My favorite, now gone

5 Stars My favorite, now gone

from VA on wrote:

Gosh, I'm really sad to see this tea disappear. It was one of the first teas that attracted me to the Republic, and has been a steady favorite since then. If I'd known it was going to be discontinued, I'd've bought up a big package and squirreled it away somewhere.

why was this discontinued?

5 Stars why was this discontinued?

from NY on wrote:

I was so sorry to see that this tea has discontinued. It was one my favorites. There does not seem to be anything similar in flavor and specifications.


5 Stars strawberry-vanilla

from CA on wrote:

definite flavor of strawberry and vanilla. delightful over ice. i have ordered this tea twice.

Better Hot than Cold

4 Stars Better Hot than Cold

from GA on wrote:

My husband really likes drinking iced teas and I figured this flavor would be right up his alley. I made him a pot of this, iced, and it tasted awful. The flavor was very medicinal - like cherry cough syrup. Since he only drinks his teas iced, I brought this tea into work and started drinking it hot. I will say it tastes better hot. The medicinal flavor is still slightly there but not as noticeable.

Oddly chemical taste...

2 Stars Oddly chemical taste...

from OH on wrote:

This tea had a smell like cough syrup and and aftertaste that was also medicine-like and bitter. There wasn't much of a vanilla or strawberry taste, and I was not able to finish the whole cup of my sample bag. Very sad as I usually tend to like rooibos teas.

One of my favorites

5 Stars One of my favorites

from NY on wrote:

This is promoted as a kid's tea but it is a great tea for the bigger kids too

A Favorite

5 Stars A Favorite

from SD on wrote:

I know this tea is meant for kids, but I can't help loving it. It's a little sweet from the vanilla and a little fruity from the defined strawberry taste and it's earthy from the rooibos and it supports charity. What more could you ask for? I love this tea so much that I buy it in bulk and tote it around with me. This is a great after supper/before bed tea.

My favorite!

5 Stars My favorite!

from CA on wrote:

The best tea for me!! And I love the fact that it is organic, fair trade and that it supports a great charity. This tea with almond milk and honey is my first treat of the day!

Iced with agave....ADDICTIVE!

5 Stars Iced with agave....ADDICTIVE!

from TX on wrote:

My headline says it all. I drink this CONSTANTLY! Love, Love, LOVE!!!!!


5 Stars Amazing

from ON on wrote:

So good probably my favorite tea but it's hard to find in stores


5 Stars delightful

from NC on wrote:

This is one of my favorite flavors. It puts a smile on your face. It is smooth and sweet.

Impossible not to like

5 Stars Impossible not to like

from on wrote:

Sweet, light and fragrant of berries and vanilla...I like it with a little cream and sugar, just to bring out the creamy taste of the vanilla, but it's delightful on its own too. A favorite!

A favorite

5 Stars A favorite

from on wrote:

This is one of my favorite teas. It's the perfect amount of sweet and fruity. One of the best Red Tea's available.


5 Stars YUMMY!!!

from CA on wrote:

This is one of my all time favourite teas. I drink pots of rooibos for its nutrients but not this one - I simply LOVE it. It tastes like strawberries, is well-balanced and goes exceptionally well with dark chocolate.

Not just for kids!

5 Stars Not just for kids!

from ME on wrote:

Don't be deceived by the packaging to think that this tea is just for kids. It is one of my favorites---very flavorful and fragrant. When I take it in my thermos, as soon as the top is open the smell of strawberries wafts out. And the vanilla is a bonus!

How I treat myself

5 Stars How I treat myself

from on wrote:

This is the tea I make myself when I want a treat. I like it sweetened with milk, fragrant with berries and vanilla.

Delicious Hot or Cold

5 Stars Delicious Hot or Cold

from NH on wrote:

Absolutely delightful. Light, a little sweet,with a wonderful scent. Good both hot and cold. I think this may be my favorite!

Ok but not on my Top 5

2 Stars Ok but not on my Top 5

from CA on wrote:

It does not taste like strawberry or vanilla. It tastes like and smells like cough medicine. I did not like this tea, I loved the acai berry tea and ginger peach tea!

Iced Berry Delight

5 Stars Iced Berry Delight

from AR on wrote:

This tea is delightful cold! Fragrant and delicious!

Light and Delicious!

5 Stars Light and Delicious!

from CO on wrote:

I love red tea to begin with but this tea is just so light and delicious it is probably my second favorite red tea so far. With a hit of strawberry it is perfect for iced tea anytime! LOVE IT!

It Tastes Ok

4 Stars It Tastes Ok

from WI on wrote:

I like the taste except that it doesn't taste like strawberries or vanilla or both very much. Maybe I just put in to much water or it just isn't the right thing for me. I just want to say that it doesn't taste like what it says it is.