Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Great flavor

Coral Springs, FL

I don't normally like ginger but this tea has great flavor.

5 Stars

Great ice tea!

Lebano., OR

I especially love this in the summer or anytime I want a glass of iced tea. It is also a nice tea to enjoy hot with a friend from a teapot.

5 Stars

Ginger Peach

Huntington Station, NY

Absolutely LOVE this tea! My two favorite flavors and green tea to boot!!!

5 Stars

love this tea

antioch, IL

This is a great tea I have had many green teas but by far this is the best!

5 Stars

Ginger Peach

Exeter, CA

Excellent flavor with the benefits of green tea and ginger is good for the stomach! One of my favorites.

5 Stars


Philadelphia, PA

Delicious blend of green, ginger, and peach! A delight to the tongue. Very smooth and refreshing.

5 Stars


Seymour , CT

I will not buy a different tea brand again! I have had only Green Teas but love every kind I got. I look forward to every cup I enjoy!

5 Stars

Our Favorite

Arizona City, AZ

Able to taste both flavors. A wonderful combination. This quickly became our favorite. It is delicious hot or cold.

5 Stars


Fort Smith, AR

Very refreshing and tasty tea!

5 Stars

Best Green tea

Lahaina, HI

Got this as a gift and we love it but couldn't get in on Maui - so took advantage of the bulk tea purchase - great deal for us. Thank you.

5 Stars

Light and fresh

Baltimore, MD

Delightful green tea with notes of ginger that give it a little extra zing.

4 Stars

Soft and a little spicy

Philadelphia, PA

Love the subtle taste with a hint of spice. Shared it with some co-workers and they loved it also.

4 Stars

Good flavor

Decatur, IN

This has a great flavor. It's not too strong. Very relaxing. I really am enjoying it.

5 Stars

Great tea, one of my favorties

Lynchburg, VA

Great tea

5 Stars

My absolute favorite



5 Stars

Groovy Ginger & Pleasing Peach

Olathe, KS

Ginger is soothing to the stomach; peach is delicious and fruity; green tea makes you healthy and happy.

5 Stars


Spring house, PA

I had been addicted to Starbucks Peach Green Tea and realized I could probably get this somewhere and make it myself without all the added sugar. I did a search and found this delightful tea in Whole Foods. I figured it must be good because it was the last tin on the shelf. I immediately brewed it when I arrived home. I'm happy to say this will be my new favorite green tea. It's deliciousness in a mug.

5 Stars


Vancouver, WA

My favorite green tea -- ever! This is a staple tea in my kitchen. Also, many stores carry this particular flavor (yay, no shipping)! :-)

4 Stars

Delightful Deliciousness in a Tea Cup!!!

Chicago, IL

I have been a fan for years now; and it never disappoints. Deliciousness in very sip!!!

5 Stars

melted away

raleigh, NC

I have not had the tea in 12 years. when i found you online, i was so happy. i ordered, i received, and i had the best cup of tea again. i sat in my chair and just sipped. it was as calming as i remember. been going through tough times and the tea made me slow down and enjoy. i am now trying to get myself in a good place, i know this sounds crazy, but smelling the tea relaxes me, soothes me. drinking the tea may prove more beneficial then what i've been doing to deal with my life. i'm glad i found ya, and thanks for the info of where to purchase. have a great day. chris

5 Stars

Refreshingly delicious

Boston, MA

I tried Ginger Tea while having lunch with a friend at a nearby tea room. The tea was so good that both of us decided we wanted to buy some. We were determined to buy Ginger Tea from The Republic and did so. It is just as flavorful at home as it was in the tea room, an excellent blend of spicy ginger and luscious peach. I've been drinking it hot and look forward to drinking it cold during the warm weather.

5 Stars


Whitefish, MT

I gave this to a friend as a gift, after she sampled the Ginger Peach sample sent to me with a catalog. She said that was the absolute, the best gift she had received all year. Definitely a thumb's up for her!

5 Stars



Surprisingly quite tasty. I can see it as being a good iced tea, but I like it hot. Defiantly going to buy again.

4 Stars



My husband and I make our own iced-tea several times a week. We tried this one and found it delightful and refreshing.

5 Stars

All time favorite tea

Cave Junction, OR

I like this tea best of all. I buy it in bulk and in tea bags for myself and in travel tins for gifts. It is unlike any other peach tea. You can drink it without sweetners or with and enjoy the peachy flavor and aroma. Sometimes I blend it with chamomile tea for a relaxing cuppa in the evening.

5 Stars

Light and Flavorful

Charleston, WV

When you want a light and flavorful cup of tea, this is the one to pick. The green tea series is lovely.

2 Stars


Deming, NM

I found that I need 2 teabags to get close to the flavor I got from my usual tea bags. No saving money there!

5 Stars


Dixon, MO

Love the Ginger Peach Green Tea. Has a very smooth taste with a hint of ginger. Sweeten with stevia and enjoy any time of the day.


Pittsburgh, PA

This tea has helped me so much after having gall bladder surgery! It calms my stomach, and I drink it over ice when it's warm outside....my daily drink from now on!

5 Stars

Highly Recommend

Miami, FL

Taste is very light and refreshing. Great when you are not feeling well.

5 Stars


SoCal, CA

Before I began drinking Green Tea, I became acquainted with the Ginger Peach Black Tea. I tried the Green Ginger Peach, and couldn't taste it because my taste buds weren't accustomed to the taste of Green Tea. Now that drinking Green Tea daily-love it!- the delicate Ginger & Peach flavors come through beautifully. They whisper though, not shout. Enjoy!

5 Stars


Downey, CA

refreshing, light and naturally sweet. I FINALLY drink enough fluids due to this taste discovery. I LOVE IT and feel so much better.

5 Stars

My Everyday Tea

Simsbury, CT

This is my favorite go-to tea at the end of the day--in front of the TV watching the 11:00 news! The ginger adds a nice "counterpunch" to the peach, and soothes my stomach. Love it!

5 Stars

Makes Great Iced Tea too - -

Vista, CA

I have used this to make iced tea, and also have infused additional Ginger to really add some zing - -

5 Stars

My New Favorite

Logan, OH

I am a big fan of this tea. The peach is quite pronounced -- which I enjoy -- and the ginger gives a nice tingle to the taste buds. This is a daily tea for me. I recommend.

5 Stars

Always Good

Fredericksburg, VA

A consistently satisfying cup of tea for any occasion - to relax after a busy day, to greet the morning, or as a pick-me-up in the middle of the day. I liked the first cup I ever had and every cup since.

5 Stars

Delicious taste

Warsaw, IN

I love this tea. So delicous.

5 Stars


Cambria Heights, NY

This tea is so pleasant and refreshing!!It's good over ice as well..

5 Stars

My Favorite Tea

Corpus Christi, TX

For everyday enjoyment, I have drank The Republic of Tea Ginger Peach Tea for several years. It is a tea that you can drink anytime of the day. It is my favorite!

5 Stars

Delicious and So satisfying!

Ocala, FL

This is the one tea I cannot live without! Can't say exactly why other than the taste. It has become my favorite, does the most for my taste buds! I have tried other brands but none compare to The Republic of Tea. Simply the best!!! Worth every cent. If I had to, I'd walk a mile for this tea!

5 Stars

Soothing and Satisfy-ing

Mickelton, NJ

I find this tea very satisfactory. The orange fragrance enhances the taste. It's good in the "iced" version, too!

5 Stars

One of my favorites!!!

Lynchburg, OH

A very mellow tea. Love the taste.

5 Stars

Very Tasty

Coeur d' Alene, ID

I tried this tea in a cafe and was unsure of it at first, but I ended up absolutely loving it! It's a nice blend of all the flavors and the ginger isn't too strong. It's a good soother tea, and would probably make really good ice tea as well!

5 Stars

New favorite!

Central NJ,

A rich but not overpowering flavor, the best tea I've had in a while! So relaxing :)

5 Stars

Rich and sweet

Reseda, CA

This is a rich, sweet and very aromatic green tea I like as a dessert tea

5 Stars

A hug in a cup


This is my "go-to" tea. And it's good for me!? Who could ask for more in a tea??

5 Stars

, IL

this is one of my favorites! i guess anything 'ginger' is fine with me. i love the taste, a little spicy, not too much, just right.

Favorite daily tea

Dayton, OH

I made the switch to Ginger Peach Green a few years ago and have never gone back! HAVE to start my day with it. I find that it's perfect for calming that queasy feeling courtesy of my first morning med on an empty stomach. This is always my go-to tea throughout the day ~ from pick me up to calm me down, it's my favorite.

So good for you

Portland, OR

When ever I am feeling a bit under the weather a nice warm cup of this tea revives me. It lifts the spirits and calms the soul.

5 Stars

Hot or cold - love it!

Madison, WI

I personally don't care for plain water. The Ginger Peach Green Tea is my go to flavor. It's light, doesn't need additional sugar, and good either hot or cold.

5 Stars

Excellent Flavor

Orlando, FL

Great Taste

5 Stars

My Favorite

Madison, WI

I like to sip on ice tea at work all day long and this is my pick! No sweetener needed for me. Perfect just as it is.

5 Stars

Love it!

Dillsburg, PA

I REALLY like this flavor. It's a favorite and I like to drink it often.

5 Stars

One of my Favorites

St. Louis, MO

Have loved this tea for years --- the best thing about it is how great it tastes hot or iced. Is good with or without the sweetener of your choice -- I use stevia. The flavor & versatility of this tea puts it at the top of my hit parade!

4 Stars

...one of my old time favorites

Yorba Linda, CA

Great in the late afternoon after watching the grand kids...

5 Stars

Bliss in a cup

Portland, OR

For as long as there is tea, there should be this tea. Enjoy by the fire, in the hot tub, or anywhere.

5 Stars

Great flavor!

Milwaukee, WI

Have enjoyed the regular Ginger Peach. The Green has a gentler flavor and is delightful!

5 Stars

, CA

Love the taste of ginger and peach!

1 Star

I would never order this again!

Seguin, TX

Could NOT taste the ginger or peach. It tastes like just green tea I could buy any where. I am really disappointed. The one I had at my friends must have been the regular tea with ginger and peach was wonderful. I guess I will try and order the other.