Red tea

4 Stars Red tea

from GA on wrote:

The rooibos is a bit too strong in comparison to the other flavors! If you like the taste of red tea then you will like this. I wasn’t able to taste any individual flavor.


3 Stars Mild

from MI on wrote:

This one is good. It's got a pretty mild flavor and I usually pretty my tea stronger.


5 Stars Wow!

from MD on wrote:

Oh my goodness...This red tea is the epitome of harmony and counter point. Like Pachelbel's cannon in D. The depth of the red tea so warm and welcoming, while the fruitiness of the passion fruit and mango is light and sweet. The combination of them dance together beautifully. This tea doesn't disappoint.


5 Stars Good

from OK on wrote:

I like this tea a real fruity taste.

My favorite tea

5 Stars My favorite tea

from WA on wrote:

Love the smell and taste of this one. I also like that I can get 2-3 mugs of tea out of one bag. Republic of Tea may not want that to get around, but the result is that I drink tea all day at work. It’s part of my routine, so I always have it on hand.

Extremely delicious tea!!

5 Stars Extremely delicious tea!!

from CA on wrote:

I found out about this Tea at Souplantion Asked the manager and was able to order some for myself Wow! It's delicious with NO SUGAR

+mango -passionfruit

3 Stars +mango -passionfruit

from WA on wrote:

This tea was so so for me. The mango flavor was pleasant and I think goes well with the naturally sweet rooibos. However, I didn't notice any passionfruit notes and instead picked out the lemon. This would probably be best suited as an iced tea.

Passionfruit Mango Herbal Tea

5 Stars Passionfruit Mango Herbal Tea

from FL on wrote:

I've been drinking Passionfruit Mango Herbal Tea for many years now and I find it extremely tasty and satisfying. It never seems to lose its flavor from the first sip to the last sip. It is great hot or cold. It's my favorite of all the teas I've tried. Yum!

Best summer tea

5 Stars Best summer tea

from CA on wrote:

I love this tea. I brew it and chill it in the refrigerator. I then add some sliced oranges.. It is such a refreshing drink with NO SUGAR. I order bags of this tea. My entire family loves it.

Excellent Flavor

5 Stars Excellent Flavor

from CA on wrote:

I loved it. Tried it for the first time and it over exceeded my expectations! Has excellent flavor all the way to the last drop in my cup. I like the way it smells, as the aroma takes you to a tropical island. It is relaxing! I would buy this tea again.

Makes the Best Iced Tea you will ever have!

5 Stars Makes the Best Iced Tea you will ever have!

from MT on wrote:

First had this in San Antonio at Pioneer Flour Mills cafe, it was great and we order it in the 250 bag bulk to make our ice tea with, umm umm good!

Want to be refreshed?

5 Stars Want to be refreshed?

from AZ on wrote:

Passionfruit Mango Red Tea makes a wonderful, refreshing ice tea. Living in the desert, we drink lots of iced tea, and this tea is out favorite. It is great with a meal or simply as a refreshment.

Refreshing and tropical

5 Stars Refreshing and tropical

from PA on wrote:

This is one of my favorite teas. It is very tropical and refreshing. I have found that it also mixes quite wonderfully with mango flavored rum.

Great flavor

5 Stars Great flavor

from CA on wrote:

I love this tea. I drink this tea almost everyday, my family loves it and prefers it over soda or juice. This tea is amazing with sliced oranges. I can't get enough of it. Ordering a whole bunch more.

Love it

5 Stars Love it

from MT on wrote:

My wife and I first had this at the Pioneer flour restaurant in San Antonio Texas, where they served it with lunch and we loved it and we bought some there then we ordered some. As soon as we got home and this is her second order we drink it on a daily basis

Just the right kick to get me going in the morning!

5 Stars Just the right kick to get me going in the morning!

from NY on wrote:

Delicious tasting with just the right zip to it. Love it!

Not a replacement for Capetown Harvest

2 Stars Not a replacement for Capetown Harvest

from IL on wrote:

I really miss Capetown Harvest. This is not a real replacement. It has a sharper flavor that I really do not like as much. Need to look elsewhere-

A Very good Hot or Cold tea...

5 Stars A Very good Hot or Cold tea...

from DE on wrote:

This is a very good tea. Great all season tea. Nice aromas...refreshing.

Most Delicious Tea Ever

5 Stars Most Delicious Tea Ever

from CA on wrote:

On first sip I thought that this was the most delicious tea I've ever tasted. It's fruity but not tart and I can drink it all day. For me there's a smell/taste of lemongrass, but I don't see it as an ingredient, so that might just be me.

5 Stars

from VA on wrote:

I adore the smell of this tea as well as the taste. When I'm stuffy or just cold, I love to smell this tea as it's brewing in my mug, and the flavor never disappoints me in the least. I love passionfruit and mango with red tea! It sends me back to more relaxed times in Puerto Rico, where I met my husband....

Sun tea

5 Stars Sun tea

from TX on wrote:

This has been my favorite base for a gallon of sun tea. I now use two bags less and add one bag of Hibiscus Sangria. I vary other green and fruit teas, but always this as the core.

Tropical vacation in a cup!

5 Stars Tropical vacation in a cup!

from CA on wrote:

The first cup of this tea transported me back to Hawaii and the days of summer. They would frown on Mai Tais at work so this is a good compromise. ;-) I just bought my first tin and it's almost empty in record time. A perfect decaf tea to keep you warm on cold winter days and keep paradise warm in your heart.

Good, but...

3 Stars Good, but...

from MD on wrote:

We were addicted to Capetown Harvest and were told this was the same thing with a new name. It's good, but it doesn't taste the same. Not sure if you tinkered with a winning formula or our taste memory is confused.

great tea

5 Stars great tea

from on wrote:

one of my favorite teas. great taste, not mild.

What can I say, BUY IT AND TASTE!!!

5 Stars What can I say, BUY IT AND TASTE!!!

from AL on wrote:

Just fantastic taste..I use splenda and I tend to like decently sweet!! Friends LOVE This and are so surprised by its wonderful aroma and taste. Every Republic of Tea I have brought into my home, and thats been a bunch! have all been hits in one way or another. Just try it...there is no way you will not like it!

Evening Tea at Its Best

5 Stars Evening Tea at Its Best

from CA on wrote:

I find myself plowing through dinner just so I can relax with this tea every evening. I've had many different teas and this is the one that satisfies me the best. Just a touch of tropical flavors -- blended with rooibos. Perfect and guilt free treat everyday! It doesn't get any better. Thanks and please don't stop making my tea!


5 Stars Delicious

from AK on wrote:

Wonderful no-caffeine tea for year-round. I have a hard time with caffeine but this tea is what starts off my workday, and I depend on it! Tasty hot or iced. The flavors seem different from when it was called Capetown Harvest, but I still enjoy this blend a lot. I am on my second bulk bag.

5 Stars

from OR on wrote:

Fragrant and elegant. Wonderful iced. There are never enough Passion Fruit Mango Tea at our house - my hubby and girls age 2 and 5 are always asking for some when I make a glass for me. I'm reordering in bulk next time.

Tastes like Earl Grey

2 Stars Tastes like Earl Grey

from TX on wrote:

Was looking for a replacement to Capetown Harvest and was told this was the closest. Bergamot isn't listed in the ingredients so I assume it is part of the unspecified "natural flavors". It tastes spicy instead of fruity, which is what I wanted. Not a bad tea, per se, just not accurately described, in my opinion.