Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

My favorite April 03, 2013


Dallas, TX

I drink it at work, after "things" calm down, but it's best in the evening on the back patio.

3 Stars

where are the orchid notes? March 11, 2012



Tie Guan Yin is my favorite tea (well, now I had to add RoT's own Milk Oolong!) I have had a dozen varieties from China and from Taiwan, in several grades. All have that distinctive floral note, an exotic flower perfume that is persistent, but always subtle. So I was disappointed that this one just lacked that floral note -- it is a good, plain oolong, with a fruity low note and a little bit of brightness. Nothing wrong, but, at least in my limited experience, atypical for Tie Guan Yin.

4 Stars

Nice Oolong February 13, 2012


Houston, TX

A really nice tea. It tastes kind of weak, but its pretty smooth and definitely has the slight floral taste. Not a very strong Oolong.

4 Stars

Lovely Tea January 09, 2012



A very lovely tea. I will be ordering it again.

5 Stars

Draught of Nature January 08, 2012


Topeka, KS

Sipping on Ti Kuan Yin is like tasting nature in your tea cup. Fantastic taste and fragrance. Also a good choice for beginners as the fragrance while steeping is indicative of the strength of flavor infused in the tea.

5 Stars

December 28, 2011


Clarksville, TN

This tea was a Christmas gift for my son. He drinks it daily and tells me it is the bomb.

5 Stars

cant beat the value November 29, 2011


Midland, TX

leafs are big enough that i do not strain. it is a pure oolong, that is not bitter or sharp like some blacks or cheap oolong. subtle earthy tone with an almost green finish. I drink it alone and sometimes mix it with Mate or green tea. best for the money.

5 Stars

Favorite Tea November 29, 2011


Milwaukee, WI

I drink a lot of tea and Ti Kuan Yin is my favorite Oolong. It is one of my favorite teas in a close tie with Lychee Black Tea. I just ordered another tin today and I'm surprised to see no one has commented on this wonderful fragrant tea. I hope my review inspires more citizens to try it. They will be so happy they did.