Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Mild but Flavorful June 25, 2012


Canton, OH

I buy this tea in the bulk 250-count package. I drink iced tea every day and find this the perfect light tea. The fact that it's organic is extremely important to me.

4 Stars

Best green tea ever! February 21, 2012


Vail, CO

Green tea is usually so picky and wanting to only be brewed two minutes - anything longer and it gets bitter. Dancing Leaves never gets bitter, even when I forget to remove the bag. I've tried a wide variety of greens and this is hands down my favourite. I will only drink Organic. I wish all the teas from Republic had strings, however, so only 4 teapots. I have to use a bent paperclip at work to get the bags out at my desk, which really sucks.

3 Stars

I was suprised February 01, 2012


Shorter, AL

I have ordered many green teas from ROT however this one was not as smooth as any I have tasted. I was a little dissapointed but I keep trying it every so often to see if its just an aquired tatse.

5 Stars

Easy and smooth green tea July 20, 2011


Greensboro, NC

Smooth, pure green tea. There is nothing to get in the way of the green tea flavor. Steeps quickly!