Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Organic Green Tea with honey & lemon

Brooksville, FL

Great taste, love it! So far all the teas I have tried from this company have been outstanding.

5 Stars

My favorite green tea!

Boise, ID

I love this tea. It's has a very light flavor, but the honey and lemon is also great when you're feeling sickish or allergy-ridden too.

2 Stars

Not a replacement for Pink Lemonade

San Diego, CA

I was looking for a replacement for The Republic of Tea's Pink Lemonade Tea which has been my favorite for years (since they have stopped selling it). This isn't it. This tea has a nice lemony flavor, but I'm not much of a honey fan.

5 Stars

Excellent beverage

Saint Charles, MO

This tea is very calming & relaxing. It warms me up when I am cold. I agree that you can not taste the honey, but that's ok, because I always add honey to my tea. This hot tea is also good for a cold or sore throat.

5 Stars

Great tea

Endicott, NY

Very tasty tea with the lemon and honey flaver

1 Star

West Warwick, RI

it is not for me lack enhancer flavor

5 Stars

Best tea ever


you can buy at wholefoods don't by it online!

5 Stars

Sugar Grove, IL

LOVE this tea. I use to find it a Fruitful Yield, but they no longer carry this variety. Took a chance and went online and naturally I found it there. The price was great and there was very little tax, shipping or handling fees.

5 Stars


Carver, MA

Can't wait to have this iced in hot weather.

2 Stars

not what I was hoping for

Lubbock , TX

I know it's asking a lot, but organic lemon flavor isn't actually lemon -- and I know there are ways to get a more lemon-y flavor (both the tartness and the natural sweetness of lemons) without having to keep a lemon in my purse. I guess I was just hoping you'd put it all in one tea. The "natural honey" is hard to locate as well, but what I really wanted was the lemon.... It's a nice green tea -- just not what the name promised.

3 Stars

, TN

not enough lemon or honey, more like plain green tea.

4 Stars



definitely can taste the lovely lemony mix with green tea but honey taste is not visible. still good!