Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Brings back childhood July 05, 2014


Phoenix, AZ

This is one of my favorite teas because it brings me back to my childhood. My mom used to get this for us and I recently thought about it when drinking another tea. I decided to order it and see if it's still as good... it is! It's a spiced tea and you will love it.

5 Stars

Versitile refreshment June 01, 2014

Elizabeth N Anderson

Birmingham, AL

I use this tea by itself, both hot and iced. I also add random amounts to black tea to createing a new, interesting, and refreshing flavor while getting my caffeine. As I am allergic to Coffee teas are my only caffeine source as soda pops are way too sweet.

4 Stars

Rainforest Full Leaf March 04, 2014


Mountain View, CA

Rainforest full leaf.A very intriguing herbal tea, indeed!When you open, the scent hits you, thenyou notice an exotic variety of shapesand colors. You then realize this is notjust an herbal tea, but an adventure!You can compare it to a chai-tea flavor,but this is different from anything. Ithas many interesting flavors I am unfamiliar with and may take getting used to for others as well.I found when I added just a bit of thisto my red rooibos it was perfect! You feel like you're at the edge of an exotic jungle...as opposed to smack in the middle of jungle with full amount!Wonderfully healthy choice.

5 Stars

A household favorite December 08, 2013


Painesville, OH

This is one of our favorite teas. My sons grew up on this tea and still ask for it now that they are adults. A most distinctly unique flavor.

5 Stars

January 22, 2013

Marsha Kooken

Alpharetta, GA

Finally find my tea again. I love and enjoy this tea sooo much. It is my tea for special moments. It tastes like the world!

5 Stars

Exotic January 06, 2013



Always a little reserved to drink red tea, & spiced tea. This is not overwhelming, even when brewed strong. Exotic flavor. Very tasty. Sweet top note is fab. Diving into more reds & finding them to be exotic. (don't like chai)

4 Stars

Nice flavor blend December 17, 2012


I liked the blending of these flavors for this tea. The light sweetness was just right for me.

5 Stars

Great!!! April 22, 2012


Cambria Heights, NY

I really enjoyed the flavor!!

4 Stars

March 27, 2012

, AZ

Relaxing and energizing - is that possible?

5 Stars

Great After Dinner or Pre Bedtime Tea March 20, 2012

Jerry E

Mount Joy, PA

Excellent tea for sipping after enjoying a great meal. The spices Helps one relax in the evening hours while watching TV prior to your Bedtime Retreat. I recommend this tea all exotic tea lovers.

5 Stars

Exotic and Wonderful March 03, 2012


Corpus Christi, TX

I found this tea through a tea room in San Antonio. I fell in love with it the first time I tried and I got it every time I go there. I was so happy when the server told me where they got this tea. I ordered it for myself and enjoy it often in my home. You can definitely taste the spices and vanilla. I am not usually a roobios tea drinker, but for this I will make a happy exception. I love this tea.

5 Stars

The Best Tea There Is!!! December 06, 2011


Bratenahl, OH

The very best tea! The taste and quality are superb. Unfortunately it is not available in stores in my area.

5 Stars

November 28, 2011


The most delicious tea I've bought from you or from any other tea vendor. I think it's the anise that does it for me, but likely it's the combo the anise with other earthy, nutty spices. It's such a calming cup of tea for me.

5 Stars

Exotic Taste November 10, 2011


I don't care of the spice star anise but it makes a fantastic tea. Its very complex and smells heavenly. High Recommended.

5 Stars

Superb! October 07, 2011


Gainesville, FL

This is my all-time favorite herbal tea! The blend offers a well-rounded flavor that hits the right spot, whether I brew it at the break of day or deep into the evening. In fact, it was when the local store quit carrying this blend that I made the effort to find the web-site in order to continue having this tea in my life.