Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

The best March 01, 2014


Seal Beach, CA

Has the right amount of cinnamon and cardamom to give it just the right flavor. I drink at least 3 cups a day of this tea it is so good. The only way to start that day.

3 Stars

Delicious but could be stronger with the spices December 01, 2013

Judy Burke

Houston, TX

This is delicious but I would like to have more flavorings from the spices. Otherwise its a delicious tea.

5 Stars

A Special Treat November 13, 2013

Gail VanHoesen

S. Walpole, MA

A good green chai, although could be a little bolder. I also bought the Chai Spice Honey to go with it. Add the honey and a splash of almond milk to the tea, and it's a decadent treat to be savored!

2 Stars

Not "chai" enough for me September 02, 2013


West Hills, CA

As this is green tea, I knew it would be milder than Republic Chai, and it is, but the overall flavor is just "off" for me, not "chai" enough. I think the almond flavor came through too strongly for my taste.

5 Stars

December 12, 2012

, WI

my all-time favorite!

5 Stars

worth 8 or 9 teapots December 11, 2012


Houston, TX

I think this is my all time favorite tea. Exotic. Snuggly. Calm. Just love it!!!

5 Stars

November 05, 2012


Murray, KY

I like both green tea and chai tea so I was curious about this tea. It is very good, soothing and mild tasting. I drink it with a bit of milk and honey most evenings. I will buy this tea again.

4 Stars

May 09, 2012


Very smooth and mild. Like this tea and will most likely buy it again.

5 Stars

Love this tea April 11, 2012


New Haven, CT

I'm not new to Republic Green Chai tea Merchants Tea. I'd actually just finished my bulk order & was in need of more. Do I enjoy this tea? I sure do & have for a number of years. It's my hot drink of choice.

5 Stars

March 22, 2012


The balance of spices and tea is perfect. Definitely 5 Teapots worthy.

5 Stars

My favorite January 21, 2012


Seal Beach, CA

My favorite tea....have at least 3 cups in the morning. Has the perfect blend of spices to give it a great flavor. Try it. Well worth it.

5 Stars

LOVE this flavor! November 13, 2011


Davenport, IA

I love chai anything and really like how I can get this in a green tea variety. The smell is heavenly, even my daughters 8,5 and 2 love to smell it every time I open a can! I have had the loose tea in this flavor but the bags are great for those days I just want to throw a bag in a cup and not clean out my tea strainer. If you enjoy Black Chai, you will love this, too! I drink it plain as is, but I'm sure it would be great with a splash of milk and sweetened!

5 Stars

Soothing on a cold evening November 07, 2011

Fran De Sanctis

Tilghman, MD

It tastes like fall in Maryland. Snuggle up in your favorite robe and read a good book by the fire, and enjoy a cup of this spicy blend.