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Honey Ginseng Green Tea Bags

5 Stars Honey Ginseng Green Tea Bags

from FL on wrote:

I love the sweet aroma and the lovely honey taste of this tea. It has been a long time since I last had it and I had forgotten how much I enjoy it. I won't wait to reorder this time. Refreshing and relaxing!

Great tea!

5 Stars Great tea!

from GA on wrote:

I love this tea, great hot or iced! Has a nice mild flavor with no after taste. great for all day drinking.

Tastes delicious

5 Stars Tastes delicious

from WI on wrote:

Had this tea at Panera Bread and was happy to find at World Market..

Superb Taste

5 Stars Superb Taste

from NJ on wrote:

Excellent tea to awaken all senses of the human body

Delicious and soothing

5 Stars Delicious and soothing

from KS on wrote:

This tea is a delightful blend that is delicious and soothing with a lite honey flavor. A favorite!


5 Stars SUPERB

from OH on wrote:

Wow, this is INCREDIBLE. I don't even like green tea. It did not require a long steep time, and even though I love super sweet things, I didn't need to sweeten this. This is a GREAT green tea- highly recommend, even if you normally aren't a fan of green tea.

Honey Ginseng Green Tea

5 Stars Honey Ginseng Green Tea

from PA on wrote:

This tea is delicious!!! It's so light and soothing. The touch of honey is just amazing! My new favorite!

Nice ratio of herbs w/ green tea

5 Stars Nice ratio of herbs w/ green tea

from HI on wrote:

A very surprisingly delicious tea, you can smell a tinge of the honey when seeping. I forgot that there's green tea mixed w/ the ginseng. Also, if i want more caffeine, i just add a white teabag to it, which gives it almost a roasted taste to the mix.

Love the taste. Great green tea honey flavor.

5 Stars Love the taste. Great green tea honey flavor.

from CA on wrote:

This is my 2nd order of this. The honey aroma is amazing!

Honey Ginseng Green Tea

5 Stars Honey Ginseng Green Tea

from LA on wrote:

I've been buying this tea for over 10 years so that alone tells you how much I like it.

Bring back the decaf!

4 Stars Bring back the decaf!

from CA on wrote:

Big fan of this tea, but I particularly like the decaf version.

My favorite cup of "Ahhhh"

5 Stars My favorite cup of "Ahhhh"

from CA on wrote:

Something about this tea I enjoy so much! It has a nice flavor and a hint of honey (I still usually add stevia) but what I love most is the way it makes me feel! I relax a bit and take a deep breath - it truly is my favorite cup of "Ahhh!"

love it

5 Stars love it

from TN on wrote:

i like this tea, it gives me energy, i feel good. i love honey and i also love ginseng. i would recommend it and will buy it again. it has a sweet unique flavor. good in the morning tea.

Ginseng Honey Green Tea

5 Stars Ginseng Honey Green Tea

from PA on wrote:

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! This tea! After a crazy day there is NOTHING like this tea to help me relax. DO NOT EVER TAKE THIS TEA OFF YOUR LIST! :)

Honey smell and flavor!

5 Stars Honey smell and flavor!

from CA on wrote:

I first purchased this at World Market and it is really delicious. I really enjoy it! I do not believe it has much caffeine....not sure....but it is a good sipping tea when you don't want to get too amped up! :) smells divine!!

Just What I Expected

5 Stars Just What I Expected

from WI on wrote:

This tea is so good! Very fresh green fragrance with just a touch of honey. I like to add just a little more honey to it. It's very soothing and I feel like I'm treating my body to something good.

Best tea

5 Stars Best tea

from OH on wrote:

I found it in the restaurant, the first thing attached me is the name of the tea. It is a good tea because there is a nice fragrance and after taste left in your mouth for every sip. I bought a can for afternoon tea, really enjoy it.

My Favorite

5 Stars My Favorite

from NM on wrote:

Have been drinking this for years. If you like it, stick to it!

Best green tea

5 Stars Best green tea

from CA on wrote:

I first had this tea at a resteraunt, and would go back just for the tea, I finally had to ask about the brand. This is my favorite green tea!

Go-to green tea

4 Stars Go-to green tea

from CA on wrote:

This tea was my introduction to green tea many years ago. Since then I have explored other green teas, such as Dragonwell, Sky between the Branches and jasmine green tea. I enjoy these loose leaf green teas, but I appreciate the convenience of Honey Ginseng green when I'm short on time. It's still delicious and quick.


5 Stars Fragrant

from OH on wrote:

Stopped for a late morning warm up and choose this tea. Astonishing so small a decision could make such a wonderful impact on the day! It smells like life, warm and fragrant soothing.


5 Stars Fragrant

from OH on wrote:

Stopped for a late morning warm up and choose this tea. Astonishing so small a decision could make such a wonderful impact on the day! It smells like life, warm and fragrant soothing.

Perfect with cookies and snacks

5 Stars Perfect with cookies and snacks

from MD on wrote:

The honey flavor in this green tea has a great balanced taste and is perfect for a pick-me-up in the middle of the afternoon. It goes well with your snack of choice and smells fantastic.

Good Morning Green Tea

5 Stars Good Morning Green Tea

from NM on wrote:

I love this tea straight with no cream or sugar. I only drink in AM because it has a little kick. Really love it when I am having a cold or hay fever...seems to make me feel better.

Turned Me into a Tea Lover

5 Stars Turned Me into a Tea Lover

from WA on wrote:

This tea not only has a pleasant aroma, it tastes wonderful as well. I've never liked tea until recently trying this on a whim at Panera. I still haven't found a tea I like as much as this.

Love the flavor!

5 Stars Love the flavor!

from MI on wrote:

I drink green tea every day...all day, and I like to switch it up every now and then between brands, tea bags, loose leaf, etc., or other types of tea. I received this as a gift and was pleasantly surprised at the flavor, just enough subtle hints of the honey and ginseng. My fave before bedtime now!

Best green tea ever!!!

5 Stars Best green tea ever!!!

from GA on wrote:

I normally do not like green much because it can be too bitter tasting. I have tried many flavors & brands attempting to find a green tea that tastes good for the health benefits. I have always been a black tea addict ( never cared for coffee). This tea is absolutely addicting it so delicious! It may not be for everybody because it has a very unique flavor unlike any other green tea I have tasted, but I love the flavor. It is very mild & sweet enough that no additional sweetener is needed which is always a plus for me. I drink a hot cup of this tea every afternoon even when it is sweltering hot outside. I have since discovered some other floral green teas that I like, but this is my favorite green tea.

Best green tea

5 Stars Best green tea

from WI on wrote:

I'm not an expert tea drinker but I've tried all kinds of green tea, from Tazo to Celestial to Green Mountain, and by far this is the only green tea that I like. I found this one by trying it out at Panera and I am so glad I am able to find it here.

Least Favorite Green Tea for Me

2 Stars Least Favorite Green Tea for Me

from MO on wrote:

I am new to Green teas. This flavor wasn't one that I personally will buy again. The tea quality was outstanding like the other flavors I bought. Just not palatable to me.

Honey Ginseng

5 Stars Honey Ginseng

from NC on wrote:

Perfect tea for almost anytime of day!!!

Green tea a day keep the doctor away

5 Stars Green tea a day keep the doctor away

from IL on wrote:

My only and number one tea. Nothing else like green tea. #greenteafalife

Sooooo Gooooood!

5 Stars Sooooo Gooooood!

from CT on wrote:

I have this tea whenever I go to Panera and I finally took the time to look for it online. I am so happy I found it here. It is such a pleasant tea to drink that I usually have 2 or 3 mug fulls at a time. I love Green Tea, but this one is my favorite of all. Wonderful taste!


5 Stars Lovely

from NY on wrote:

I enjoy every sip of this green tea!

Favorite tea! Honey Ginseng

5 Stars Favorite tea! Honey Ginseng

from MO on wrote:

This is a delicious, perfect tea for anytime.

Best Tea Ever

5 Stars Best Tea Ever

from FL on wrote:

Best healthiest tea ever. Great flavor!! Love it. I try to stick w/nothing but water, but when I need to wake up this tea over coffee any day. Try it!!!

Best Tea Ever- No competition!

5 Stars Best Tea Ever- No competition!

from OH on wrote:

Out of all the teas and brands I have ever tried, the Republic of Tea's Honey Ginseng Green Tea is by far my FAVORITE tea of all time. It has a sweet, pleasant aroma and an unforgettable flavor. It has all the best tastes of green tea, plus a little sweetness from the honey. I highly recommend this! I drink at least one cup a day and never get tired of it. I recommend steeping for 3 mins, and if you like it sweeter, add a little bit of honey yourself. Also, if you brew black iced tea, throwing in one of these tea bags with your black tea gives you the best batch of iced tea!

Love this tea!

5 Stars Love this tea!

from PA on wrote:

This tea is so soothing-it is one of my favorite green teas!

Best tea EVER!

5 Stars Best tea EVER!

from MD on wrote:

I am a regular tea drinker. I am not crazy about green tea. However, over the years, as I learned more about the many benefits of green tea, I have been in search of a delicious green tea that I could drink daily. After trying a number of brands, I stumbled across the Honey Ginseng Green Tea in a Panera Bread. I have been in love with it ever since. So much so, I finally decided to order my own supply. Great stuff!

Wonderful aroma.

5 Stars Wonderful aroma.

from FL on wrote:

Although this isn't a really sweet tea (I was afraid of that) it has just a hint of sweetness, but a lasting taste and fragrance of honey. I got this as a sample and will definitely be ordering. It is a real treat after a hard day at work and definitely a gift idea for tea-drinking friends.

Finally found a green tea for me!

5 Stars Finally found a green tea for me!

from IL on wrote:

I have never been a fan of green teas - the smell is nice but they always seem a bit bitter and "grassy" to me. Honey ginseng struck a huge cord and has cause me to change my mind. This is a sweet, delicate cup that melts away my stress and frustrations. A perfect mid-afternoon pick me up or a wind-down at the end of a busy day. I plan to add it to my next (and future) orders.

All time favorite

5 Stars All time favorite

from TX on wrote:

This is my all time favorite. The tea has a comforting flavor and the hints of honey enhance the flavor. Can be relaxing or stimulating depending on the time of day.


5 Stars Delicious!

from PA on wrote:

I tried this tea for the first time at Panera Bread last week and fell in love with it instantly! This green tea is the most flavorful I've had. Delicious!

True love

5 Stars True love

from CA on wrote:

I tried this tea for the first time today and love it. It tastes as if I put honey in my tea and the aroma from the tea is intoxicating.

Love it!

5 Stars Love it!

from MI on wrote:

I have finally found a green tea that I love. Wish it was organic but it is so good. I add a little honey and have it with my breakfast. Can't wait for that cup each morning.

Love This Tea!!

5 Stars Love This Tea!!

from NC on wrote:

Love this tea and make sure to always pack some when I travel! I used to drink about 3 POTS of coffee per day, until my stomach rebelled! Have switched to decaf black tea, which sometimes upsets my stomach. Never any problems with this wonderful Honey Ginseng Green Tea! It's very soothing, and I love the taste!! Don't think I'll ever change!!

Mild Flavor

4 Stars Mild Flavor

from WI on wrote:

Flavor is very mild, but still really delicious. I drink at least two cups a day. Would recommend this tea to someone who is just starting out drinking tea.

The best tea I've ever had!

5 Stars The best tea I've ever had!

from AR on wrote:

When I began my journey to learning how to love tea, this was the first tea that I could actually drink plain with no milk or sugar. It has an amazing aroma, which I could smell all day long :), and the flavor is second to none. I have trouble finding it in a store in here in MW Arkansas, so I am glad I can order it online!

Beautiful Smell, Delicious Taste

5 Stars Beautiful Smell, Delicious Taste

from ME on wrote:

Sweet, it will make you love green tea if you don't already. Found it at Panera. It's one of my favorites.

Can't start my day without it

5 Stars Can't start my day without it

from MA on wrote:

This is my morning go to tea. Can't start my day without it. In the cool weather I drink it hot and iced on those hot summer mornings. My very favorite green tea.

Tastes as though it's been made with honey!

5 Stars Tastes as though it's been made with honey!

from MO on wrote:

If you love a touch of honey in your tea but do not want the added sugar in your diet, you must try this tea. You will swear a spoonful of honey has been added to your cup...just delicious. The green tea has a crisp, clean taste - no bitterness at all. I drink a lot of varieties of tea but honey ginseng is my favorite. Thank you, Panera for introducing me to it.


5 Stars Wonderful!

from DE on wrote:

I first tried this tea at Panera and fell in love. Now I've shared this tea with my daughter and she loves it too. A wonderful every day tea.

silky smooth with a subtle touch of honey

5 Stars silky smooth with a subtle touch of honey

from TX on wrote:

Silky smooth with a subtle touch of honey. I need to stop drinking coffee for better health. This is the only tea that satisfies me to the point of not craving the taste of coffee.

Good balance

4 Stars Good balance

from MA on wrote:

A nice blend of green tea and honey. I can't taste the ginseng, but that's okay, as I tend not to like the taste of ginseng much (but I love the energy boost from it!)

Always happy

5 Stars Always happy

from FL on wrote:

This is the first tea I tried by The Republic of Tea over 10 years ago and still my favorite and go-to tea. I'm never unsatisfied with this. Happy tasting!

Love it

5 Stars Love it

from NY on wrote:

Amazing. Words can't describe how much I love this tea.

Honey Gensing Green Tea

5 Stars Honey Gensing Green Tea

from CA on wrote:

Very smooth and relaxing. I love the flavor and have been drinking this tea for more than a year.

Honey Ginseng Green Tea

5 Stars Honey Ginseng Green Tea

from AZ on wrote:

This is my go to tea, when I have a migrane or sick this is the only thing I can drink. I also have my husband drinking it when he gets sick, helps his sore throats!

Replacing the Apple Blossom Green Tea

4 Stars Replacing the Apple Blossom Green Tea

from IL on wrote:

I was drinking your Apple Blossom Green Tea daily but now that it's been discontinued I needed to find an alternative. I choose Honey Ginseng Green tea because of the sweetness the honey adds to it.

Great Tea

5 Stars Great Tea

from IA on wrote:

I' ve been drinking this tea every day for years and love it.

Best CURE in a Cup!!

5 Stars Best CURE in a Cup!!

from MO on wrote:

I've found that this is the best tea ever for when you have that dry, scratchy throat at the beginning of a head cold. Can't live without it on our family's "sick days" ... ... ...

A "Honey" of a blend!

5 Stars A "Honey" of a blend!

from NY on wrote:

This is a rich tea with a smooth honey taste. Although no additional sweetening is necessary, I particularly like this tea with a spoonful of organic raw honey stirred in. It makes for an energizing midmorning tea break!

Great Flavor

5 Stars Great Flavor

from TX on wrote:

I love the smooth flavor of this tea.

Hooked on honey ginseng

5 Stars Hooked on honey ginseng

from NC on wrote:

I was given a can of 50 bags of this tea from a non-tea drinker. A year later I broke down and tried. I now can't do without a cup of this tea after breakfast.


4 Stars Yummy!

from OH on wrote:

I tasted this tea at Panera, and loved the subtle flavor of honey. It is flavorful, and does not even need sweetened.

Best Tea on the Planet!!!

5 Stars Best Tea on the Planet!!!

from KY on wrote:

Over 10 years ago I was given a can of this tea for helping out my sister in law at her antiques shop. I fell in love with it's unique flavor (the first green tea I ever tasted that didn't taste like the remnants from an old ashtray), and have been drinking it ever since. No sugar, no additional honey, just plain tea is best!!!

Best green tea out there!

5 Stars Best green tea out there!

from VA on wrote:

Amazing tea! My absolute favorite! I am a huge tea fan and have tons of tea all the time but this is the only green tea I buy. First discovered when my friend gave me the set of 50 bags for Christmas two years ago. Haven't looked back since! Love it!



from IL on wrote:

This tea is so refreshing and smooth in the morning ... just love it!

Addicted to this tea

5 Stars Addicted to this tea

from CA on wrote:

Discovered this amazing tea at Panera one evening, I was startting to get sick and decided to get some tea. I have been addicted since. Luckily, we have a World's Market and was able to buy it the very next day. I probably drink 2-3 cups a day. I do add additional honey into my cup, it gives it just a little extra sweetness. I have been a Chai drinker for years, but this is my new addiction. And I have no interest in drinking coffee now that I discovered this amazing tea.

green tea

green tea

from OH on wrote:

best green tea i've ever had

Always in my cabinet!

5 Stars Always in my cabinet!

from WA on wrote:

This tea was my introduction to TROT teas several years ago, and is definitely one I hate to be without! Also, it seems to be one of the flavors that many stores usually carry (yay, no shipping)! Delicious hot and very refreshing iced!

8 years and counting!

5 Stars 8 years and counting!

from IL on wrote:

I have been enjoying this tea ever since I asked for it for a birthday gift, 8 years ago. I've tried many of your other teas too and I have enjoyed them all!

Love It

5 Stars Love It

from CA on wrote:

Love It! I found this tea at Panera one morning while meeting a friend for Coffee. I am not normally a tea drinker, but was not in the mood for coffee. I love this tea and find myself going to Panera just to get a cup of tea. I am addicted and am so glad I found it on the internet to order for my home.

Healthy and delicious

5 Stars Healthy and delicious

from FL on wrote:

I started buying this tea about 10 years ago, and it still is always plentifully stocked in my cabinet. This is my favorite tea of all, the mixture of green tea leaves, honey, ginseng, and the linden flowers are harmoniously mixed. I drink this tea more often during the cold and flu season and seem to avoid getting sick. This one is perfect!


5 Stars Outstanding!

from CA on wrote:

This is one of my favorite green teas. It is a quality green tea with just the appropriate amount of honey. When I want to relax, need something soothing and have a bit of a sweet tooth, this wonderful blend hits the spot. I love this tea and so will you! I also love the quality service at The Republic of Tea.


5 Stars Yummy

from VA on wrote:

I absolutely love this tea!!! I detest the taste of lemon and this wonderful tea doesn't have the overwhelming taste of lemon! I have looked all over for a honey ginseng green tea WITHOUT lemon and this is the only one I've found. It's perfect.

Love it!

5 Stars Love it!

from on wrote:

I tried this blindly on morning and it was great! Very smooth and pleasant with no real issues even when it gets a little lukewarm. Definitely will be buying some of this when my samplers run low.

So good!

5 Stars So good!

from NY on wrote:

I went to Panera Bread the other day, tried this tea and its probably one of the best tasting green tea I've ever had. I had to look up where it was from so that I could buy some for my home. It even tastes amazing iced.

Thank you Panera Bread

5 Stars Thank you Panera Bread

from MI on wrote:

Thanks to Panera Bread I discovered this wonderful blend. I tried one in the morning then went back in the afternoon to get another and one for my husband to try. It's out new favorite!

Found @ Panera Bread

5 Stars Found @ Panera Bread

from NE on wrote:

I found this at Panera Bread & absolutely love it! I was even going there just for this tea! Am excited to buy in bulk & make at home!

My husband's favorite!!

5 Stars My husband's favorite!!

from MO on wrote:

I bought the Honey Ginseng Green Tea one day when I wasn't feeling well and was amazed at how it settled my stomach. My husband tried it and now is the only green tea he will drink. Love the smooth flavor sweetened with a few drops of stevia. Been our favorite for over ten years and will be from now on.

Best Tea Ever!

5 Stars Best Tea Ever!

from MA on wrote:

Love the green tea/ginseng/honey combo. This is the only honey flavored tea I've tried that actually tastes like true wholesome honey. Delicious!



from NJ on wrote:

Adding a bit of milk and... mmmmmm... purrrfection!

5 Stars

from MA on wrote:

Count me among those who discovered this tea through Panera. Since it's been hit-or-miss finding it for sale, doing mail order has been the only way to guarantee that I have what I want in the morning.

Magic Cold Curer?

5 Stars Magic Cold Curer?

from MI on wrote:

This is my husband's favorite tea. He likes to drink tea a couple times a week, the rest of the time coffee. He comes to this one because he likes the sweetness of the honey and the zip the ginseng provides. He also insists on having this whenever he isn't feeling well because he says it takes away his cold. I dont know about that, but hey, if it makes him feel better.

5 Stars

from MI on wrote:

Still a favorite after 10 years.

My Absolute Favorite!

5 Stars My Absolute Favorite!

from NC on wrote:

I first tasted this tea at Panera and after that I went on a quest to find it. I drink it several times a day. I LOVE this tea!!

Love, Love Love!!

5 Stars Love, Love Love!!

from NY on wrote:

I love this tea...I can't be without it!! The taste is sweet but not over powering...It's so calm!!

smells so good

5 Stars smells so good

from LA on wrote:

I start my days with this amazing tea. It smells honey, taste is perfect.

5 Stars

from on wrote:

Wonderful mild honey tones that need no sweetener and invigorating green tea benefits. LOVE< LOVE< LOVE this tea!

Love the smell and taste of honey!!

5 Stars Love the smell and taste of honey!!

from IL on wrote:

I tried this at Panera Bread and immediately searched for it online to buy more. I love the honey smell and the yummy flavor. The shipping is very fast. Received it within one day!

My morning drink

5 Stars My morning drink

from TN on wrote:

Daily Honey Ginseng Green Tea has become my morning drink. Some people cannot function without coffee, I do not function well without a mug of my morning tea in hand.

My favorite Green Tea

5 Stars My favorite Green Tea

from NJ on wrote:

This is my favorite tasting green tea. Just the right flavors.

By far my favorite Green Tea

By far my favorite Green Tea

from MA on wrote:

One day while at Panera Bread I tried the Honey Ginseng Green little did I know just how hooked on this tea I'd become. Following day went back to Panera to ask the manager who I could buy it from. I just went thru 100 of these tea bags and back to order more. Thank you Republic of Tea for a wonderful tea that I enjoy every morning. Thankful I cut back on my coffee intake and it is all because of this tea.

Luciuosly Invigorating

5 Stars Luciuosly Invigorating

from WA on wrote:

Who could not love the luscious flavor of honey tempering the seductive bite of good,invigorating ginseng? It is an exhilarating combination in a green tea base and again, I have had to buy it in the 250 lot to parcel out to friends, to make them by live-long devotees ;)

One of the Best Teas I have had

5 Stars One of the Best Teas I have had

from IN on wrote:

This is a wonderful smelling and tasting teas for the morning. The Honey give the tea a slight sweet yet smoothing taste. I would highly recommend this blend. I lone the round bags, perfect for a cup in the morning.

reliable choice

5 Stars reliable choice

from IN on wrote:

I used to work at a coffee shop that sold Republic of Tea products about 10 years ago and remember drinking this tea daily, buying it and bringing it home as well. Even had the traveler's tin in my purse. The flavor of this tea is light, so I usually use two bags per brew. I love the light sweetness from the honey and also that the green tea used in this blend is mild and not too grassy or vegetal, like most greens. I do like to add a dab of fresh, raw honey, but I do adore honey quite a bit. This tea would be a perfect introduction to green tea for a curious beginner. It also makes a delightful iced tea for the summer. I even think it could be an interesting cooking liquid for jasmine rice, not sure if it would become bitter from extended heating though. Give this tea a try, you won't be disappointed.


5 Stars I'm ADDICTED

from CA on wrote:

This is the best tea ever! Love, love, love it! I drink it EVERY morning. It's like a warm hug. The flavor is perfectly balanced. I found one other brand that makes Honey Ginseng Green Tea and it didn't even come close to the delicate, harmonious perfection that is Republic's. Hands down, all time favorite.

My Most Favorite Tea

5 Stars My Most Favorite Tea

from ME on wrote:

I got hooked on this flavor several years ago and since then it's my preferred tea of choice. It gives me a sense of feeling pampered just to see the lovely shape and color of these special tea bags. It's the only tea I literally savor every sip of!

I am in love

5 Stars I am in love

from OR on wrote:

I love this tea. So tasty and sweet. Here's the best way to make it. Drop in 1-2 satches into a pint glass, fill with cold water, chill. Take 2nd pint glass and pour about 3tsp agave syrup in the bottom. Pour brewed tea from glass 1 into glass 2. When you add the sweetener first the tea absorbs it better than dropping the agave in on top of the tea.


5 Stars Dedicated

from TN on wrote:

I love this tea, I've been drinking for years! It took me a few cups to get used to it, but it's now a winter staple. I also drink quite a bit when I feel like I'm getting sick, it helps easy the symptoms.

2 Stars

from MI on wrote:

Didn't really like my first cup. Will try it again and see if I like that any better.

Good Tea

5 Stars Good Tea

from VA on wrote:

Very good tasting tea, just the right amount of honey to sweeten it. This was the first time ordering this, will definitely order again :)


5 Stars favorite

from IL on wrote:

this is my favorite tea ever and I'm a tea fanatic. sure honey taste and mixes lovely with ginseng and green tea.


5 Stars Perfect.

from on wrote:

The strong taste of honey is so good!

5 Stars

from WI on wrote:

I have enjoyed this tea every day for the last 7 years! I actually steep it with chai and the two flavors together are delightful: add sweetener and fat free creamer and you have a glorious lo cal treat that is as satisfying as any candy bar!

Can't Get Enough!

5 Stars Can't Get Enough!

from MA on wrote:

My entire family is hooked on this tea! From my husband down to my 10 year old that insists we have a Pot of Honey Ginsing on a silver tray. So much fun! It is soothing end to our crazy days.


5 Stars amazing

from on wrote:

my favorite green tea--honey taste is divine.


5 Stars Delicious

from OH on wrote:

I'm not the biggest fan of green tea, but this is fabulous. It's nice and sweet to begin with but I like it with a little sugar. Defiantly keeps me warm and happy on cold campus mornings

A wonderfully simple indulgence

5 Stars A wonderfully simple indulgence

from VA on wrote:

This tea is flavorful and gently aromatic with honey and ginseng. With a little sweetening, it's a calming and satisfying treat you'll become addicted to!

The Best Green Tea I've Ever Tasted

5 Stars The Best Green Tea I've Ever Tasted

from PA on wrote:

This is the best green tea that I've ever tasted. The honey and green tea flavors come together very nicely. Also, the smell of honey melded with green tea, is gorgeous. You would have to try this tea to know what I'm talking about.


5 Stars Wonderful

from on wrote:

Delicious hot & cold. If you are a sugar lover, you will like to know that you don't need much, if any in this tea.

sweet honey

5 Stars sweet honey

from FL on wrote:

Delicious aroma and subtle, sweet flavor. I tried this one at a B&N cafe and it's become my new favorite green.