darjeeling!

The Best

5 Stars The Best

from MT on wrote:

Delicious! Cannot get enough!

Very Good Tea

4 Stars Very Good Tea

from MN on wrote:

This is a very good tea. I liked it better than I thought I would. It is mild and even a little fruity. Even though I normally don't buy black tea, I think I would order it again.

Very tasty

4 Stars Very tasty

from TX on wrote:

This tea has a great flavor. Very smooth, with a nice balance. A must buy.



from MT on wrote:

A wonderful tea that we cannot live without!! <3

darjeeling black

5 Stars darjeeling black

from NY on wrote:

I purchase this tea for my son. It is all he will drink. We both are sorry you have discontinued your spring pick darjeeling.Both make a very nice cup of tea. I will say even my Grandchildren like your childrens decafe teas I buy them,especially my Grandaughter....tea parties in crazy crazy hats are fun and tasty.

A Nice Darjeeling

4 Stars A Nice Darjeeling

from WA on wrote:

I love Republic's Darjeeling. This particular batch is a little more musky than I like and than previous batches, but still very good.



from NC on wrote:

I love this tea! I have been looking for a black tea with wonderful flavor and beautiful color for so long. It is very slim pickings where I am, so when I began my search online and found this brand of tea, I became intrigued. This Darjeeling tea is so tasty all times of day be it cold or hot, I look forward to the next cup. Due to the rapid delivery, fantastic tea and competitive pricing, I will be order more of this tea and other flavors as well. Thanks for the great cup of tea!!!

Best tasting tea, ever

5 Stars Best tasting tea, ever

from IA on wrote:

this is my very favorite tea, ever. I dabble with the flavored teas in the summer, but this tea with a dash of cream on a cold winter day is a wonderful warming start to the day or after supper treat.


5 Stars Yummmmmmmmmm

from WA on wrote:

I like Darjeeling and have for many years. Yours has nice leaves, not broken up all that much and so I bought a pound of the stuff. As the headline indicates, Yummmmmm. And now since it is about 16 degrees outside with a northeast wind blowing at about 10 with gusts, I'm steeping one to consume shortly.

Smooth and satisfying

3 Stars Smooth and satisfying

from CA on wrote:

Just tried a tasting tin before jumping in- I'll be back for more. Great after-dinner cup, after the table is cleared. Smooth, but tasty.

5 Stars

from on wrote:


from on wrote:

This is my favorite tea and I only drink the stuff I order from Republic of tea.


5 Stars Elegant

from CA on wrote:

My husband and I love this tea weekend mornings in bed...lightly sweetened with honey or plain, it is a weekly indulgence.