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4 Stars

Match tea March 08, 2015

Mary G

Kodiak, AK

I had not heard of Matcha tea before but after researching the tea, thought I would give RofT a try. I love it! I am still learning how to make it and each cup is very tasty. I have more energy and make it again and again.

5 Stars

My Happy Juice December 16, 2014


Bordentown, NJ

I love this tea, it's one of my favorites!! Every afternoon I whip a cup of it. I love it's earthy taste and the lovely green color. After I drink it I feel happy and uplifted, thus, the name happy juice. I recommend it highly. :-)

4 Stars

This was a gift. October 25, 2014

Brynn Naomi

Enfield, CT

I bought this as a gift for my sister's birthday. She's still figuring out the science behind proper preparation, but she seems to like it, and has expressed interest in other Matcha accessories, so Christmas should be pretty simple this year.

5 Stars

Soothing September 17, 2014


Omaha, NE

Wonderful aroma, I love the earthy quality. This is very smooth, satisfying tea that I begin my day with.

5 Stars

Gramma Jo 62 August 12, 2014

Jo Anne

Hoosick Falls, NY

love this Matcha.Wonderful flavor no bitterness.Will be ordering more in the future.

5 Stars

Comforting August 07, 2014


Quito, FL

RoT is my first taste of Matcha powdered tea... and it is a great welcome. Today was rough, I felt beat down and sad and it just so happens that my order arrived today. I made a cup simply in water with a tiny bit of brown sugar. What a kind, warming taste! Very soothing and also uplifting... I'm not sure of the Matchas out there, I will be tasting other options just to really know Matcha, but I must say that this is a keeper.

5 Stars

Matcha July 28, 2014


Orlando, FL

A little bit goes a long way. I make a batch and refrigerate. I add fruit juice for flavor. I suffer from auto immune and am using this tea to improve stamina. I drink about 4oz. about a half hour before lunch and definitely notice an improvement in my energy level through the rest of the day.

5 Stars

Outstanding Tea July 12, 2014


Pittsburgh, PA

I have drank a lot of different tea over the years and found this product to be outstanding. For those not use to drinking green tea or Matcha teas, a very earthy taste is natural and the way it should taste. I always tell people new to Matcha tea, "If you like the earthy notes of shiitake mushrooms, then you'll love this type of tea."

5 Stars

Smooth, clean taste! June 22, 2014


Valley Center, CA

Blending my matcha with soy milk, ice, stevia and honey or agave nectar for a refreshing summer cooler!

5 Stars

excellent tea May 09, 2014


Tucson, AZ

yummy yummy

4 Stars

Great value April 30, 2014

Jo Ann

New Milford, NJ

This Matcha is a great value. It has a clean smooth taste. It has a nice vegetal note and makes a good smoothie.

5 Stars

I Love Matcha! March 24, 2014

Carol W

Traverse City, MI

I have searched for a good quality flavorful Matcha and I have found it here at The Republic of Tea! Thank You!

5 Stars

I love Matcha tea March 05, 2014


Nappanee, IN

I love this matcha tea. I mix it with their frothier and sit to sip and enjoy in the morning after my breakfast. It's my best time of the day. It tastes velvety smooth and delicious. I have tasted other green teas in restaurants and have never liked their taste or aftertaste. Matcha is different in aroma, taste, and no aftertaste except a memorable experience. I take my tea serious. I love Matcha. Even the packaging it came in smelled good and lots of care went into the whole process of my order. I love this company. Thank you!!

5 Stars

Awesome February 26, 2014

Sandy Goodman

Murfreesboro, TN

Smooth, great flavor. I use it to make my own green tea latte like Starbucks but it doesn't cost $4.50 a cup.

5 Stars

Add to Protein Smoothie! January 23, 2014


Atlanta, GA

I love this matcha powder! I add it to a smoothie: 1 tsp matcha powder 1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder 2 cups fresh spinach 1/2 cup crushed ice water to desired texture - about 1 cup The smoothie has a great fresh, green taste, and combined with the vanilla whey protein it tastes almost exactly like that fantastic green tea ice cream you get at Japanese restaurants. Feel free to add a little agave for extra sweetness.

4 Stars

Healthy and soothing December 11, 2013


New York, NY

Although the matcha tea has a little earthy taste, the fact that I know that I am drinking a natural tea with no preservatives is more than enough to order it again and again. I mix it with frothed soy or almond milk and prepare a soothing latte...

5 Stars

sec time around December 09, 2013


Los Angeles, CA

I drink more then 10 cups a day with my Creme Brulee milk that others put in there coffee. with stevia It is sweet and delicious, just like I love it. The powder dissolves quickly but you have to steer before you take a sip, since the tea sinks to the bottom, but so much better than tea bags.

5 Stars

I am addicted September 16, 2013


Columbus, OH

I love Matcha Tea! I drink this cold only. I have to have it every morning and again sometime later in the day. It gives me energy and I feel better-less meds for Fibromyalgia. I use the blender - lite vanilla soy milk, honey, few ice cubes and matcha. So sweet and so good!

3 Stars

matcha tea September 02, 2013

Bonnie Konder

Vallejo, CA

I must say the taste is pretty icky, but the benefits are so fantastic. I've only had it for two days and I will explore different ways to drink it because it is too good, not to drink it. Thank you for your very reasonable price!

5 Stars

loved Matcha whisked w/ cream August 20, 2013


Surprise, AZ

I had it iced & whisked with cream & sugar. I loved it. It does have a bit of a grass taste.

3 Stars

Pretty good for a first try July 23, 2013


Greensboro, NC

It was pretty good for a tester. Grassy and kinda strong. I'll probably try the others on this site as well.

June 02, 2013

Rebecca Finn

Edmonton, AB

I had this tea in Japan and hated it. Then had Matcha Tea ice cream. Sugar definitely improves the flavor!

1 Star

undrinkable April 03, 2013


New York, NY

this tea tastes like poster paint (not that i know what that's like), so bad i thought i had bought an expired product...so i tried again only to find the same unpleasant brew. i never write reviews, but in this case felt compelled. too bad, i like the company.

5 Stars

dont think about the taste marvel at the benefits March 20, 2013


knigston, Jamaica,

This tea tastes very similar to the morniga tea in jamaica and although i dont like the tastes im excited about the wonderful benefits of consuming matcha and im also pleased with the cost really reasonable. I recommend this product to all who considers their health as well as good fresh products. Republic of Tea i appreciate you and ill continue to support this awesome venture of great teas Sip by Sip. peace to you.

5 Stars

Green Goodness January 30, 2013


Lake Wales, FL

This is my first time using matcha, so I didn't know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. It's a very earthy tea, slightly bitter but not overly so, and adds a healthy boost to a smoothie. I love it with honey. I enjoyed this tea and will but it again.

5 Stars

Pretty good matcha January 17, 2013

Lindsey J.

Houston, TX

I thought this matcha was pretty good. Not too strong or bitter. It has a very green taste; sorta grassy, but then again, it's green tea. It's going to taste grassy and earthy because that's just how green tea tastes. If you're a matcha snob, you may prefer a more expensive matcha. For those who are new to matcha, I think it's pretty good and I would buy it again.

5 Stars

Great! Doesn't taste like fish January 16, 2013


Morgantown, WV

I was extremely intrigued by the cheap price that was listed for this matcha, and figured if it was unsuitable for drinking I could always cook with it. I was pleasantly surprised that this is good quality for a good price. It's has the slightest bitter aftertaste, but it still also has the sweet finish that matcha is know to have. The bitterness isn't strong or off putting. This matcha was also vibrant green when I ordered it and has a nice pleasant aroma. I would also like to note that it doesn't taste like fish/seaweed like I worried. I've bought several loose leaf green teas that have a fishy flavor and I know the green tea lattes at 'everyone's favorite coffee shop' have an unbearably fishy flavor, so I was worried this might have that too. Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with my matcha, and will definitely reorder when I run out.

5 Stars

Wonderful Product November 06, 2012


Livingston, MT

I have been using this for well over a year and love it. I am not a tea drinker in general, but have found that I do enjoy the Matcha when I mix it in other drinks like my water flavor packs. I also use it in my smoothies and other drink forms. My only issue with the product is I haven't been able to find it in my area. I just moved here two months ago and would like to find it locally. Of course, I could always order it online if I had to. :)

1 Star

Too Bitter October 20, 2012


Lancaster, CA

I ordered 3 cans of this matcha. I hope I can use it for baking or something because otherwise it is way too bitter to drink straight. The best Matcha I had so far was from Bouncing Bear Botanicals and they are sold out so I figured i'd try this because its cheaper and you get more. From BBB you get 1oz=$38, but it tastes earthy, alluring, sweet, and has the most smooth and amazing relaxing clarity feeling. This Matcha on the other hand tastes like straight green tea that has been brewed for an hour = Very Bitter. Recently went out and bought different matcha because I cant drink this forever. I bought 3 different kinds to compare = Domatcha 2nd harvest and ceremonial grade, and maeda-en universal. All were smooth and lacked bitterness found here. The 2nd harvest Domatcha did have a sliiight undertone of bitter, but was otherwise very smooth in comparison. All lack the earthy sweetness I found with BBB's (some random japanese) matcha but each one was nice and fulfilling and smooth compared to this rep

5 Stars

Very Healthy Tea. I'm Hooked On This. September 18, 2012


Dallas, TX

I have never, ever in my life been a green tea drinker. However, the older I got I started drinking it every now and then. This Matcha Tea is super healthy. I drink my tea without any sweeteners. It is not a tea I "pleasure" but I drink the tea faithfully because I know it is extremely healthy for me. The taste of the tea is ok. If I use really hot water it tastes a little grassy. The trick is to use "warm" water and make sure it Froths. Green tea is largely an "acquired" taste but so is broccoli and spinach. That doesn't stop me from eating them however.

5 Stars

Taste Like Starbucks' Green Tea Frappe September 11, 2012


San Jose, CA

I've been looking for a matcha that could imitate the taste of Starbucks' green tea frappuccino and this is it. This is the best tasting green tea I ever had. I couldn't go on a day without it.

1 Star

Worst tasting tea June 29, 2012


Plainfield, IL

I regret purchasing this matcha green tea! If I could return it, I would...it taste like dirt...very bitter...I made it per the receipe and it was horrible....Worst tasting!!!!!Dont buy it!!!!

5 Stars

Very Good! May 21, 2012

, VT

I ordered this because I recently found a smoothie recipe that called for matcha. Where I work, we carry the Republic of Tea brand...just not the matcha...so I already knew the brand was of very good quality! I am addicted to these smoothies... just blend the following together in blender and enjoy!!!! 1 cup milk 1 cup frozen fruit 1 tsp - 1 tbsp matcha (depending on your taste buds) 1 tbsp honey Very, very yummy and definitely worth every penny!

5 Stars

great flavor! May 08, 2012


Charlton, MA

I have not jumped into whisking this with a bamboo whisk just a plain old spoon is good enough for me. Love the "fresh cut grass" taste that comes with this tea. No after taste either...wonderful flavor.

5 Stars

Buy the pound March 21, 2012


haleiwa, HI

I ordered the sampler because I was not sure if I would like it or not. After tasting it ( I love it with soymilk and honey) I realized that I did not want to go a day without it, and I quickly ordered a pound. It is the best deal out their and the quality is superb. I am getting everyone around me hooked on it! Even my boyfriend who does not drink tea commented on the 'gourmet' taste. It has replaced my Earl Grey in the morning.

5 Stars

Matcha Fan 4 Life February 16, 2012


Fullerton, CA

I love, love, love matcha tea. It's a cancer-fighter, a fat-burner, and much more - matcha provides you with green teas powerful arsenal of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids. So many recipes, so little time...

3 Stars

Recipe Review February 13, 2012


Norman, OK

Although this was a great clean tasting beverage and a great use for Matcha I generally use it for smoothies and cooking. The Matcha from the Republic of Tea is of great quality and great to find it in bulk. I generally use it in smoothies with Soy Milk, Protein powder, banana and ice...yum, yum and tastes divine. Always feel so good after drinking it.

3 Stars

Not for me December 08, 2011


Leominster, MA

A little bitter for my taste.

December 05, 2011


I found this bitter. Perhaps the water was too hot? I loved that the directions about about amounts of water and tea were very clear.

4 Stars

My first matcha August 22, 2011

Madame Marie

LaGrange, OH

This was my first time trying matcha. Like the description says it has a very vegital taste. Very green. I found a couple different uses for it too besides drinking it. Ive also mixed it with honey and tumeric for my honey mask and also mix it into my vanilla ice cream (which is absolutely devine).

5 Stars




This tea is not only a very high, excellent and purely refined of such highest quality, that its the consistency of real jewel grade of sand. This tea very closely resembles the tea I used to buy all over Korea and Japan. I must say that flavor is very clean, clear, and absolutely crisp. You must try. I dare you to enjoy it!

4 Stars

Delicious on its own, very versatile tea July 29, 2011


Pittsburgh, PA

Fresh and grassy, a wonderfully strong cup pf green tea without the bitterness. I have also used this in steamed soy milk to make hot lattes (so much better than Starbuck's syrupy sweet version). Matcha is expensive everywhere, this was a pretty reasonable price for a high quality product.