Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Nightey night!

Atlanta , GA

The only thing that makes me unwind and forget about work woes. It puts me to sleep and keeps me asleep and is so delicious, I haven't slept this good in a long, long time. Thank you ROT!

5 Stars

Best tea ever!

Kansas City, MO

I've been drinking this tea for years. My all time favorite! I enjoy it after dinner and before bedtime. I honestly think it has helped digestion and in losing weight. Please don't ever stop making this, I think I'll be drinking it for the rest of my life!

5 Stars

First timer

Danvers, MA

I was very pleased. I'm not one for sticks and leaves and moss in my drinks. But after 40 years of browbeating from my wife, I tried it. GAWD.... I hate it when she's right, But I liked it. Very relaxing.I think I might just make this my before bed time drink.

5 Stars

chamomile tea

Newark, DE

This tea is light and comforting, I make pots of it and drink it all day. It's hydrating without the caffeine-jitters. Love it!

5 Stars

Nighttime nectar

Horn Lake, MS

Drink this bouqet of flowers and drift off to a restful sleep.

5 Stars

So light and restful; love it


The addition of lemon makes this taste just the way I expected. Very relaxing. I'll be ordering more!

5 Stars

Surrender to Sleep Lullaby

Poteau, OK

Your Chamomile blend is a melodious Tea Land Lullaby and sings me to dreamland every evening. I will not be without this Chamomile in the future. Thanks for your great service: fast and efficient. Nancie Gordon

5 Stars

Love this tea

Fort Wayne, IN

Love this tea. I enjoy a cup in the evening and my kids love it too. It is relaxing and good tasting

5 Stars

cupboard staple

Houston, TX

Don't let the smell put you off; this blend is the most solid "sleepytime" tea I've ever tried. Starts off earthy, there's a hint of lemon, and it ends slightly floral and sweet. Highly recommended.

5 Stars

BEST sleepy time tea EVER!

Tamarac, FL

This is not only flavorful, but it works at relaxing you as a couple of glasses of wine would, but healthy and not damaging to your liver!

5 Stars

My favorite Chamomile

Columbus, OH

I like drinking chamomile before bedtime, but find most chamomile blends to overpowered by the flavor of the chamomile. This tea is unique, in that the chamomile blends perfectly with the other herbs into a heavenly tea. Very light and soothing, this is the perfect tea to have before going to bed. Pairs perfectly with RoT's Lemon Creme Honey if you want a touch of sweetness, but I love it on its own as well. I'm very pleased with this blend, and hope it's available for years to come.

4 Stars

Nice, mellow flavor

Redondo Beach , CA

Nice flavor, a bit heavy on lavender though. I'd like the lavender toned down a bit so the chamomile, lemon, etc can shine through more. Still a great tea though!

5 Stars

, TX


5 Stars

La Vernia, TX

lovely to look at at, very fragrant, no after taste

5 Stars

Great tea

Argyle, MO

I agree with the others. This is a great evening tea. Chamomile is great for digestion. It's very calming.

4 Stars


I enjoyed this tea, I have to work on the length of brewing time for my enjoyment.

4 Stars


Schoharie, NY

A very nice mello tea for the evening.

5 Stars

Great Way To Relax

Orlando, FL

At the end of a busy day. This tea is a great drink to relax in the evening.

4 Stars

Chamomile Lemon

Baldwin City, KS

I love this tea, I drink it at night before bed to relax me from the day. It has a smooth flavor with just a hint of lemon, not over powering like some lemon teas. I will definitely order this again.

5 Stars

one of my all time favorites

Kernersville, NC

I love the fragrance. I drink this tea right before bedtime and I nod right off.