Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

A Must Have Tea! November 23, 2013

Teresa Matchett

Jackson, OH

I order different varieties from The Republic of Tea but Green Earl Greyer is one that I must keep on hand. This is a vibrant citrusy tea with a subtle green tea undertone. I love Bergamot and have always been a fan of Earl Grey but this Green variety is addictive. About 4 of 7 weekdays I reach for this from my pantry and enjoy it with a scone or biscotti and sometimes a sweet organic vanilla creme cookie. It makes my day better from the start. It's soothing yet gets me going. I will always need to have this variety in my life. And yes, it requires no extra sweetening but I love a little agave to round out the edges. It will not disappoint!

5 Stars

Light, clear, never disappoints November 13, 2013


Kansas City, MO

This is my go to tea. I drink up to three mugs per day, using the bags. I never tire of it. It has a light bergamot flavor that perfectly matches the lightness of the green tea. I work in a fragrance free call center. No one has ever complained about this tea, and yet I enjoy the light, clean, clear fragrance of the Earl Grey flavor.

5 Stars

Best Of Bergamot and Green November 24, 2012

Terri M.

Jackson, OH

I have always loved Earl Grey and frequently bought Stash Double Bergamot Earl Grey until I tried TROT Earl Greyer Green. Now I have the benefits of Green with my favorite flavor. I hope one day they come out with a double bergamot version of this tea. The organic teas always taste fresher and make me feel good about using. Love this variety!

5 Stars

So aromatic! August 25, 2012

Gena Harakal

Punta Gorda, FL

The moment I opened the refill bag, I got a nose full of delicious Bergamot from the Earl Greyer tea. This is one of my favorite teas. I love that it's available in a green tea. Most delicious!

5 Stars

Wonderful afternoon tea August 25, 2012


Bay Area, CA

I have begun shopping the Republic of Tea site ever since my local grocers stopped carrying this tea. Earl Gray Green is much less bitter than the black tea version and the bergamot aroma really shines through. This and genmai cha are my go-to afternoon teas. I don't regret having to order it on this site because I have also discovered all the wonderful chocolate teas and the superfruit greens too. Haven't had a soda in years and I don't miss them!

5 Stars

Favorite Green Tea March 22, 2012



This is the best green tea I've ever had!! I love all kinds of tea but find I'm hesitant to try green tea because I'm not a huge fan of the grassier ones. This tea is wonderful with no grassy or bitter notes, and much better than the black tea earl greyer. I drink a few cups throughout the day, love it!

5 Stars

Best Green Tea Ever March 04, 2012


Holiday, FL

I love the scent of this tea if is very relaxing. One of the best teas I ever had.

4 Stars

Nice, refreshing November 23, 2011


Boston ,

This tea was nice, although I do prefer regular earl grey with black tea. In this tea, the bergamot flavor is much stronger compared to the tea itself. I think it would be best served in warmer weather because it is more light refreshing than warming and rich. Delicious, though.

5 Stars

Best Green Tea Ever! July 18, 2011


Chicago, IL

This is by far the best green tea I've ever had. I love green tea, but shy away from the super grassy ones, this green tea has a great smooth flavor that's super easy to drink, and I like it even better than earl grey black tea. The bergamot oil seems to compliment the green tea beautifully.