Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Delicious Earthy Tea

East Hampton, CT

This is a delicious and almost filling tea. Very earthy and toasty. It reminds me a bit of the tea blends used in Japanese restaurants. One of my new favorites.

5 Stars

Tea of Inquiry loose tea

Racine, WI

Excellent. Excellent My favorite.

4 Stars

Toasty tea

Lake Wales, FL

I just purchased this tea for the first time. This tea almost has a hint of a popcorn taste to it because of the rice. The green tea is a little on the bitter side but adding a little honey brightens it up. Overall it's a lighter tea and very good to sip on during a cold day.

5 Stars

My only green tea

Washington, DC

I'm a die-hard black tea drinker, and normally don't give much thought to green tea. Even very expensive green tea tastes odd and grassy to me. (I know, it's supposed to - just not my thing.) But this is a notable exception. I've ordered this several times over the years. It's sweet and nutty, needs nothing added to it, good to the last drop.

4 Stars

Nice tea, pretty earthy

Boston, MA

This tea is nice but not the best green tea + toasted rice one that I have tasted. The green tea itself tastes very earthy...not bad, just different. It is still good and a delicious tasting cup of green tea!

5 Stars


My favorite tea! Hard to get through a day without a cup either hot or cold.

5 Stars

A fine tea indeed

Flint, MI

This one is my favorite by far!

Tea of Inquiry


I have had this tea before and was recently told to try cooking rice in this tea or some other tea that I like, that it is amazing. Now I am curious about using tea in other cooking, maybe braising chicken? Using it as a soup base?

4 Stars

pricey genmaicha

nompton, OK

genmaicha traditionally is a cheaper tea... i'm not sure if my mix was a bit off but it tasted primarily of toasted rice, but not the super golden crisp flavor i'm used to. i think i'll mix this with a cheaper green to get the proportions right. it's great, but not what i'm accustomed to.

5 Stars


Columbus, OH

I have been drinking this tea for years! There is something so comforting about it. I enjoy it in the late afternoon when I'm starting to feel sleepy, and I begin to think about a snack. I always feel refreshed and alert after I drink a cup. I do think the rice flavor can help to satisfy hunger, but I also think this tea is great after a meal for digestion. I think this tea and Spring Cherry Green are probably both good introductions to green tea. Also, the price is very good.

1 Star

This tea has a very grassy/ earthy taste

Springfield, VA

I did not like this tea because it has a grassy/ earthy taste. Good quality, I just don't prefer this taste in a tea.

My New Favorite

Venice, FL

I love the full bodied, earthy taste of toasty rice and a hearty green tea. I just received my 50 cup tin three days ago and it is three quarters empty. The best tea I have ever tasted.

5 Stars


Longview, WA

Excellent tea. Exactly the flavor I was hoping for - strong vegetal and rice. This is my absolute favorite tea. It tastes exceptionally wonderful made in Yixing tea ware.

5 Stars

At last, a green tea I like!

Connersville, IN

I'd been wanting to try this for a long time, but was a bit leery since I normally can't stand the taste of green teas. This was wonderful...reminded me of rice crackers with nori.

5 Stars


Reading, PA

A great tea for winter or to tide you over between meals. The green tea is balanced by the warm, toasted taste of the rice.

5 Stars

Green Tea with Toasted Rice

Milwaukee, WI

This tea is absolutely my favorite. I drink it hot or iced, either way the toasted rice adds a nice nutty flavor to the green tea! Delicious!

5 Stars


Lake Oswego, OR

I absolutely love this tea, the fire-toasted rice adds a wonderful flavor to the smoothness of this green tea. It is a wonderful treat at the beginning or end of any day. I usually add a small amount of honey and it is so good. I would recommend this tea to anyone!

5 Stars

Savory and nutty

San Francisco, CA

I love the nutty savory texture/taste of this tea. Good to drink when you are hungry and don't have a snack nearby!