Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

MY FAVORITE !! March 08, 2015


Marianna, FL

Loved this sooo much, after the first order, I reordered it in bulk. Now I'm ordering in bulk, on auto-ship! Don't want to be without my favorite. I drink it several times a day.

2 Stars

Very mild for a spiced tea December 20, 2014


Davenport, IA

I prefer much more bite to my spiced teas, this bearly has any. The orange is there, but that to is mild.

5 Stars

Orange Spice Green Tea September 17, 2014


Duvall, WA

This is my favorite green tea. After the original brand of Orange Green tea I was buying was discontinued I had a very hard time finding another to replace it. Tea of the Republic has nothing but quality teas at a reasonable price. No more overpriced, supposedly fancy teas for this girl. Orange Spice Green tea has the soft green tea flavor with the complements of orange spice.

5 Stars

One of my Favourites! August 16, 2014


Tacoma, WA

Mandarin Orange Spice tea has always been one of my favourite herbal teas for many years, so I was excited to see that the Republic of Tea carries their own Orange Spice tea. Once it arrived, I dug straight in and have been deeply enjoying every fragrant cup! The spices don't overpower the orange and the blend is sweet and soothing. I love this tea! A definite repeat buy, to be sure.

5 Stars

Great tea June 26, 2014


Longmont, CO

I love this tea! I ran out of it a couple months or more ago and looked everywhere here and in Denver to buy more. No one carried the Orange Spice so I ordered it. Had my first cup the day it was delivered! Love the aroma and taste! I hope they never drop this flavor!

5 Stars

orange spice green tea June 07, 2014

Beverly Leonard

Aurora, CO

This tea is yummy. The scent it wonderful. I love the orange in the tea. It has just the right amount of spices to make it delicious. I will buy it again.

5 Stars

Favorite Green Tea March 28, 2014


Akron, OH

I have a wide variety of Republic of Tea green teas, and this is my latest addition. Of the flavored green teas, I think this is my favorite! Nice full and refreshing flavor!

5 Stars

Warm and Comforting ... March 07, 2014


Garrett Park, MD

This, and the Republic of Tea's Blackberry Sage, are my favorite teas ... both have such soothing aromas and taste, and are perfect companions to a good book or a quiet morning in the porch rocker.

5 Stars

great tea March 05, 2014


Flourtown, PA

The description is pretty good. I find straight green tea to be too astringent, but the spice and orange balance this characteristic. The spice notes do not overwhelm, though, they are quite subtle. this tea is also really good with honey.

5 Stars

Great Taste March 02, 2014


Newton, KS

This is the first time I have tried this tea. Now it is on my list of favorites. Thank You for such a Great Taste.

5 Stars

Comforting Cuppa January 20, 2014


Chicago, IL

I decided to give this tea a try after my now-discontinued favorite daily green tea was no longer available. To my surprise, I really enjoy this tea! The aroma, as well as the taste, is very comforting. This is a tea I hope will be around for many, many years! Thanks Republic of Tea!

5 Stars

My daily afternoon cuppa January 06, 2014


Waltham, MA

I've been drinking this daily for years, it's a rich and wonderful green tea!

5 Stars

DELICIOUS December 27, 2013


st joseph, MI

This tea is a wonderful experience even before you brew it. It's smells is as much a delight as it's flavor. The taste is smooth, and delicious.

Loved it!!! November 01, 2013

Cathy Art

Fort Wayne, IN

My 13 year old loves the orange spice . She is pretty picky when it comes to her tea. Comfort and Joy is her all-time favorite. ( thanks to her big brother, Matthew ). We gave this a try and loved it...perfect balance.

5 Stars

This is the best tea the world has ever known July 19, 2013


Los Angeles, CA

There is simply no better tea! A cup or two in the morning...again late afternoon and again before bed. It is energizing in the morning...soothing at night. How do they do it?!? I love this tea...love it, love it, LOVE IT.

5 Stars

Caution: Addictive March 28, 2013


Armada, MI

I confess to being somewhat addicted to this tea. I love the mild flavor of green tea and here it is mixed with subtle, warm spices and the sweet tang of orange. It is perfect all day; I start my day with a large mug, make several more throughout the day and end the night with a cup of comfort to relax before bed. I have the large display tin and order the bulk, 250 count refills.

5 Stars

Go Green December 19, 2012


Lake Zurich, IL

Just wanted a change from my everyday tea. This has a great taste.

5 Stars

November 04, 2012


the aroma is soothing and the tea is the best orange spice tea i have tasted

4 Stars

September 27, 2012


Marion, IN

Always have enjoyed orange spice teas and this green tea has an added flavor with the hint of the orange spice

Another favorite... August 09, 2012


Simsbury, CT

This green tea reminds me of a well known brand black tea flavored with rind of orange and sweet spice that I used to drink all the time when I was young--and my husband still drinks! The only difference is the tea is more healthy because its green! I order refills of this tea all the time--its one of my favorites.

5 Stars

July 23, 2012


Gadsden, AL

My favorite wintertime tea.

5 Stars

May 28, 2012


, IN

I love this tea! Subtle spice and orange flavors, which I like. It's not too powerful, so it makes having more than one cup good!

5 Stars

May 09, 2012


Best Orange Spice tea I've ever had. Love it!

4 Stars

Nice change December 07, 2011

Sue Fenimore

Snohomish, WA

I enjoy this tea. I like Ginger Peach better, but I wanted a green tea and a different flavor.

5 Stars

This is my all time favorite tea! November 25, 2011


Punta Gorda, FL

This is by far my favorite tea to drink. I have tasted other "orange" flavored teas before and this one outranks them a million times over. I could drink this all day every day forever. I wish it came in decaf.

5 Stars

June 27, 2011

, WI

Bright and flavorful Warm and comforting. Great served hot or iced.