Mild, subtle, rewarding

5 Stars Mild, subtle, rewarding

from MO on wrote:

This is my new daily green tea. Later in the day I use another organic green that costs less than 10 cents per cup, as I am on a budget. The Republic of Tea Organic Dancing Leaves really delivers a quality cup of excellent green tea. I enjoy drinking it from my orange dancing leaves mug. I have taste tested with two tins and I an now ordering the 250 bag bulk option.

Best green tea ever

5 Stars Best green tea ever

from VA on wrote:

Smooth and clean flavor, never gets bitter just because the phone rang when it was steeping and you forgot to take the bag out. Works really well for iced tea, because the ability to steep longer makes up for the dilution from the ice.

Mild but Flavorful

5 Stars Mild but Flavorful

from OH on wrote:

I buy this tea in the bulk 250-count package. I drink iced tea every day and find this the perfect light tea. The fact that it's organic is extremely important to me.

Best green tea ever!

4 Stars Best green tea ever!

from CO on wrote:

Green tea is usually so picky and wanting to only be brewed two minutes - anything longer and it gets bitter. Dancing Leaves never gets bitter, even when I forget to remove the bag. I've tried a wide variety of greens and this is hands down my favourite. I will only drink Organic. I wish all the teas from Republic had strings, however, so only 4 teapots. I have to use a bent paperclip at work to get the bags out at my desk, which really sucks.

I was suprised

3 Stars I was suprised

from AL on wrote:

I have ordered many green teas from ROT however this one was not as smooth as any I have tasted. I was a little dissapointed but I keep trying it every so often to see if its just an aquired tatse.

Easy and smooth green tea

5 Stars Easy and smooth green tea

from NC on wrote:

Smooth, pure green tea. There is nothing to get in the way of the green tea flavor. Steeps quickly!