Very Pleasant Tea

5 Stars Very Pleasant Tea

from WA on wrote:

I love mint and so, I bought this tea and tried it. I have to tell you that it was delicious and very pleasant. No bitter aftertaste at all.

Lovely cuppa

5 Stars Lovely cuppa

from OR on wrote:

Got this tea in a sampler pack first as I love mint tea for when I have tummy troubles. I love the Moroccan Mint Tea but this one is sweeter and more subtle good for mornings or evenings when you just need something minty.

Just enough mint.

5 Stars Just enough mint.

from IN on wrote:

Refreshingly good. The mint isn't intrusive. A nice beginning or end to a day.


5 Stars Refreshing

from NY on wrote:

Refreshing and delicious like all other of your teas

Wonderful as an iced tea, full mint flavor

5 Stars Wonderful as an iced tea, full mint flavor

from IL on wrote:

We just discovered this mint tea and thoroughly enjoy it as an iced tea. Here's how we make it. Brew a strong batch of mint tea (about 4 or 5 tea bags to 2 cups of water). To serve, add ice cubes to a glass, then add a mixture of 1/2 part chilled mint tea to 1/2 part seltzer water. Add a squeeze of lime juice to taste. We don't sweeten but If you want a sweeter tea, add desired sweetener and stir just before serving or while the brewed tea is still warm.

Mint tea

5 Stars Mint tea

from CA on wrote:

This tea is the perfect lift when you hit that mid day slump.

Organic mint fields

5 Stars Organic mint fields

from WA on wrote:

Organic caught my attention. This tea is perfect when my stomach is a bit unsettled. The taste is like fresh picked mint.

I've Sampled Every Mint Tea Out There...........

5 Stars I've Sampled Every Mint Tea Out There...........

from MD on wrote:

............... and this beats them all. It is so minty and refreshing and yet a very delicate tea. It doesn't try to overpower you with the mint and is so uplifting! My very favorite tea!

Delicate flavor and lovely taste

5 Stars Delicate flavor and lovely taste

from OH on wrote:

I have digestion issues and drink a cup of peppermint tea every night. I wanted a different option, that would still have a mint flavor and this tea surpassed my expectations, I was a bit alarmed by the stronger spearmint aroma, but when steeped, the flavor is very delicate, soothing and delicious. My only negative comment is that a 14 oz cup takes 2 tea bags, otherwise the taste is over diluted.

My all time favorite tea

5 Stars My all time favorite tea

from OH on wrote:

I love the spearmint flavor in this tea. It is my favorite tea and I add a bag of this when I make a cup of white tea to add an infusion of mint flavoring. Such a relaxing flavor--just wish it were easier to find in stores.

Organic Mint Fields Tea Bags

5 Stars Organic Mint Fields Tea Bags

from IL on wrote:

I like this tea after a meal. The wonderful aroma and delicate taste reminds me of my vacation in Morocco.

Mint tea

5 Stars Mint tea

from PA on wrote:

Mint tea is so soothing and refreshing.

Best mint ever

5 Stars Best mint ever

from OR on wrote:

I've had mint teas since I was a kid and this is without a doubt the best among them all. The spearmint and peppermint blend deliciously without tasting too sharp or acquiring that...overcooked vegetable taste. While I love this tea whenever, I often use it medicinally- to soothe an upset tummy, help with menstrual cramps, ease a headache or muscle tension, or alleviate cold symptoms. The scent alone lets my body know good things are coming!

??Lika Cocoa mint green tea

5 Stars ??Lika Cocoa mint green tea

from MI on wrote:

I love to mix this tea with my Republic matcha green tea then add some powder cocoa and honey. Taste great

The Best

5 Stars The Best

from NC on wrote:

This is the best mint tea I have ever had.

I can see clearly now

5 Stars I can see clearly now

from IN on wrote:

The mintiness on this are perfectly rounded by the lemon balm. I feel like I can understand all existence!

reminder of grandmother

5 Stars reminder of grandmother

from TX on wrote:

The first mint the that smells & taste like fresh mint. Reminds me of summers at my grandmother's.

Great for Upset Stomach

5 Stars Great for Upset Stomach

from NY on wrote:

My sister and I have taken to calling this "Tummy Tea." Every time she has an upset stomach I make her a cup and we always have a pitcher iced in the fridge for such occasions. It's one of the only teas we go through on a monthly basis.


5 Stars Refreshing

from MD on wrote:

A light, refreshing herbal tea that is perfect for any time of the day.

Great Mint Flavor

4 Stars Great Mint Flavor

from OH on wrote:

Great mint flavor. VERY refreshing served over ice.

Soothing and refreshing

5 Stars Soothing and refreshing

from WI on wrote:

Tried this tea for the first time tonight...can't sleep and wanted something hot. I love the predominant spearmint flavor, this is by far the best mint tea I have tried. Love, love love!!


5 Stars Refreshing

from NV on wrote:

This tea is delicious and refreshing, no matter how long I let it steep it is perfect.

pleasant tasting mint

5 Stars pleasant tasting mint

from CT on wrote:

great tasting tea. Nice for anytime, but real nice for when you are feeling a little off.

Tasty and surprising!

5 Stars Tasty and surprising!

from PA on wrote:

This is the first mint tea I have ever tasted and I have to say I am surprised. Although not technically a true tea I do love to drink this after meals at work. The mint is strong and I really feels like it cleanses your breath similar to gum. A very lovely blend!

My sister waits for this!

5 Stars My sister waits for this!

from NH on wrote:

I get this for my sister as a gift - she loves it and it is a repeat order for Christmas

Cold Nights Are Coming!!

Cold Nights Are Coming!!

from IN on wrote:

Best mint tea ever! Love sipping this when the temperature outside drops.

Mint Tea

Mint Tea

from WI on wrote:

My husband and I love your mint tea!!

The Best Mint Tea

5 Stars The Best Mint Tea

from TX on wrote:

This is unquestionably the best mint tea I have had. I agree with other reviewers that the Spearmint is wonderful.

Refreshingly wonderful!

5 Stars Refreshingly wonderful!

from TX on wrote:

I love this tea- I drink it over ice daily! It is refreshing before, during and after a meal. Try It!

Awesome, soothes stomach

5 Stars Awesome, soothes stomach

from FL on wrote:

Great taste, and it always makes me feel better when my stomach is not feeling right. I guess lemon balm really does aid digestion!

Short bags

3 Stars Short bags

from IN on wrote:

Tea tastes great and really enjoy it. The problem came when I was using these for a Tea Party and only 28 bags were in the 36 bag container. Had to go buy a lesser quality tea to use.

5 Stars

from OH on wrote:

very good only thing to make it better have it be fair trade

good tea

4 Stars good tea

from KS on wrote:

I really enjoy mint tea. This one was very good.

Best mint tea ever!

5 Stars Best mint tea ever!

from CO on wrote:

The best mint tea I've ever had! The spearmint is very tasty. I use these tea bags to create iced tea.

Very nice mint tea

5 Stars Very nice mint tea

from MA on wrote:

This is the best mint tea I have tasted so far. It's very smooth and very relaxing.



from TX on wrote:

It is fabulous! I love it over ice, very refreshing!! I drink it daily.Recommend it to everyone!


5 Stars Relaxing

from FL on wrote:

This tea is very smooth - the added lemon is a wonderful touch.

Best tea ever

5 Stars Best tea ever

from CT on wrote:

Very soothing. Nice spearmint taste. Love it. I order 250 bags at a time. Great all year long.

Favorite Mint Tea

Favorite Mint Tea

from CA on wrote:

Full-flavored and tasty.

My favorite

5 Stars My favorite

from AL on wrote:

This is my all time favorite tea. When its brewing I get uplifted my the mint fragrance and I really like the smooth light taste of the green tea. I add a tsp of honey, yum!

Soothing way to end the day!

5 Stars Soothing way to end the day!

from NJ on wrote:

I love Mint Fields Herb Tea while reading during a relaxing afternoon, in the evening after dinner and before bed. Very soothing and satisfying with a gentle flavor that requires nothing added.

Mist Fields of Tea is very soothing

5 Stars Mist Fields of Tea is very soothing

from CT on wrote:

Excellent tea. Very tasty after a full meal or just when you are not feeling so well. A very nice mint. Not to strong. I like to get it in bags of 50.

It was great! I loved it! I enjoyed every bit of every up I've had so far.

5 Stars It was great! I loved it! I enjoyed every bit of every up I've had so far.

from MN on wrote:

It is delicious! You guys should make more teas just like it.

One of My New Favs!

5 Stars One of My New Favs!

from PA on wrote:

Orange Ginger Mint is one of my favorites but I wanted to try a mint tea without the "tanginess" of the ginger. Well, move over OGM (though I still drink it, too). I love this mint tea--it is so refreshing and not over-powering. It is good at settling the stomach and I love to drink it after a meal. This is definitely becoming one of my most frequent "go to" teas.

Wonderfully Refreshing!

5 Stars Wonderfully Refreshing!

from TX on wrote:

One of my favorite pleasures.

Love this tea

5 Stars Love this tea

from MN on wrote:

So soothing on a winter day. Like the fact that it tastes more like speriment and less like peppermint.

My favorite!

5 Stars My favorite!

from AL on wrote:

This green tea blend is my favorite, it is fresh and especially great with a little honey. My daughter is in college and she always stocks up with this one when she comes home. We also feel good that it is grown organic.

Good stuff

5 Stars Good stuff

from PA on wrote:

Very smooth and calming. Nice in the evening when I'm relaxing. Caffeine free...

The "Mintiest" Mint I Ever Drank!!

5 Stars The "Mintiest" Mint I Ever Drank!!

from UT on wrote:

I love this tea, it really helps with my digestion after meals. I also have been drinking it for morning sickness and it really soothes an upset stomach. I love how fresh and clean it tastes. You can definitly taste the essential oils of the mint leaves. A+ product.

love this Tea

5 Stars love this Tea

from MN on wrote:

this is one very smooth Tea , easy to drink , and smells soo good , my favorit evening drink


5 Stars delish

from FL on wrote:

subtle taste of peppermint. really calms me. I love it.

refreshing tea

5 Stars refreshing tea

from CT on wrote:

Love this tea. Very satisfying and even good for a sore throat.

This helps with an upset stomach!

5 Stars This helps with an upset stomach!

from CA on wrote:

I drink this tea occasionally when I have an upset stomach. It typically is drunk at night after dinner. It also works as a great "dessert replacement" instead of indulging on the calories.