Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Perfect Balance Tart/Sweet! Kids Love it 2!

colorado springs, CO

This tea is so great hot or cold and has a nice tart sweet balance without being overpowering. It is my teen son's favorite. Very lovely with a touch of agave and little kids love it as well as adults. Also helps with that scratchy itchy allergy throat or when you have a sore throat because of the citrus. With fresh lemon lime or orange squeezed in and a touch of sweet added it is magnificent and elegant to serve guests who want a fruit herb tea.

5 Stars

Great taste!

Morganton, NC

One of the best fruity teas I have had. The only problem with it...it seems to never last long in this house! Everyone loves the taste!

5 Stars

Hibiscus Key Lime

Staten Island, NY

Delicious and refreshing hot and cold. I love the lime, not too tart.

4 Stars

Pretty good

Fall River, MA

The tastes of hibiscus and lime blend pretty well. I'd like to have a brighter lime flavor (like, well, Key Limes rather than standard Limes), but it is a good tea. I did not find this tea too sweet - but a good balance of sweet and tart

5 Stars

great gift!

Altoona, PA

Xmas gift for my mom. She is a long time lover of this tea, as well as most all of the teas she's tried from the republic. This will always be a reliable gift in the future as well. Thanks for the fast shipping!

5 Stars

Luv hibiscus teas

Phx, AZ

That being said, I was disappointed in this tea. Normally I love anything attached to "key lime," this time not so much. It tasted too artificial. The reason I'm giving it 5 teapots instead of less is that I mixed it w/pineapple hibiscus & it totally morphed into a delectable pot of deliciousness! I tried it again w/coconut hibiscus, success!! I know others love this on it's own & I'm not one, but using it w/other hibiscus teas makes it worth keeping.

Tart, sweet, and delicious.


I have been drinking this for about two weeks now, and I love it as much as I did on the first sip. The lime and hibiscus tartness is combined with a natural-tasting sweetness to make this a most delicious tea with a terrific citrus pop. If you don't like hibiscus tea, or hibiscus anything, then this won't be the right choice for you. But if you look forward to summer just because you get more chances to drink Revolution Brewing Co.'s Rosa Hibiscus Ale, then definitely try this tea.

5 Stars

I really liked it!

, CA

Nice flavor. Although, to get the blood pressure benefit, these small tea bags won't do it. There's too little hibiscus. See the wikipedia page for hibiscus and also some of the research reported online.

3 Stars

too much stevia

Alexandria, VA

I love hibiscus tea and when I saw the key lime flavor I was excited to try it and it is good, BUT...there's way too much stevia in it. All I can taste is sweet and an artificial sweet at that. If you come out with a version WITHOUT stevia I'd try it in a minute. Chances are I won't try any of the other flavors.

1 Star

Did I drink the same tea? It's THERAFLU!

Portland, OR

Oh boy, this was the worst tea I've ever had. Theraflu, anyone? It tastes exactly like that. I dumped it out and threw out the rest of the bags.

5 Stars

Smells and tastes GREAT!

Morganton, NC

I don't know which is better...the smell or the taste of this tea! It is an absolute symphony for your senses. While I do really love it, just wish there was a tiny bit more of the lime flavor...maybe I didn't let it steep long enough. I got this one also with the sampler and will be ordering it again soon!!

5 Stars

The best of the Hibiscus

Oxnard, CA

This is my favorite tea of all the hibiscus teas. It's fruity, rich red color, and smells wonderful. I add a mint leaf, and an orange peel for ice tea per gallon with two tablespoons of raw sugar. Doesn't even need the sugar, as it comes off as rather sweet anyway, but I'm quitting all soda's so this is how I've been able to. Excellent wonderful tea hot or cold.

5 Stars

Got me off Soda!

Oxnard, CA

This is the first Republic of Tea I tried. It is so good, with a rich red color, and doesn't need sweetner. Slight hint of lime, and I don't drink soda anymore. Awesome. I'm trying some other teas now, but wonder if they will top this?

5 Stars

Very nice light key lime flavor

Dallas, TX

I tried the Hibiscus teas because I read they may help lower the systolic numbers on blood pressure. After several weeks I think this is true for me. Also like the Pineapple Lychee flavor.

1 Star

Least Favorite

Boca Raton, FL

I disliked this hibiscus flavor the most after doing taste comparison w/ others. Am returning. If you love the taste of key lime, go for it! If not, proceed w/ caution. My personal fave is coconut; I've discovered that I prefer drinking it warm after it's cooled down from brewing. Enjoy! I love the selection of hibiscus flavors Republic of Tea has, and it's fun tasting the varieties. They just began offering a hibiscus variety pack. Would recommend starting there if you've never tried any of the flavors yet.

5 Stars

Simply phenomenal mmmmmmmm

Cutler Bay, FL

Such a relaxing tea, in fact all of the Hibiscus teas puts you in another world. Just mmmmmmmm!!

5 Stars

I Love the Tea

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Every morning I start my day with a cuppa this delightful tea. I only wish it came in the travelers tin too !!....or maybe there should be a set of travelers tins that we can each fill with our favorite selections.

5 Stars

Clearwater, FL

Very refreshing. We especially enjoy the Key Lime, drink it every day hot and often iced. Flavors perfectly balanced. As a bonus; since began drinking Hibisucus Tea about six months ago noticed my blood pressure has dropped several points!! I highly recommend Hibiscus Tea and The Republic of Tea. Ordering online is easy and delivery surprisingly fast.

5 Stars

The most delicious tea ever

St. Pete, FL

What a wonderful sip.. a light key lime note to the fabulous hibiscus tea. There is a natural sweetness too. I can't believe I'm the first to write a review -- this is my fourth order!