Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Love It, but... December 07, 2012

Lou Ann Bucheimer

Walkersville, MD

This is our favorite tea to brew and then keep in the refrigerator. We can serve it to youngsters as well as adults. The last batch had bags that were releasing the tea. If I had wanted bulk, I would have purchased bulk, so am hoping the one just ordered will be fine.

5 Stars

Very Pronounced Cherry flavor December 05, 2012


, SD

I love this tea and drink it often. It has a very strong cherry flavor to it and it delivers with every drop. The cherry flavor even lasts into the second brew of the tea bag. For kids, but delicious for adults too.

5 Stars

October 04, 2012


St. Augustine, FL

This tea is awesome as an iced tea. It has a wonderful flavor. Everyone I serve it to loves it and has asked where they can get it.

5 Stars

Delicious! June 15, 2012


Mahomet, IL

I was first given this tea as a gift, then I had to order DOUBLE the supply because it was so good! Delicious! My very favorite tea!

5 Stars

A Fav of Mine! June 03, 2012


, NL

This is one of my favourite teas, and I'm in college! My sis ad I enjoy drinking this all the time, especially at lunch - reminisant of our apple juice days. sigh.

5 Stars

Favorite May 01, 2012


Melbourne, Australia,

Yummy and light and perfectly fruity. I picked this out last year in Portland, OR, and have loved it ever since I took it home to Australia! If only I could buy it here...

3 Stars

Yum January 01, 2012


, NS

This tea is yummy! It has a very fruity and fun flavour. I'm not a child, and I think it is very cute and fun. You can never be too old for this yummy tea! Note: The first time I made it, I used too much water and it didn't taste quite as awesome as when I used less water. Lesson: Don't use a lot of water when steeping this tea.

4 Stars

A favorite with my husband December 25, 2011


Oxford, KS

This is a breakfast favorite for my husband on days that we have a hot cereal.

5 Stars

Love this tea! December 20, 2011

Charles Scoville

Nashville, TN

This tea is wonderful at any time of day. It not only tastes wonderful; it also seems to settle my stomach. It has a lighter taste than the other red teas, such as Caramel Apple (also a favorte of mine). Although it's marketed as a tea for children, I'm 63 and a fan!

5 Stars

my daughter loves it! October 11, 2011


Chester Springs, PA

My daughter picked this tea out and loves it. It is a mild tasting tea, though has a strong smell (not in a bad way!). She likes to sip on it while i sip my more adult (as in caffeinated) tea. I love that there is a whole line of tea for kids. Makes her feel grown up too!

2 Stars

Very flavorful July 30, 2011


, MN

This tea is packed with flavor, but isn't to my particular taste. The cherry and apple flavors are both very strong and overpowering; and not in a fresh, juicy sort of way. Kids may love this one if they like rooibos.