Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Health Never Tasted So Good! October 19, 2014


Long Beach, CA

This is my very favorite tea (with Ginger Peach Black a close second). I drink it iced year round because it's hot and dry in sunny Southern California. Every sip refreshes and satisfies!

5 Stars

My All Time Favorite Tea September 15, 2014


New Egypt, NJ

I love the flavor of this green tea. The pomegranate flavor adds just the right amount of sweetness. This tea is enjoyed every morning and evening, and sometimes several other times during the day.

5 Stars

Great Taste June 24, 2014


Berkeley, IL

First found your brand at a Sweet Tomatoes Salad Restaurant - and would take a couple of this tea home - now I buy direct for your site - great tea!

4 Stars

Excellent ice tea April 15, 2014

michael holmes

everglades city, FL

One of the best for ice tea. Very refreshing for the hot Florida weather. Like their other flavored tea bags they have no strings attached: to the bag that is. I like mine without sugar or lemon as you can really taste the tea. This is one of the better green teas and not sold in many supermarkets. No bitter taste at all.

5 Stars

Morning March 01, 2014

Pat McCollum

Kannapolis, NC

I love to drink this tea when I am getting ready for work. It keep me in on track.

5 Stars

One of my two Favorites!! December 23, 2013


Edmond, OK

This tea is the best … I drink it daily, hot or cold … it's delightful.

5 Stars

AMAZING November 01, 2013


, NJ

I am an avid tea drinker and this is hands down the best tea I have ever had! Sweet aroma, wonderful taste and great for your health too!

5 Stars

Love this superfruit tea August 20, 2013

Jennie Blessinger

Huntingburg, IN

I was introduced to this tea in a local coffee shop where I often eat. It is unsweetened on ice and has an inviting red color. I bought some to make at home but it just didn't taste as good when I made it - maybe I didn't use enough. Then I tried making a gallon of instant ice tea and added 6 bags of the pomegranate tea. It was the perfect combination - tastes great with or without sugar. I get so many compliments from guests. Would defintely recommend it!

5 Stars

Great Flavor March 12, 2013

Charles Green

Fenton, MI

I don't drink a lot of tea because I usually find it less than flavorful. I found the complete opposite on this tea. Sweet, with a nice flavor of pomegranate. Best tea I've had in a long time.

5 Stars

love February 21, 2013


san diego, CA

i love this tea. it tastes so delicious and i do not add anything to it... my favorite so far, it smells delightful and is a really pretty ruby red color. i recommend it to everyone!

5 Stars

Delicate and Fruity February 21, 2013

Kathleen OConnor

Temple Terrace, FL

I am very fond of pomegranate fruit and juice as I enjoy Middle Eastern cooking where it features in sauces. The color was more purplish than I expected from the deep red of pomegranate juice--but very attractive just the same. This tea is very light and sweet--not bitter as green tea can be sometimes. It's very nice hot for an after dinner or pre-bedtime drink, calming and relaxing not stimulating with a lovely fragrance. I highly recommend it if you like fruit teas.

5 Stars

Amazing mix of green and fruit flavor January 22, 2013


Eau Claire, WI

Neither overpowers the other, a perfect balance of pomegranate and green tea.

4 Stars

Great Hot January 14, 2013


I tried this hot one morning and it has a different kick to it. I haven't had much pomegranate exposure but this was pretty good. I attempted to make it iced, but it lost a lot of its flavor. I think that was my own mistake, however.

5 Stars

AWESOME January 13, 2013


Laceyville, PA

I picked this up at a little pharmacy in Vermont and had to find it online to refill - this is easily my favorite tea ever! Great taste if steeped according to directions. Highly recommended.

5 Stars

Fantastic Flavor January 08, 2013


Foreston, MN

This tea has a flavor that is true to pomegranate and is easily the best tea I have ever had.

5 Stars

Teenage and I enjoyed December 12, 2012

Carol B.

, GA

We just finished drinking the Pomegranate Green Tea this afternoon. My teenage daughter and I really enjoyed the flavor. I tend to shy away from fruity teas, cuz many times they taste too bitter for our liking. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted this flavor cuz there was absolutely NO BITTER TASTE. It was simply a pomegranate/green tea taste, just as the label states. Its smooth and light, not heavy, and no need for cream/sugar. This tea can stand alone with hot water, nothing else. Am about to order alot more online right now.

Wonderful Stuff October 16, 2012

cheryl walker

fort worth, TX

Been drinking this daily for several years now-it is wonderful hot or cold and so much better for you than what most people drink...my personal favorite!

1 Star

big dissapointment October 02, 2012


ballwin, MO

I drink green tea all the time. Was looking forward to enjoying a cup of Pomegranate Green Tea. what a letdown.. Too much $$$$$ for hardly any flavor.

5 Stars

Great Tea September 25, 2012


West Palm Beach, FL

This Pomegrant green tea has become a regular dring in our home. We have 1 sometimes 2 large glasses of this iced tea sweetened with honey. Great nutrition and fantastic taste!

3 Stars

Great Way to Start the Day June 03, 2012


, NL

Sweet and a pretty shade of purple/pink, it's a great way to get your antioxidents as well as being a good cuppa to boot!

5 Stars

awesome by the cup May 14, 2012

cheryl walker

fort worth, TX

this tea is perfect hot or cold, day or night. Been drinking this for a few years now and never get tired of the flavor.

1 Star

Tastes like water with a hint of $$ April 25, 2012



and there was practically no nutritional value to drinking it. Lowered my bank account $3.99 for 1 bottle tho.

5 Stars

My favorite tea! March 18, 2012


Big Rapids, MI

Love it.

5 Stars

MY FAVORITE! February 25, 2012


Cleveland Heights, OH

This is my favorite of all your teas. I love the decaf and the regular,I can't have sugar, and with a little stevia,this is a real treat for me.

5 Stars

WOW !!! February 24, 2012

Donna Lichtenthal

Depew, NY

I;ve been drinking green tea for my health so I have become accustomed to the taste (neither good or bad). One sip of this tea changed all that. Delicious is the only word I can think of . I'll be drinking this tea from now on.

5 Stars

Love this tea!!! February 15, 2012


Love this tea!!

February 06, 2012


Rochester, WA

I found this to be an excellent blend of sweet pomegranate and excellent green tea. I also like the ability to purchase this tea in different quantities to suit my needs.

2 Stars

A little too sour for me February 01, 2012


Hudson Valley, NY

Since I really like pomegranates and their juice, I thought this would be the tea for me. Alas, I found it slightly bitter, and too sour and astringent. Also, I didn't taste the green tea at all. I gave away the bags and tin.

5 Stars

Perfect for those who don't like green tea! January 26, 2012


Coweta, OK

I have tried many different kinds of green tea, but I've never found one I actually liked. I've tolerated them for the health benefits. I really, really, really like this tea! I will continue to order it. There is none of the typical bitterness or weakness that I've found in other green teas. I've only tried it hot, but I think it would be equally good if it was iced. Also, I am very sensitive to caffeine, and this tea does not bother me.

5 Stars

Another New Tea To Add To My Collection January 20, 2012


I got a free sample of the Pomegranate Tea inside my Republic of Tea catalog. I was so anxious to try it. After I came home from walking in the cold I decided I'd test my free sample. I thought it was one of the tastiest teas I've ever tried. I've never tried pomegranate tea before and it was so sweet and delicious. I will definitely be buying a full tin of these bags.

5 Stars

January 09, 2012

Larry E. Griffiths

Ocala, FL

This is a very good blend. I also like the option of getting the tea bags in different quantities.

5 Stars

Great Fruity Flavor/Scent January 03, 2012


Greeneville, TN

I have been drinking this pomegranate tea for a few years now and I love it. It is so refreshing. I never have tried it iced (I'm Southern and prefer traditional iced tea), but I'm sure it would be equally delicious.

5 Stars

my favorite tea ever! December 16, 2011


West Palm Beach , FL

I first tried this tea in a restaurant and couldn't believe how good it was! (And I have tried a lot of teas) I ordered 250 bags and as of yet have only made it iced; it's fruity and mildy sweet but not overpowering. Soooo good! I highly recommend it.

4 Stars

Pleasantly surprised! December 05, 2011


Green Oaks, IL

I love fresh pomegranates, but have generally been disappointed in commercially prepared juices and jams. This tea, however, puts all those to shame! Pleasant and smooth, with none of the prevailing bitterness the others have!

5 Stars

Recommend Trying December 05, 2011


Bellflower, CA

I recommend trying this tea. I like tea without sweetner added to it and, for me, I like tea that is not too tart. This has the perfect balance of fruit and 'tea taste'.

5 Stars

Not a fruit tea fan November 27, 2011


Bailey, CO

but this is the tea that converted me. I like tea without sweetener and this one is ideal. It is tart but tasty and perfect when iced.

5 Stars

Love this tea November 21, 2011


Tulsa, OK

I love this tea. I ordered 250 tea bags so I can give some to my family. It has a wonderful taste and I love the pretty pink color. It is great hot or cold. I also use the teabags to put on my swollen eyelids. The teabags helps the swelling go down. An added benefit to a glorious tea. I highly recommend it. Just give it a try, you'll love it.

1 Star

Not a fan November 19, 2011


Cocoa, FL

While I love the Blueberry Green Tea and many others, I did not like this one. It's rather bitter and the Pomegranate is overpowering. I dumped my mug down the drain.

5 Stars

No longer a tea skeptic.... November 02, 2011


Larimore, ND

I'm NOT a tea drinker, but this stuff may make me a convert yet -it is fantastic! I will definitely be re-ordering; also will be trying out the other kinds as well...

5 Stars

Fruity October 11, 2011


, PA

I like this tea hot or cold & I add a little sugar to it also

5 Stars

Pomegranate Green Tea July 27, 2011


This was my first green tea, and it is wonderful! Great iced or hot.

5 Stars

amazing tea July 05, 2011

Kate Hanson


I love the tea I would recommend it to anyone who likes fruit buy it its worth it