flavorful green tea

5 Stars flavorful green tea

from MO on wrote:

I enjoy green tea for its healthy benefits. It is a light pick-me-up in the afternoon. The Kiwi Pear Green tea is flavorful and refreshing, hot or iced. A tea I will repurchase.

My Favorite

5 Stars My Favorite

from MA on wrote:

This is the perfect tea for anyone who likes a fruity flavor. If you steep it for too long then the flavor can be a bit much, but avoid doing that and you've got the perfect cup to start your day. I drink it almost daily, and ma never disappointing. It's not too sweet.

Kiwi Pear a winner

5 Stars Kiwi Pear a winner

from IL on wrote:

I was looking for a 'pear' tea and decided to give the kiwi pear a try. It was marvelous! Refreshing cold or hot.

Utterly delicious!

5 Stars Utterly delicious!

from PA on wrote:

This pear-kiwi tea immediately soared to become one of my top 3 favorites of all time. It's incredible: light and fresh, tasty but not too sweet, so fragrant, and is perfect with a splash of milk. I cannot get enough! I'm not even done my first tin and am ordering refills! If you like fruit flavors and scents, BUY THIS TEA!

Kiwi Pear Green Tea is my favourite

5 Stars Kiwi Pear Green Tea is my favourite

from CA on wrote:

i first bought this tea years ago as a summer tea. Now, i drink it year-round; i drink it hot and cold; i make iced tea for guests with this tea; i travel with this tea. It has become my favourite tea! And then, my local stores stopped carrying it. i was crushed! i thought i would never taste this tea, again. i kept my last canister as a memento, but was sad every morning i saw it on the counter - empty. How wonderful i can order this tea online! Thank you, Republic of Tea!

Great way to start the day

5 Stars Great way to start the day

from VA on wrote:

I've been drinking Kiwi Pear as my first beverage of the morning for several years. It's smooth and delicious flavor makes this tea the perfect way to wake up my taste buds. It never disapppoints.

My favorite....

5 Stars My favorite....

from NJ on wrote:

Since I've discovered The Republic of Tea, I've purchased at least 15 different types of their teas. Some are better than others but this one was gone first.

Hands Down Favorite ROT Flavor

5 Stars Hands Down Favorite ROT Flavor

from IA on wrote:

I've been drinking Kiwi Pear for several years. It's a light and refreshing way to start the day; perfect for any season. It's definitely my go-to flavor. Additionally, I travel to Europe frequently for work. My kiwi-pear is one of the first items packed to ensure I always start my day off right.

Desperately Disappointed :(

1 Star Desperately Disappointed :(

from OR on wrote:

This tea tastes like neither kiwi nor pear. It's just a light grassy flavor you could find in any herbal tea at the grocery store. I'm completely bummed.

I love this tea!

5 Stars I love this tea!

from MA on wrote:

Initially I was disappointed in this tea as is smelled so good but when brewed it was not to my liking - I typically do not add anything to my teas, not even honey. Then I added sugar (not honey) and a touch of milk. Oh. My. God. So delicious with a tiny bit of sweetener and dairy. Who knew adding something as basic as sugar and milk would completely change the flavor. Again, just a touch of both sugar and milk and it is wonderful.

LUV this Tea

5 Stars LUV this Tea

from FL on wrote:

I drink this tea daily in the morning; it starts the day off right! I have tea bags that I take in my purse for those days that we eat breakfast at a restaurant. I use some honey in the hot tea; it brings out the natural sweetness of this tea. good.

fabulous iced tea

5 Stars fabulous iced tea

from OH on wrote:

Hated this as a hot tea - too floral/perfumy tasting for me no matter how long/short the infusion time. Tried as iced tea before I resorted to giving it away ---- LOVE it ICED! One of my favs for iced tea and I drink a lot of iced tea!

Wonderful over ice!

4 Stars Wonderful over ice!

from UT on wrote:

I'd been on a mission to find a pear flavored tea, and I believe I've found it. I made a big batch of it and chilled it overnight. DELICIOUS! I could drink it all day. Wish it came in loose leaf, hence the four our of five pot review. I will always keep some of this on hand.

Beautiful & Delicious!

5 Stars Beautiful & Delicious!

from CA on wrote:

This tea is sublime beauty. Delicate to the palate, yet the flavors of pear & kiwi are bright & subtle. Very relaxing, doesn't any sweetners, just pure refreshing delight. I can't get enough of it---Oh Yum!


5 Stars Yummy

from CA on wrote:

This is so yummy!! I wasn't sure if I would like it but it is really good!!

My everyday tea

5 Stars My everyday tea

from TX on wrote:

This is by far the best tea I've ever had. I've drank three to four cup a day for a few years know and still love every sip.


5 Stars relaxing

from AZ on wrote:

This is my favorite tea. It is soothing, mild and relaxing.


5 Stars delicious

from IL on wrote:

I had this at the spa I go to & had to buy it for myself! Aromatic, fruity and soothing. Got my coworkers hooked!

Don't buy!!!

1 Star Don't buy!!!

from CA on wrote:

This teas does not taste good! It tastes like an artifical perfume. The Goji berry green tea is excellent!!

My favorite tea ever!

5 Stars My favorite tea ever!

from AR on wrote:

This has been my favorite tea for years. I drink it at least once a day and absolutely love how fresh it tastes!

All time favorite

5 Stars All time favorite

from MI on wrote:

Fruity with a bit of citrus.

My Favorite Tea

5 Stars My Favorite Tea

from CT on wrote:

A very nice fruit taste. Wonderful for calming down at the end of the day. One of my absolute favorite teas.


5 Stars Delicate

from AZ on wrote:

The aroma is what pulls you in & the taste is what keeps you coming back for more. I have had spiced pear tea before but this is complete opposite to what I was expecting. For the 1st time I don't have a preference in drinking a paticular tea hot or cold; both ways are wonderful w/this tea.

New Favorite

5 Stars New Favorite

from CT on wrote:

After Dr. Oz mentioned that this was his favorite green tea, I had to try it! It has an interesting tart note from the kiwi fruit, which makes this tea anything but boring! I just ordered my 50 bag refill....

My kids favourite iced tea

5 Stars My kids favourite iced tea

from NC on wrote:

This is a great, refreshing tea when prepared as iced tea. My kids are always asking for their "Golden Tea" ;-)

Totally unique green tea

5 Stars Totally unique green tea

from IL on wrote:

There just isn't a comparable flavor anywhere. Other teas may be fruity and fresh. But I think its flavor (and scent!)are totally unique and wonderful. My #1 favorite green tea.

Light & Refreshing!

5 Stars Light & Refreshing!

from IL on wrote:

Love the taste! Just the right amount of sweetness.

Light and Refreshing.

5 Stars Light and Refreshing.

from NJ on wrote:

Just bought it. Very nice, especially, if you love pear. Though I'm not a big fan of this fruit, I turned out to appreciate the tea. I like it both, hot and cold. Try this one.

5 Stars

from IL on wrote:

just tried this tea & it will be one of my staples. love the refreshing taste!

Most pleasant green tea ever

5 Stars Most pleasant green tea ever

from IL on wrote:

Let's face it: green tea tastes like tree bark. But kiwi pear Republic of Tea is delightful! I've tried almost all the other Republic of Tea flavored green teas and always come back to this one. I brew two 16-oz. pots a day and sip happily. It's great iced, as well. I purchase it in the bulk bags. Never stop making kiwi pear, please!

Delicious! Love it!

5 Stars Delicious! Love it!

from CA on wrote:

I agree with Dr. Oz. Kiwi Pear is one of my favorite teas.

Okay, taste not my favorite, though

2 Stars Okay, taste not my favorite, though

from on wrote:

Wanted to try it after the high marks from Dr. Oz, but the kiwi and pear flavor was underwhelming to my taste buds. . .even a little on the bitter side, after enjoying other fruit flavors of green tea. Do not think I will order this one again.

Kiwi Pear Green Tea

5 Stars Kiwi Pear Green Tea

from FL on wrote:

Perfect! Mellow, yet rich with fruit and flowery notes. Almost caramel-y. Reminds me of your milk oolong. I could drink this every day. Thank you for such as amazing product!

The best tea EVER

5 Stars The best tea EVER

from WA on wrote:

just the odor is intoxicating, and the taste is scrumptious. The combination of kiwi and pear is brilliant,and,as a green tea,is the perfect tea iced or hot. I cannot resist it. I ended up ordering the 250 pack, and am making up little gift packs for friends, knowing they will be eternally grateful ;)

Best Flavored Tea I've ever had!

5 Stars Best Flavored Tea I've ever had!

from AZ on wrote:

I've had a favorite Tea for many years that I can no longer find. This Kiwi Pear Green Tea, beats it by a mile! I'm so thrilled I have a NEW Favorite! Well done, Republic of Tea! Very Best, Tamara

One of my favorite teas

5 Stars One of my favorite teas

from PA on wrote:

I let it steep about 5 minutes, great aroma and flavor.

Office Favorite

5 Stars Office Favorite

from on wrote:

This tea is an office favorite, and the can we most quickly deplete. Lovely fragrance and fresh, fruity taste.