Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars


Islip, NY

Delicious, wow I steeped a gallon batch, strained, and refrigerated, sweetened with pure liquid Stevia, what a refreshing great tasting iced tea ! Wonderful flavor !

5 Stars

Lovely Flavor

Lowell, AR

I bought this for the red currant included in the flavors. I had red currant tea in Scotland and had been unable to find it. This tea is reminiscent of that wonderful tea I had there. Just a lovely taste.

5 Stars

Smell is Divine, Taste is Bold


Upon opening the tin for this tea, the smell is very pleasing; very fragrant blueberry, concord grape smell. I used a small amount in my infuser, and have found that the first cup is very bold and the flavor really hits you. I have steeped my leaves up to 5 times each time and I find the flavor mellows out and becomes a very desirable, mellow blueberry/grape flavor. I wish there was a bit more of the green tea flavor, but overall, this tea is a great one, and a great afternoon pick me up tea.

5 Stars

Absolutely LOVE this tea!

Warwick, RI

I couldn't wait to get this tea and as soon as I did, I brewed a pot and haven't stopped drinking it yet! I'm so glad I ordered two! Thank you for such great quality tea.

5 Stars

This is the one

Haneyville, PA

Been trying many teas the past few years, some very good, some so - so, some not so appealing, but yep, this is the one. For me anyway.

5 Stars

The Best Tea, Hot or Cold


I first got turned on to this tea 2 summers ago when I ordered it at a popular restaurant chain. It was iced. It was so delicious that I vowed to give up coffee if I could drink this every day! The coffee is on it's way out. Fabulous taste.

5 Stars

Excellent for my health

san diego, CA

I had been ill for 2 weeks and lost my voices for 1 week. I had been to the DR and was taking medicine but I still felt ill. I was eating very little and decided to force myself to go to Panera Bread. They had Acai tea in a big pot. I must have had a gallon. I immediately noticed that I was getting a lot of mucus out and I went back to Panera the next day and realized that the Acai Green tree gave me a tremendous improvement to my health. So I ordered a pound of the Acai tea and feel like I owe my recover to this wonderful tea.

5 Stars

rich berry tea

San Antonio, TX

rich berry tea delicious without adding sweetener

5 Stars

Wonderful Bouquet

Brunswick, GA

This is my favorite of all the flavors. The aroma is enticing. The flavor is superb and yummy. When it starts getting cold out, I break out my hot tea collection. I had to reorder and was afraid that this tea had been disconnected as I had trouble finding it in the listing. But, thank goodness it had not. My daughter comes over and will not leave until I steep her a warm cup of this tea.

5 Stars

Wonderful Flavor!

Burlington, WA

This tea is excellent iced! It's a wonderful berry flavor, little bit tart but not overly so. I specifically purchased it so I could drink it iced so I have no comment on it as a hot tea. However, if you are looking for a tea to drink in the summer, or year round, over ice, I highly recommend this bold flavor, full of antioxidants.

5 Stars

Made me a green tea believer

, MO

I'd never been a fan of green tea before this one. A beautiful, delicate flavor. Add a slice of lemon for a nice little kick.

5 Stars

My Favorite Tea

Austin, TX

My favorite tea. Uniquely sweet without having to add anything. I take it on Boy Scout camp-outs and have to pack extra now as the Scouts know I bring it. Great hot or cold but I am partial to hot. My third order I got a full pound of loose tea. I'm saving the bags for camping.

5 Stars


Seffner, FL

This is the first tea of yours I have tried. Love the taste. Drink it throughout the day at work.

5 Stars

great beginner tea

, WI

This is the tea that got me to start drinking green tea regularly. It produces a nice red cup that is sweet and smells incredible. Nice on its own or with honey.

5 Stars

Yum Yum Yummy

, WI

I will definately be ordering again.

4 Stars

Good fruit green tea

Lancaster, PA

I'm not a huge fan of most green teas with fruit added, because they tend to be a bit too acidic for my taste. This tea is lightly acidic (not overpowering, but my reason for giving four pots not five). However, the other tastes are great and the smell is excellent. I love açaí in other forms, so I'm glad I can enjoy some in tea.

5 Stars

My Absolute Fave

Carbondale, IL

I recently made many healthy nutrition and diet improvements and my tastes buds have changed - in that they do not need loads of artificial gunk for things to taste good to me. Now I am really enjoying the incredible tastes that just POP in my mouth straight from nature, no additives needed, and this tea is on the top of my list! It is every bit as refreshing and quenching as it is delicious and mood-enhancing with its playful summer smells of berries. LOVE IT. I am going to be needing this tea forever. :)

5 Stars


Charlton, MA

Wonderful clean crisp berry taste. The berry taste does not "hang around" or linger in your mouth like some fruity teas. I am pretty addicted to this one and have several cups a day. The container smells so good!

5 Stars



fruity flavors with hint of green tea. too sour without sugar but with sugar it is beyond wonderful.

5 Stars

quite enjoyable


usually i don't go for the caffeinated green tea and worry acai is too sour but with a little sugar this tea is beyond amazing with great flavor packed in every sip.

3 Stars

Acai Green tea

Al-Udeid, Qatar,

This is not my favorite green tea and I think that its going to sit for awhile. It has a strange level of sweetness and smells similar to kool-aid powder. When steeped the sweetness milds a bit. It's not awful but I certainly prefer the blueberry green to this one.

5 Stars

Fruity Sweet

Jefferson City, MO

I'm not much on the fruity teas, but knowing this one is very healthy for you is an added benefit. My little girls love this blend.

5 Stars

Beautiful & tasty!

Boston, MA

Great as an iced tea, this brews a wonderful red color and delicious scent. I love to mix this with some of the green rooibos teas; the flavors really compliment each other. As with most green teas, it can get bitter, if you over brew it, so don't let it steep too long.