Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Best Tea I've ever had! March 02, 2014


Plymouth, MN

This is the best tea ever! And I've tasted many. It's light and sweet, perfectly spiced... It was a gift and I am so glad for it!

5 Stars

Sorry to see this go January 16, 2014


Charleston, WV

Very sorry to see this tea discontinued - wonderful taste! Please bring it back!

5 Stars

AWESOME! December 18, 2013

Erika Hargrew

Seattle, WA

I really enjoyed this tea. Very smoothe and sweet. either I'm a lightweight or it made me a bit sleepy. Two other ladies in my office drank it and had the same effect. Too bad it's being discontinued.

5 Stars

Warm and soothing! October 17, 2013


, KS

This tea is exceptional! The flavor isn't too potent with the various spices, but is subtly spicy with a hint of sweetness from the licorice. It is a very warm and soothing tea, that definitely feels good as it goes down!

5 Stars

this will be missed!! September 15, 2013


woodstock, IL

This tea is wonderful when feeling a bit like a cold is coming on or when allergies are getting the best of you! I just read that the 250 count has been discontinued....I am very sorry to hear that! Would have loved to stock up for the winter season which is coming soon.

5 Stars

The Best for health March 24, 2013

Kelly Jones

South Bend, IN

This is by far the best taste I have had from a tea. I love how some days I can make it stronger than other. I can get a sweeter taste naturally without adding anything to it. It never gets old and it is disappointing when I run out before being able to order more. Top notch tea. All the necessary ingredients to help you overcome common symptomatic sicknesses like colds, sinus, building your immunity.

5 Stars

top of the line tea November 18, 2012


I love this tea when i am not feeling well. it has a bright flavor with sweet back notes.

health September 25, 2012

vicki furuki

berea, OH

it is okay, it did make my throat feel better but i am not sick. it is not one i would buy routinely

5 Stars

yummy May 29, 2012

Gigi B.

Norwalk, CT

YUMMY I really like this tea I love how healing and healthy licorice cinnamon and ginger is . I love licorice, and cinnamon, and ginger, so nice to be in one tea & good together. i added a bit of Almond milk I don't usually add anything to it .

5 Stars

a wonderful blend of my favorite flavors! March 30, 2012


, CA

This is one of my new favorite teas! I love licorice, and cinnamon, and ginger, but I wouldn't have expected them to taste this good together. This is a flavorful tea that tastes great unsweetened (I drink all my teas unsweetened), and yesterday I actually combined it with the Orange Spice Daily Green Tea, and that was great too!

5 Stars

Herbs and Spices March 27, 2012


Boynton Beach, FL

I wasn't sure I was going to like this tea when I first smelled the tea bags, but it made a wonderful cup of tea. I also added some of my own loose leaf black tea and green too. Viola....the best cup of tea ever. Don't be afraid to experiment with this one especially for all the great immune benefits.

5 Stars

Makes it all better March 02, 2012


Cleveland, OH

As with the delicious Milk Oolong, I am so glad this one is available in bag form, which is the only way I can enjoy it at my job. I do full leaf at home and bags at work. It really does stave off a cold if you catch it early, and It tastes wonderful; sharp, warm, sweet, full. If you are looking for an herbal with health benefits but can't stand chamomile (like myself), this one is it!

5 Stars

Best Herb Tea They Sell November 03, 2011


Ames, IA

Temple of Health is not only delicious, it contains all the organic herbs that will settle your digestion and make you feel top notch. It makes outstanding iced tea.

5 Stars

Incredible flavor! September 06, 2011


New York, NY

I've been delighted by every blend that I've tried from this company. But just when I thought I had tasted their best I had a cup of this at a resort I visited recently and I'm in LOVE! (actually I should say many cups because after I tasted one this was alI wanted...) Tastes great and great for you, what a gift! Many Thanks to the Republic!!

5 Stars

aahh...Nirvana July 23, 2011



superb blend...heavenly