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Love it

5 Stars Love it

from MD on wrote:

This is a great wind down tea. Great flavor!

Soft flavors

4 Stars Soft flavors

from IN on wrote:

This is a nice tea to end your day with.


3 Stars Comforting

from CT on wrote:

I love chamomile and lemon and although this tea is soothing, there in little lemon flavor.

Chamomile lemon

5 Stars Chamomile lemon

from AZ on wrote:

Quite simply, the best chamomile tea I've ever had!!!

My evening tea

5 Stars My evening tea

from ID on wrote:

For years, I've enjoyed green tea in the evening. At Christmas, I received Chamomile Lemon and found it a nice variation on my usual.. It is light, very pleasant and relaxing. Now I have 2 standard evening teas.

Time to put the day behind me tea

5 Stars Time to put the day behind me tea

from CA on wrote:

I LOVE this tea!! I drink this tea at night to help me unwind, and help me get into the sleep mode.

Very nice!

5 Stars Very nice!

from TX on wrote:

This tea is soothing and flavorful. I was delighted with it.

Chamomile Tea

5 Stars Chamomile Tea

from CA on wrote:


Good For What Ails You

4 Stars Good For What Ails You

from FL on wrote:

Feeling a little off? Are you Winnie the Pooh-ish "rumbly in your tum-bly?" A cup of this soothing brew will set you right again. I don't love the tea for daily sipping, but if I'm harboring a cold, my stomach is squishy or even bloated, chamomile lemon tea helps get me on the path to good health again. Its nice with a little bit of local honey too.

My favorite Tea

5 Stars My favorite Tea

from NC on wrote:

This is my favorite tea. I order it over and over again. It helps me to unwind from stressful days...... I mix this tea and the natural hibiscus, and it comes out so wonderful.

A Decidedly Delightful Draught

5 Stars A Decidedly Delightful Draught

from MO on wrote:

A very thoughtful and subtly blended tea that makes for the perfect way to close the day. For myself, I usually have one to two cups of this tea prior to retiring to bed and, I find it to be quite relaxing. I used to be a heavy drinker of alcohol and this tea helped me to get through what would otherwise most certainly have been many sleepless nights. I don't know where I would be without this tea; it is truly a blessing to be enjoyed.

excellent "sleep" tea.

5 Stars excellent "sleep" tea.

from AK on wrote:

i have been seaching for quite a while to find a tea to help me relax into a deep sleep. i believe i have found the tea! excellent with a bit of honey stirred in.

Standby pre-bedtime routine

5 Stars Standby pre-bedtime routine

from MI on wrote:

A cup or two every night before bedtime helps me relax. I like the light lemony flavor that makes the chamomile a little less grassy.

great tea

5 Stars great tea

from MN on wrote:

I drink this tea in the evening before bed and have loved it for years.

Soothing & Comforting

5 Stars Soothing & Comforting

from GA on wrote:

I love that Chamomile tea relaxes the body and promotes restfulness! This tea has a rich flavor with a bit of lemon and even smells soothing. Tea should not be something that simply passes over the palate and into the stomach. It should encompass sight, smell and taste. This little tea hits all 3. Try it in a white oversized mug . . . reminds me of a fluffy white down comforter ; )

The Perfect Nightly Ritual

5 Stars The Perfect Nightly Ritual

from WI on wrote:

I drink this tea every single night before bed. I have always been something of an insomniac and this tea has helped me get a restful night's sleep better than anything else I've tried. The chamomile and the lemon give this tea a wonderfully balanced flavor. In addition the valerian root and other herbs really do calm me and make me ready for sleep. I haven't needed to use any other kind of sleep aid since I've started drinking this. HIGHLY recommend.


4 Stars Excellent

from CA on wrote:

My expectations of this tea were met. The aroma of the tea is soothing and the taste is mellow and mild. I don't know if it induces sleep, but I felt very calm after drinking a cup. This is definitely on my favorites list.

Love this tea

5 Stars Love this tea

from MA on wrote:

Love this tea in the evening. It has a magical soothing quality. Actually, it's calming qualities are great anytime.

Wonderful Soothing Taste

3 Stars Wonderful Soothing Taste

from IN on wrote:

I truly enjoy the warm, lemony taste this soothing chamomile tea offers. It's not overwhelming, but rather just perfect for the evening.

Great Taste!!!

5 Stars Great Taste!!!

from MI on wrote:

Love this brand of tea. Great flavor.

Love Lemon

5 Stars Love Lemon

from VA on wrote:

I sip on a cup every evening. I love the taste of lemon in my chamomile tea.

Lovely nighttime tea

5 Stars Lovely nighttime tea

from FL on wrote:

Always my favorite nighttime tea; love the flavor.

get to sleep

5 Stars get to sleep

from FL on wrote:

every night I have a cup of tea while reading my last emails. It calms my nerves, tastes good and leaves me with a warm glow - ready for bed

Luscious Lemon

5 Stars Luscious Lemon

from AK on wrote:

I love a lemony tea and this tea with chamomile is wonderful. I appreciate the non-caffeine warmth as I can drink as much of this tea as I want.

My Go To Tea

5 Stars My Go To Tea

from NC on wrote:

After a stressful day when I need to relax, I set the kettle on , change into my jammies and brew a cuppa Chamomile Lemon Tea. I add a dab of honey and it becomes the soothing hot drink I need to make the stress go away. I always sleep like a baby when I have had a cup.

Gift for sister

5 Stars Gift for sister

from NH on wrote:

another gift for my sister and she loves it

The BEST Chamomile Tea

5 Stars The BEST Chamomile Tea

from CA on wrote:

I think this is the BEST Chamomile tea ever!

5 Stars

from on wrote:

This tea has been added to our regular bedtime routine. It helps calm the nerves and settle the mind so it is easier to drift off to sleep. I also keep it on hand for stressful days at work. One of my coworkers says it works better than Xanax!

Calming Chamomile

5 Stars Calming Chamomile

from OH on wrote:

I love to have this tea right before bed and am actually drinking it as I write this review. All of the ingredients are very soothing and while you might not fall asleep right away, you will be ensured a deep and peaceful sleep. It has a very nice flavor and aroma and the lemon is not overpowering but it gets better the longer it steeps. Awesome job Republic of Tea!


5 Stars Relaxing-unbelievable

from NY on wrote:

This tea is fantastic. I have tried many chamomile tea and this one is the best. No more searching for me I know this relaxes me and I sleep better-something I have been trying to do for some time. The lemon taste is just enough and the tea is very smooth.

Favorite sleepy time drink

5 Stars Favorite sleepy time drink

from AZ on wrote:

Plain chamomile tea us good, but maybe a little boring. I got online and found this which is so good. Helpful when it's hard to fall asleep.

5 Stars

from on wrote:

Really helped me sleep!

Kudos to Chamomile and Lemon Tea

5 Stars Kudos to Chamomile and Lemon Tea

from TX on wrote:

Love the flavor combination. I find this one a soothing nightcap that helps me fall asleep and stay asleep all night.

Doesn't put me to sleep, but I love it

5 Stars Doesn't put me to sleep, but I love it

from FL on wrote:

Valerian must not have an effect on me. I can drink a cup of this and stay up for hours. Despite that, it does have a soothing and calming taste. The first time I tried it, I didn't let it steep very long and I didn't like it. The next time, I let it steep longer and there was an explosion of flavors. It's absolutely long as you let it steep long enough, and you don't actually expect it to put you to sleep.

Very Good

4 Stars Very Good

from IL on wrote:

Nice, mild flavor - perfect for evening. LOVE the recyclable cardboard packing material - no plastic. Thanks.

Soothing and Relaxing

5 Stars Soothing and Relaxing

from SD on wrote:

This is my go to bedtime drink when I'm not using sleeping pills. It really helps me calm down, relax, unwind and and let go of the day. It's got a slight lemon flavor. This tea has valerian root in it--ask your pharmacist before combining it with any sleep/anxiety/downer meds as it could knock you out before you finish the first cup.

A Perfect Blend

5 Stars A Perfect Blend

from NY on wrote:

This tea is very calming. The lemon compliments the Chamomille. I have tried many varieties but this is by far the best. Thank you for the sample of this tea in my previous order. I probably would not have ordered it. Now I will be a faithful user of this tea.

Sweet and Pleasant

5 Stars Sweet and Pleasant

from CA on wrote:

Very similar to the Zzzz Get Some Sleep tea, but no Rooibos taste. I have both but sometimes just want to change the flavor a little. It is already a little sweet, but I like the balance of it with the chamomile. I'm not sure if the valerian works or not, but I know it's a lot better than drinking plain water or anything with caffeine late at night.

relaxing chamomile w/ lemon

5 Stars relaxing chamomile w/ lemon

from AK on wrote:

Chamomile with lemon is a relaxing cup of tea.I like ti have a cup in the evening and relax.

Wonderful Tea

4 Stars Wonderful Tea

from CA on wrote:

Loved this tea. I really loved not only the flavor but also the aroma. Very soothing, especially when not feeling well.

Evening joy

5 Stars Evening joy

from OH on wrote:

Love this tea. It has a wonderful Aroma and tasts great. Makes you feel all warm and comfortable and ready to sleep.

5 Stars

from TX on wrote:

Delighted by the smooth, sweet taste. Next time I will order the tin. Better than the other chamomile teas I have.

Makes a great iced tea

5 Stars Makes a great iced tea

from CA on wrote:

Most chamomile teas I have previously tried tasted bland and, many times, like hot water. I love to make a batch of iced tea with just a small amount of agave syrup. I love it.

Delicious and therapeutic

5 Stars Delicious and therapeutic

from TX on wrote:

I ordered my first tin of this tea because I suffer from occasional muscle spasms in my back. I now have a cup every night at bedtime, and find I wake up feeling much more rested. I recommend it for anyone who has those micro-aches that tend to prevent restful sleep.

Yum Lemon

5 Stars Yum Lemon

from PA on wrote:

Soooo good! I love lemon and add it to alot of drinks so for lemon to be in this tea is really refreshing. It taste so good with all the other flavors in it and it is great as iced tea on a hot night also. A keeper for sure!


4 Stars Nice

from WI on wrote:

This tea is very relaxing, but I find myself adding lemon. It would be a 5 teapot if it had just a tad more lemon. This is a good nighttime or stress-relieving tea.

Chamomille as best I have known

4 Stars Chamomille as best I have known

from on wrote:

Chamomille is a standard tea everywhere, so it cannot disappoint. This is the best I have ever had, just next to the Starbucks TAZO (which I think is very good also). They are different but good. The only reason I am not putting a 5 star rating is because I am waiting to be surprised.

I thought I hated chamomile...until I drank this.

4 Stars I thought I hated chamomile...until I drank this.

from MA on wrote:

For years I didn't like chamomile. There was something too floral about that just didn't sit right with me. I got Republic of Tea's catalog and I received one last week with a sample of the chamomile lemon. I was skeptical, but hey, free sample. The lemon offset the chamomile perfectly and I was out like a light. My only wish is that it had been a bit stronger.

An effective sleep aid

4 Stars An effective sleep aid

from WA on wrote:

I have a hot "cuppa" before retiring nearly every night and sleep rapidly and soundly; I'm 80 yrs. old!

5 Stars

from VA on wrote:

This too is my husband's favorite drink, both in the evening and in the morning to help him relax after a hard day and before beginning another day of school. He's not a big tea drinker, but he frequently requests I re-order this one for him.

A Bit Musty

2 Stars A Bit Musty

from TX on wrote:

This one is a bit disappointing, it has an aftertaste that is somewhat muddy.

5 Stars

from WA on wrote:

This has become my husband favorite late evening drink. He likes the flavor plus it relaxes him.

Delicious Choices

5 Stars Delicious Choices

from NY on wrote:

This was a delicious surprise with the lemon and chamomile equally balanced throughout the cup. It was also soothing and helped me to relax into a comfortable sleep.

5 Stars

from MT on wrote:

This is my first tin of Chamomile Lemon and I love this tea. I look forward to having a cup every night with a touch of honey and cream. It would be delicious without the extras, but I like to make it a real treat.

Ah, evening

5 Stars Ah, evening

from VA on wrote:

Such a comfort after a busy day all year 'round. We look forward to "nitey-nite," curled up in our "den" with our pups, classical music, good books and the warm feeling we get from the tea. The flavor is distinct, rich and full. We sometimes mix it with Get Some zzz's as something different.


5 Stars Soothing

from CA on wrote:

Delightful blend of chanomile and lemon. Very relaxing.

5 Stars

from NC on wrote:

Put me to sleep zzzzzz. Great flavor.

Perfect way to wind down & ensure uninterrupted sleep.

5 Stars Perfect way to wind down & ensure uninterrupted sleep.

from IL on wrote:

I drink (a smal) cup of this every night, with my husband. It's the perfect amount to get me to sleep and stay asleep. My husband used to have trouble going to sleep - not anymore, as long as he drinks his tea. He also was able to stop taking OTC sleep aides by drinking this tea alone. On the plus side, there's no drowsiness the next morning, unlike the OTC sleep aides. We drink this with a little bit of sweetener (and sometimes freshly picked mint leaves), and it's light and refreshing way to wind down every night.