A Favoirte

5 Stars A Favoirte

from CA on wrote:

The fruity scent rises to beguile your taste-buds, even before you get your first sip of delicious, fun tea. So sorr

Kid friendly

4 Stars Kid friendly

from CT on wrote:

My young daughter loves her "panda" tea. She has always enjoyed fruity teas, and this is her new favorite. It is a little heavy on the fruit for me (I'd prefer a more subtle flavor), but since I purchased it for her, it's perfect. :)

Really good

5 Stars Really good

from OK on wrote:

My wife is taking chemo and many things don't taste very good. She loves this and since it doesn't have caffeine it doesn't keep her awake when steroids are part of the chemo mix.

My New Favorite from Republic of Tea

5 Stars My New Favorite from Republic of Tea

from IL on wrote:

This tea has a really nice strawberry and cherry flavor. Of the seven teas I've sampled from Republic of Tea, this is my new favorite! I plan to always have this tea on hand.

a perfect blend

5 Stars a perfect blend

from MD on wrote:

I hesitate to buy blended fruit teas. However, Panda Berry Tea immediately shot to the top of my personal 'go to' list.

One of the best teas I have ever had

5 Stars One of the best teas I have ever had

from TX on wrote:

This tea is excellent. I have only had it hot, but it is easy for me to imagine it cold and still tasting wonderful. This tea was amazing with honey and it is great for kids too.

Great for a work night!

5 Stars Great for a work night!

from MA on wrote:

I love this tea on a night when I have to get up for work the next day. I've made it both hot and iced, and its good both ways. I find when I brew it, I need to use two tea bags in order to get the maximum flavor. It's my favorite decaf tea, and my second favorite overall. I will definitely be purchasing this product again.

not much cherry flavor.

2 Stars not much cherry flavor.

from AZ on wrote:

would like it to be stronger flavored.Wount buy again, unless, i mix it with something else...

So good for kids with bad coughs!!!

5 Stars So good for kids with bad coughs!!!

from CA on wrote:

Doctors often do not recommend cough syrup for children. I found that when my children have bad coughs they sip on the tea and feel much better. They love the taste !!!

Not worth it

1 Star Not worth it

from SD on wrote:

I was so excited when I first read about this tea--strawberry, cherry, and decaf black tea--sign me up. I was so eager to try this tea and was so hoping that I would love it like I do the Cherry Apple Red and Strawberry Vanilla Red, but I just found this difficult to drink. It wasn't awful enough to hassle with returning/exchanging it, but it took me forever to finish this tin. It was fruity tasting, but I couldn't distinguish it as being either strawberry or cherry and it just wasn't a quality black tea leaf...well, I suppose it could have been and the flavoring could have killed it. I wouldn't recommend this.

Love it

5 Stars Love it

from on wrote:

I love this tea - it's hard to find now so I'm stocking up, It's my go to decaf tea. You do have to let it steep for a while, but that doesn't bother me. Love it!

Kids Cuppa

5 Stars Kids Cuppa

from PA on wrote:

I was in love with the Kids Cuppa tea but was very disapointed when i discovered they no longer made it. My best friend emailed the company and they simply changed the name to this! I have yet to receive this in but i hope its as good as the original. Thanks :D

Great Childrens Tea

5 Stars Great Childrens Tea

from CA on wrote:

I am a big tea drinker and wanted to start my grandchildren out early. I tried other teas recommended for children but this was the first one they liked. My granddaughter has been drinking it since she was 4. At 8 she enjoys other of your decaf flavored teas but this is one of her favorites. A suggestion when starting out is to use a little more water and even add a tad more honey. I did this for the first several times and eventually made it per the recipe.

1 Star

from on wrote:

Our taste buds just did not like this tea.

Not for me

2 Stars Not for me

from CT on wrote:

I was very disappointed in this tea. I tried to have a couple cups of it, but never liked it. Guests and friends all liked it, so I used it up by giving it to other people to drink. I'm a HUGE fan of Republic of Teas and love most other flavours but this is one of the few, rare ones that I didn't like at all.

92 year old loves this tea

4 Stars 92 year old loves this tea

from PA on wrote:

This is one of my 92 year old father's favorite teas. He loves the blend of strawberry and cherry.

1 Star

from NJ on wrote:

What a dreadful tea-I threw the entire, expensive can out after one cup. The last few cans I bought in a grocery store so thought their staleness was due to that but this was horrible. I fell in love with Ginger Peach so hopefully that's still delightful.

The Original Panda Berry Tea

5 Stars The Original Panda Berry Tea

from PA on wrote:

This is a delicious tea and it was originally called the Panda Berry Tea. I don't know exactly why The Republic of Tea changed the tea's name and its location. It used to be part of the Children Teas. It has been my son's favorite since he was 5 and he calls it "Andy Panda". He and I enjoy drinking a cup together after school. It is full of fruity flavors and leaves you relax and happy!

Not my Favorite

1 Star Not my Favorite

from NH on wrote:

Not sweet or fruity. Tastes a bit like cough syrup, with flavors I can't identify. Just not a pleasant experience at all.

Well blended flavor

4 Stars Well blended flavor

from KS on wrote:

Thankfully not a candy taste of cherry or strawberry, but a mature blend with the black tea that produces a "tea" not a syrup. Excellent with cream.

Not very berry like

1 Star Not very berry like

from FL on wrote:

The smell and taste of this almost makes me sick. I cannot taste any strawberry or cherry flavors. Too many other flavors in the tea that I do not like. Not good as an iced tea either. Not at all as advertized.