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3 Stars cherry

from NY on wrote:

good mild flavor

Nice light flavor

4 Stars Nice light flavor

from IN on wrote:

I bought this tea as I am looking for teas that taste good without sweetener. This tea has a nice light cherry flavor that's enjoyable with or without sweeteners. The only drawback is there are always some leaves or something that taste terrible at the bottom of my mug. I will buy again I just hate wasting that last sip.

Love love love

5 Stars Love love love

from CA on wrote:

The cherry tea is just so soothing on a very raw throat. I had surgery in 2008 which left my windpipe and throat extremely sore and raw. I live to sing and was concerned I would miss church that Sunday but two days later the sore throat was completely healed! I’ve used this tea ever since for a sore throat. It’s guaranteed to work every time!

very cherry

3 Stars very cherry

from MI on wrote:

you can really taste the cherry in this tea, however there is something about this tea that is just too "green" for me. Yes, I know it is a green tea, but there is something that makes this taste tangy, almost butter to my palette. Perhaps my tastebuds are off. I do love the cherry flavor, but the high green note throws the flavor off for me. I think I will save this tea for springtime and cold brew it with a little honey. I think I would appreciate this tea better on a hot day rather than in th winter time.

Good for newn grEen tea drinkers

5 Stars Good for newn grEen tea drinkers

from CO on wrote:

I don’t bother to do an actual brew of this tea. I just throw a single teabag into my daily water bottle and let it cold brew all day and refill water as needed. Very refreshing.

A True Favorite

5 Stars A True Favorite

from AZ on wrote:

Enjoying a sip or few of this just this morning and I thought I should come and read the reviews on it and maybe leave one, bc I never have! I was first introduced to Spring Cherry when I worked for a coffee shop just after high school and my tea supply has never been without this since. It's delicious hot with a spoon of honey (which is how I'm enjoying it right now on this nippy morning), and it's absolutely perfect brewed strong with a bit of turbinado and then poured over ice. Any. Time. It hits that stellar sweet spot in between delicate and hardy, isn't bitter in the least even when I steep it long, and the flavor is phenomenal for a floral - not overpowering at all. This is a very special blend. Thank you, Republic of Tea for such a precious cuppa!

Favorite Springtime tea!

5 Stars Favorite Springtime tea!

from NH on wrote:

I've been drinking this lovely light Spring tea every Spring for over 10 years! I can't do Spring without it. It is so light and yummy with just a hint of cherry and I just love it. Sometimes I even sip it in the winter when I have cabin fever and dream of the Spring to come.

I love Spring Cherry green tea.

5 Stars I love Spring Cherry green tea.

from TN on wrote:

I have been drinking Spring Cherry green tea for over thirty years and I start every day with a hot cup full. It's my 'cup of contentment' when I need one. Please never stop having this available. Thank you.

Yummy cuppa

5 Stars Yummy cuppa

from OH on wrote:

This is the tastiest green tea blend I have ever consumed. I usually drink black teas but this one is very good. It actually has a taste, if you know what I mean.

Soft floral; no acid! LUV THIS TEA

5 Stars Soft floral; no acid! LUV THIS TEA

from ND on wrote:

This flavor combination is amazing! Not overpowering; just subtle bliss. Moreover, it isn't as acidic as most teas. You can drink it at night (no middle of the night bathroom trips required). Have a child prone to eczema; most fruit and teas cause a breakout. This tea is the ONLY tea I've found that he can drink. Very non-acidic. LOVE THIS TEA

My favorite!

5 Stars My favorite!

from WA on wrote:

I am very careful when picking green tea because they can be bitter. This is never bitter and has so much flavor I even prefer it to my black tea favorites. Thank you!

Love this tea!

5 Stars Love this tea!

from IL on wrote:

I drink green tea every day and had been looking for a cherry green tea. Am so glad I found Republic of Teas website and now buy from them exclusively. The Spring Cherry green tea is awesome and not overpowering with a delicate flavor. This is my go-to daily tea and my only regret is I bought the sampler size and wish I had bought the full size tin. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

Pleasing Flavor

4 Stars Pleasing Flavor

from MO on wrote:

I wasn't sure if I would like this, I was pleasantly surprised. Green teas are all new to me. Drinking them for health benefits. This flavor is very good.


5 Stars delicious!

from MI on wrote:

This is a soft cherry flavored green tea that is delicious and the green tea is smooth not bitter. I'll be buying this again.

Delicate Cherry Green

5 Stars Delicate Cherry Green

from PA on wrote:

This is lovely green tea with delicate cherry & floral notes. It is not over powering to the green tea like that of the other fruity green teas.

Delicious and Relaxig

5 Stars Delicious and Relaxig

from TX on wrote:

This is a delicious tea, a new favorite of mine actually. While Blueberry is still my ultimate favorite this is a close follow. While I didn't get much of a cherry taste I certainly did enjoy the floral notes and while its delicious hot it isn't half bad while it cools. I tend to like my teas strong so I let the tea bag sit in my mug the entire time I'm drinking it. Delicious!


5 Stars Wonderful!

from IL on wrote:

If you like the taste of cherries, you will love this tea. It even makes a great pitcher of iced cherry tea!

Good both ways!

5 Stars Good both ways!

from IL on wrote:

This is a smooth, pleasant sip hot on its own, but I love to brew it with the Cinnamon Plum and cool to an absolutely fabulous iced tea!

Wonderful flavor

5 Stars Wonderful flavor

from OH on wrote:

Awesome tea! A great way to drink green tea.

Soothing of the mind!!!!

5 Stars Soothing of the mind!!!!

from TX on wrote:

Soothes my mind and my senses after a hard day at work or play!! It reminds me of my favorite places I visited as a child!!

Spring Cherry

5 Stars Spring Cherry

from OH on wrote:

Great tasting tea

Best Tea Ever!

5 Stars Best Tea Ever!

from IL on wrote:

Mild with a sweet tone.

Spring Cherry Green Tea

5 Stars Spring Cherry Green Tea

from NY on wrote:

I really like the cherry taste of this green tea. Right now it's my favorite...

A Favorite

5 Stars A Favorite

from OH on wrote:

Gently intoxicating and powerfully inspiring, this tea has been a favorite of mine since the millennium began. I ordered some recently, because I had been missing its evocative flavors. The package arrived quickly, with the added bonus of some interesting environmentally friendly packing materials that I can re-use in art projects with the kids I teach. I am delighted with my purchase.

This is my all time favorite tea!

5 Stars This is my all time favorite tea!

from NH on wrote:

This is my favorite tea. I drink it every day and it never gets old. It has a light, slightly floral flavor and a sweet scent. I can't speak highly enough of it!

My favorite green tea

5 Stars My favorite green tea

from WA on wrote:

I've had many green teas and this is my most favorite. It has a light, sweet flavor and is perfect any time of the day. I only wish I could find this in decaf too; then I would drink it all the time!

great for evening

5 Stars great for evening

from MT on wrote:

This is a great tea for evenings when something warm and tasty is wanted but not something that will interfere with bedtime. It's a stable for our cupboard.

Best Hot or Cold Spring Cherry Tea!!

5 Stars Best Hot or Cold Spring Cherry Tea!!

from FL on wrote:

I had this tea at Wildflower Café of Bellair, Fl, although it was a hot pot of tea, I added some honey to it, boy to my amazement this was simpliy delicious! I bought back the rest of the hot tea in a container waited till it cooled down and placed some ice cubes and drank it cold... WOW this was the best Ice Tea for the Summer. I am having a local tea company get me 3 containers of this!! I also love the Blueberry, Chocolate Coconut... yummy... I can not have much sweets so this takes place of something sweet like a piece of chocolate cake and I can sip on it all day so its like Eating a Piece of Heaven all day... Thanks Republic for making such a refreshing tea... I love your products.

One of the Best teas out there

5 Stars One of the Best teas out there

from CO on wrote:

I first tried this when the Barnes & Noble coffee shop carried this. While I first tried it as an iced tea, after purchasing a tin I soon found it to be one of the best tasting green teas out there. The Cherry flavor only enhances an otherwise superb sencha, but it lifts it up from just good tea to something magnificent. I cannot give this tea a high enough rating for how much I have enjoyed it, both hot and cold.

Absolutely and Completely L-O-V-E with SPRING CHERRY !!

Absolutely and Completely L-O-V-E with SPRING CHERRY !!

from on wrote:

To me, SPRING CHERRY has such a true and light cherry taste with soft vanilla notes. SPRING CHERRY IS DELIGHTFUL! I ENJOY THIS TEA VERY MUCH! ... hot with sweetener and milk. A nice tea anytime ... and so pleasant before turning in for the evening. AHH! AGAIN, I SAY ...SO PLEASURABLE! I will be preparing it iced soon and just know it will be LIGHT and WONDERFUL! Again and again, I say THANK YOU REPULIC OF TEA for making all of us SO VERY HAPPY, SATISFIED, and SOOTHED. LIFE IS GRAND and all of us true tea drinkers are delighted to have you! SPRING CHERRY ... 5 TEAPOTS (plus!)

Oh do I ever L-O-V-E Spring Cherry! DELIGHTFUL!

5 Stars Oh do I ever L-O-V-E Spring Cherry! DELIGHTFUL!

from on wrote:

To me, SPRING CHERRY has such a true and light cherry taste with soft vanilla notes. SPRING CHERRY IS DELIGHTFUL! It is not a strong tea but does provide pleasing flavor. Oh, do I ever L-O-V-E SPRING CHERRY and do believe it will be on the top of your favorites from REPUBLIC OF TEA. I ENJOY THIS TEA VERY MUCH! ... hot with sweetener and milk. A nice tea anytime ... and so pleasant before turning in for the evening. AHH! AGAIN, I SAY ...SO PLEASURABLE! I will be preparing it iced soon and just know it will be LIGHT, WONDERFUL, AND REFRESHING! I am a happy, upbeat individual that only wants to be the bearer of great reviews, however I must note that I did not care for JERRY CHERRY at all since it tasted nothing like tea. My tastebuds revealed cherry cough syrup. However, as you know ... I ADORE SPRING CHERRY, as it is light with no artificial flavor. Again and again, I say THANK YOU REPULIC OF TEA for making all of us SO VERY HAPPY, SATISFIED, and SOOTHED. LIFE IS GRAND and all of us t

All time favorite tea

5 Stars All time favorite tea

from CA on wrote:

This is my favorite tea, I actually get a little sad when I finish the cup and immediately want another cup. I drink it every day. It has a great aroma, sweet taste and just a bit of green tea taste at the end...making me want another cup.

Turned Me Into A Tea Drinker!

5 Stars Turned Me Into A Tea Drinker!

from MI on wrote:

I never liked hot tea until a friend turned me on to this flavor. Now I drink all kinds of tea! I like the subtle hint of cherry in this. It adds some sweetness without making sugar necessary. This is my favorite tea flavor, just ahead of jasmine. I drink it every morning after a workout and it helps set my mind in a state of peace.


5 Stars LOVE IT!!!

from IN on wrote:

I drink this every single day. It helps me get through my day! I love the gentle cherry flavor. Keep up the great work ROT!!!!

from IN on wrote:

I drink this daily as ice tea. I first tasted it at Central Market in Dallas. I have to have it,,,,,everyday! Thank you Republic of Tea!


5 Stars excellent!

from IL on wrote:

I originally bought this tea for my father who loves all things cherry and had to try it myself! The cherry flavor is very subtle but smooth and blends very well with the green tea. I find a touch of sugar helps to bring the flavor out even more. Definitely much better than the blueberry flavor I encountered in the black tea.

5 Stars

from TN on wrote:

Green tea is not my favorite flavor of tea but with the cherry flavoring, it's delicious. I have always received the best quality of tea from ROT & I have never been disappointed.

All of the rest just don't impress

5 Stars All of the rest just don't impress

from WA on wrote:

I have tried many "cherry" teas but this is my absolutely my favorite. I have tried both the loose tea as well as the tea bags and you won't go wrong with either. Flavor is exceptional and the antioxidants from the green tea are an added bonus.

Soothing and Calming

4 Stars Soothing and Calming

from OH on wrote:

This is a lovely, delicate tea with just a hint of sweet floral notes. I think this would be good iced, but I've only enjoyed it hot.

the best!

5 Stars the best!

from MT on wrote:

This is the best Earl Grey tea on the market! Worth the extra to have it shipped (though I wish the shipping charges were a little less).

very nice

5 Stars very nice

from MT on wrote:

My second favorite tea -- especially when I don't want anything strong. Very soothing.

4 Stars

from KS on wrote:

What a lovely tea! I find it very relaxing. I often drink it at work. The light fresh flavor is wonderful.

Delicate and heavenly

5 Stars Delicate and heavenly

from GA on wrote:

SO delicate and refreshing; light cherry and slightly floral -- drank it hot with a little bit of honey, but can't wait to try it iced as well! Tastes like spring in a cup :)



from on wrote:

This is the very best green tea I've ever had. I don't find it in the stores that have been my Republic of Tea sources so I buy on-line. Please don't ever quit making this!!!

Floral Tea

5 Stars Floral Tea

from on wrote:

This is my favorite flavored green tea. It tastes more like flowers than cherry. The cherry is very subtle, and light. But I got this for the reason that it did seem like a floral tea, and met my expectations. I love the light, fresh after taste it leaves in the back of your throat. I use a little agave to sweeten this blend up. Just take my word for it, this green tea blend is good! And no yucky, bitter, weird after tastes or sensations after cup after cup of it. :) I swear, I try to sip by sip, but with this I gulp by the gulp! haha

My all-time Fave

5 Stars My all-time Fave

from CT on wrote:

This has been my favorite tea for many, many years. I love everything about it. I recently tried the Jerry Cherry Black Tea Bags however, and they are pretty close in comparison. LOVE THEM BOTH!


5 Stars Refreshing

from ON on wrote:

I love this tea, simply brewed and served hot, warm, or cold. My grandmother loves this so much I had to buy to share.

Great Iced

5 Stars Great Iced

from NJ on wrote:

This tea has a really nice natural sweetness and pronounced cherry flavor without being overbearing. It's one of my RoT favorites for making iced tea.

5 Stars

from GA on wrote:

Very enjoyable green tea.

A Sweet, Subtle Cup

5 Stars A Sweet, Subtle Cup

from VA on wrote:

If I HAD to choose but one tea from The Republic of Tea's many offerings it would be this one. The marriage of the health benefits of green tea with the sweet and subtle flavors of cherry,Japanese sencha leaves, and delicate peony blossoms makes for a consistently satisfying tea experience.

love it

5 Stars love it

from FL on wrote:

Lovely light and fresh taste. Like this even better cold. Good all year round.

Medium Cherry

4 Stars Medium Cherry

from on wrote:

I was surprised how much I liked this. It has a floral and medium cherry taste to it.

one of my favorite teas of all time

5 Stars one of my favorite teas of all time

from MI on wrote:

a really lovely floral tea. Very delicate flavor with heady notes of what taste as cherry blossoms. I hope they keep this tea forever.

5 Stars

from FL on wrote:

A pleasent, uplifting flavor to green tea.