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4 Stars Great!

from MI on wrote:

Finally, an herbal chai tea! I have always loved chai tea, but not the black tea leaves. This tea is the best of both worlds. the flavor is awesome. Its a little too strong for me, so I usually cut the amount by 1/3rd. I received a sample of the tea bags after I purchased the full leaf, and I think I like the bags better. I found that my brew was not a strong and I am also able to carry it to work easier. I think I will purchase this in the bags next time, but this is a wonderful tea. It's great with almond milk (or even eggnog flavored almond milk) and agave.

My favorite caffeine free tea

5 Stars My favorite caffeine free tea

from OR on wrote:

I am removing caffeine from my diet and I bought a small amount of the loose tea to try. It more than surpassed my expectations of a herbal tea. I used a measured tablespoon in a tea bag with 14 ozs. of hot water and steeped for 6 minutes. It is a full bodied, hardy, flavorful tea. I've been converted - no more coffee for me!

My go-to

5 Stars My go-to

from NY on wrote:

I am a chai fiend, and this is like chai tea without the tea, and extra cardamom. Did I mention I'm in love with cardamom? Very flavourful, and a pick-me-up without any caffeine. Great tea!

The most amazing tea ever

5 Stars The most amazing tea ever

from GA on wrote:

I am amazed at all of the flavors the blend together to make this tea so incredible! I am so glad I tried it! The cinnamon really helps my back and is so delicious! Thank you ROT!

I love this tea!

5 Stars I love this tea!

from FL on wrote:

This is my go-to tea for anytime of the day or night. I loved it so much, I got it for my friends for Christmas, and they love it too! At home, the aroma of the spices is relaxing and welcoming. At work, I keep the tea bag version for an afternoon pick-me-up. Also, the full leaf can be re-infused a few times, so what a bargain!

A Favorite

5 Stars A Favorite

from WA on wrote:

I am a fan of both cardamom and cinnamon as well as Chai teas. This blend is perfectly balanced between the cinnamon and cardamom. Smooth taste. I love it with cream and honey, but it equally great plain or iced. A staple in my tea cache.

Delicious Tea!!!

5 Stars Delicious Tea!!!

from DE on wrote:

It has a delicious spicy sweet-ish taste. Best flavor comes for the last few sips in the pot. Also, you don't need honey with this tea. I bet you'll love it.

Best tea for anytime

5 Stars Best tea for anytime

from MI on wrote:

Absolutely love this tea. I am reordering. I take it w/me when traveling. The taste is superb. Introduced to my son-in-law & mister picky loved it. I highly recommend this tea for anytime day or evening or time of the year. I enjoy a cup sitting in my sun room in the morning.

Lovely Sipping

5 Stars Lovely Sipping

from VA on wrote:

I first tried this tea from a sample sent in one of your catalogs. I ordered the full-leaf and just love it. It makes a lovely "bedtime" tea to sip before retiring. The fragrance is soothing and reminds me of spice cake and the taste is smooth and refreshing. I would recommend this to anyone fond of old fashioned spicy things.

Surprising unique blend

5 Stars Surprising unique blend

from WI on wrote:

I am so happy I received a sample Teabag with my catalogue, because I never would have tried this tea. Usually certain ingrediants like Cinnamon, ginger, mint etc overpower the flavor. But this is a very careful blend with each spice in perfect proportion. I truly love the unique flavor. I used to put cardamon in my coffee or cookies. I am delighted to meet it in a wonderful new tea.

I don't just drink this...

5 Stars I don't just drink this...

from MO on wrote:

I mistakenly stored this in an unlabeled container a while ago, and forgot what it was. Surmising that it was either a spice mix or tea, I decided to grind it and see what it tasted like. It is just fabulous to sprinkle on a lamb roast, or add to a stew. Then brew a pot a drink it too!

Wonderful scent, even better taste!

5 Stars Wonderful scent, even better taste!

from NY on wrote:

This was one of the first teas I tried from this website, & I was hooked at first sip! Everyone I make it fir has enjoyed it. Needless to say, I ran out of it very quickly and need to order more. Nice tea for the fall and winter months!

Probably My Favorate Tea

5 Stars Probably My Favorate Tea

from OR on wrote:

Strong, bold, spicy, and still smooth. It doesn't need any milk or sweetener, tastes great right out of the pot.


5 Stars Delightful!

from ON on wrote:

I happened upon this tea just recently while travelling in the U.S. Fell in LOVE with it. I had never had full leaf loose herbs before so it was a new experience. I love this tea. Sometimes I take the lid of the can just to look at how pretty it is and to smell it's wonderful aroma..... hooked!


5 Stars Excellent!

from CA on wrote:

I first tasted this tea in a restaurant and never forgot how delicious it was. I'm so glad that I now have it at home to enjoy at my leisure.

Simply Delicious

5 Stars Simply Delicious

from MA on wrote:

This is a fantastic cold weather tea. I drink it on it's own, combined with black tea, or even combined with Roibos. Depth and clarity of flavor, yum!

Simply delicious!

5 Stars Simply delicious!

from MA on wrote:

Lovely spices-just perfect for cold days. I drink it as is, added to roibos tea, also add it to black tea. Fantastic.


5 Stars Outstanding!

from VT on wrote:

I received my order today and immediately prepared a cup of the tea and I must say that it is heavenly. It is just spicy enough and all the special, individual notes of each of the spices come through but one does not overpower the other. I am placing an order for more!

great tea

5 Stars great tea

from NC on wrote:

this is one of the best teas I have had in a long time. Delicious hot or cold....... great.....great.

Better than mulled

Better than mulled

from LA on wrote:

Forget waiting till the holidays and hoping you can find a good herb and spice blend to make mulled cider. This is absolutely wonderful made with apple cider or apple juice. You will never want to use anything else again. I pour a little of the apple juice out, put my tea into the bottle and put it in the fridge. Anytime I want hot spiced cider I pour it into a cup and microwave it. I am not going to try to tell you any measurements, there are 3 adults in the house and we all like different amounts in our juice. Just play around with it till your happy.

ordered more

5 Stars ordered more

from MO on wrote:

hope i'm not offending anyone when i say this, but my main use of this tea is to add it to my coffee when brewing. simply great

cardamon cinnamon herbal full-leaf

5 Stars cardamon cinnamon herbal full-leaf

from IL on wrote:

This tea is fabulous, I make it in my teapot and have it with honey it is refreshing and tangy flavor I really enjoy it immensly

Great taste, wonderful smell

5 Stars Great taste, wonderful smell

from PA on wrote:

I bought this tea while trying various herbal teas that I could drink later at night. Upon opening the taster tin, both the bright colors of the ingredients and the wonderful smell are both immediately noticeable. I haven't tried with milk or iced, only hot so far. The flavor is well-balanced with a tiny hint of spice from the red peppercorns. It's a great cold weather herbal tea. I will be ordering a full tin of this for sure!

Fragrant Holiday Tea

5 Stars Fragrant Holiday Tea

from KS on wrote:

Sometimes I open the tin just to experience the fragrance! It is too bad this tea does not come in a glass jar because it is visually beautiful as well as delicious. If you have some teas that are not your favorites, add a teaspoon of this to enliven them. This should definitely be listed along with the other holiday teas.

The best!

5 Stars The best!

from NY on wrote:

I bought this originally because I was looking for a way to make chai at home. This not just fills the bill, it exceeds all hopes and expectations. A full-bodied totally herbal tea great with milk, sugar or nothing added. Wonderful hot, terrific iced and lovely at room temperature. People ask for it whenever they visit. This is truly an amazing tea accomplishment!

My new favorite tea!

5 Stars My new favorite tea!

from OH on wrote:

I normally am just a black tea drinker, but I was looking for a herbal tea I could drink in the evening. Normally, herbal teas are too bland or fruity for me, but this tea was perfect! It has now become my evening, afternoon, and sometimes even morning tea!!!! Even got my mom into drinking it! You need to try this tea!

Smells like Christmas!

5 Stars Smells like Christmas!

from FL on wrote:

My husband recently had to stop drinking caffeinated drinks. We found this tea and he loves it! He doesn't even miss having coffee. We opened the bag and it smelled like Christmas. He brews it and then adds milk, chai-style. Thanks for an awesome product.

My Favorite

5 Stars My Favorite

from CA on wrote:

This is the best spicy, chai-style tea ever. I buy bulk and brew it alone or mix it with Rainforest and others to make unique blends.

I love this tea

5 Stars I love this tea

from OR on wrote:

Fabulous. A great "chai" (American-style usage) without the black tea!

5 Stars

from IL on wrote:

It was a bit strong by it's self, but when added with to other tea it was great.

Not what I expected!!

4 Stars Not what I expected!!

from NC on wrote:

I bought this tea because I wanted something different. I wasn't a big fan of cinnamon, but when I opened the can, the aroma instantly grabbed me. I brewed the tea, added honey(just a little), and then ice, WOW! I have found a favorite taste for ice tea! I've shared my experience and tea with everyone, and they love it as well! Thank you for the mix of flavors that definitely is unique!

Perfect evening drink!

5 Stars Perfect evening drink!

from VA on wrote:

I often make this late at night when i need a cup of tea that has no caffene. its alos one that leds itself to a nice smooth iced tea. I also mix it loose with the loose leaf Republic Chai full- leaf. It adds a bit of extra spice to that mix when i need it with out the extra caffene. Thank you!


5 Stars Reviving

from OH on wrote:

The whole family enjoys this tea; hot, cold or warm. It's aroma is always inviting and refreshing. I buy it in bulk so I can take a tin to work, on the road or have it at home. Blending it with a green or black tea adds a bit of a kick.

excellent tea

5 Stars excellent tea

from on wrote:

This is one of my favorite teas -- I really love the spice combination -- it is very flavorful -- It doesn't have caffeine which is nice -- I love teas and this is one of regular teas I drink -- I am very happy to have found it -- I would recommend it -- it can be drank all times of day -- it is very soothing ---

5 Stars

from on wrote:

I am hardly an expert with tea, but this was recommended to me when I was shopping in specialty store near my home. I was reluctant to try a loose leaf tea, but the shopkeeper convinced me to try it, since I was so intrigued by the sound of it. I'm not one for very fruity teas (though I do like lemon and orange flavors) and liked the idea of these spices. I loved it and am so happy she convinced me to give it a go. I like many of your other flavors but this one, for me at least, is so unique to anything else I've tried. Thanks.


5 Stars combination

from AK on wrote:

If you use .75 of a measure of Cardamon Cinnamon and .50 of just plane Red Rooibos, you will have a great combination. They tend to bring out the flavor of each other.

Excellent autumn and winter tea!

5 Stars Excellent autumn and winter tea!

from KS on wrote:

This is one of my favorite spiced teas for colder weather. I especially like it because it is herbal and naturally decaf. The flavors remind one of spiced cider but without the apple flavor. This tea is best with milk and a bit of sweetener, but great by itself as well. I bought the refill bag of loose tea to fill up my tin. Very happy to have found the refill bag sold by RoT. :)

Mulling Spice & Potporri too.

5 Stars Mulling Spice & Potporri too.

from NC on wrote:

Around this time of year I also use this as a Mulling Spice or a Potporri.

Good for Drinking & Cooking too!

5 Stars Good for Drinking & Cooking too!

from NC on wrote:

I enjoy this tea both hot & with ice. I also grind it up in my spice grinder for use in bread recipies, soups, salad dressings, sauces, Indian Chutney & turkey stuffing. I love the way it makes my home smell when I cook or bake with it.

5 Stars

from OH on wrote:

People come into my office just to smell the this tea when it is brewing. I also drink it iced in the summer - very refreshing.


5 Stars Distraction

from CA on wrote:

I was so blown away by the perfect balance and complexity of flavors that couldn't concentrate on the movie we were watching! The only downside is that i ordered a minin taster tin. I Will definitley order the full size tin next time!

Adding this to my regular order!

5 Stars Adding this to my regular order!

from CA on wrote:

This herbal will transport you to autumn any time of year! It has a very rich, complex flavor and it smells divine (I've had coworkers comment on how good my office smells after I've brewed this one).