get wellness® - No.11 Herb Tea for Immunity

5 Stars get wellness® - No.11 Herb Tea for Immunity

from IL on wrote:

My evening/before bedtime tea. I don't think it is the tea that help me sleep, but the ritual sipping and reading. It helps me slow down and enjoy something nice at the end of my day. I have noticed that most of the herbal teas from Republic of Tea does not stain my cup like some teas do.

Made a difference

5 Stars Made a difference

from NJ on wrote:

I drank this tea during the school year and didn't get sick. My stress level was almost the same, so I feel certain that drinking one to two cups daily made the difference.

This tea works!

5 Stars This tea works!

from AL on wrote:

Been drinking it daily for a couple of years. I've managed to avoid colds, flu, other winter related illnesses. My husband now drinks it also and believes in it.

Only thing that works for me!

5 Stars Only thing that works for me!

from IL on wrote:

My favorite tea, ever! I think I've bought a total of 20 tins so far! Im a female with severe auto immune diseases, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis & Fibromyalgia. I can very easily get very sick due to my low immune system. This is the ONLY THING I've found that helps me either get rid or a cold or bronchitis fast, or to prevent them! I drink a cup daily so I don't get sick, and since drinking it, I hardly do!! When a cold starts, I drink this tea all day, all day, all day. In a few days I'm back to feeling better. Works for chronic bronchitis, too! Now my husband loves it, too, and also drinks it when feeling ill. It's also super delicious! Especially with a dab of honey! It's always stocked in this house. I have neck surgery coming up, so I'm filling the cupboards with this amazing tea! Thank you for helping me not stay sick!!! 10 stars!!!

Only thing that works for me!

5 Stars Only thing that works for me!

from IL on wrote:

Only thing that helps me stay healthy and get over colds and bronchitis fast! With autoimmune diseases I have a low immune system. Before I found this tea, I was constantly sick! Since drinking this tea daily for maybe 2 years now, I very rarely get sick! If I do get sick, I drink this tea all day and Bam the cold or bronchitis is gone within days!!! This gave me my life back!! Delicious, too! Hubby loves it, too! 10 stars!!!

really helps

5 Stars really helps

from NJ on wrote:

I have been buying this tea for a while. Mostly during cold and flu season. It has a pleasant spicy taste that some may find they need to get used to but I really like it. I drink it when i feel like i'm getting sick and i feel better. Highly recommend this tea.

worked for me.

5 Stars worked for me.

from CA on wrote:

Started drinking this tea in December when everyone in the house started getting sick. Colds, flu, passed me by, while everyone was on thier second of catching a cold. Those that have children know how.a cold or flu can keep going around and round. Watvhing me not get sick, my husband gave it a try, as did my son, and they got better. Flu and colds np longer a worry.

Delicious & Works!

5 Stars Delicious & Works!

from IL on wrote:

A spicy tea with hints of cinnamon, cloves & other spices, I really like this tea. I don't add anything to it, it's great the way it is. I enjoy it hot & cold! It also prevents me from getting sick & I have a low immune system! I drink about 3 cups/day during the holidays when I know I'm going to be around many people. This is definitely a favorite of mine.


5 Stars WOW

from on wrote:

I brew this in my coffee along with Double Dark chocolate Mate' every morning year round and (knock on wood) I have stayed healthy thru this aweful flu season. Thanks for making such great teas!


5 Stars Great

from NJ on wrote:

Been enjoying this tea for over a year now! Very smooth.

Feeling under the weather?

5 Stars Feeling under the weather?

from on wrote:

My whole family drinks this tea, as soon as one of us begins feeling under the weather we drink it to give our systems a little boost, and it really works.

Going, going, gone

5 Stars Going, going, gone

from IL on wrote:

I went through two cannisters of this stuff this winter when we all came down with the flu after hubby had his flu shot. All four of us drank it morning and night and the doctor was shocked at how fast we recovered. Recently, my daughter caught a viral infection that went straight to her lymph nodes, and of course, shared it with me. The doctors prescribed motrin for discomfort and told us that once you have a goiter, you have a goiter. Nothing to be done for it. Well, just on the off chance, I started drinking the Wellness and Soothed teas twice a day, and the lymph nodes started shrinking noticeably. My daughter has started drinking it, too, and hers are also getting smaller by the day. I'd say it worked!

5 Stars

from OH on wrote:

It's been said that this tea has a very distinctive flavor that takes some getting used to for some sippers. I've found that brewing 1 tea bag of Ginger Peach with 1 tea bag of Get Wellness in 16 oz. of water softens the Get Wellness flavor enough for me to enjoy the taste and health benefits.

Excellent source of immunity herbs

5 Stars Excellent source of immunity herbs

from MA on wrote:

As a certified herbalist I know the value of good herbal combinations. I have been using this tea for years even though I can easily mix my own herbs to achieve the same results. As soon as the cold and flu season approaches, I start drinking this daily. Tastes good, too.

Very Effective!

5 Stars Very Effective!

from NY on wrote:

I drink this tea every time I feel like I am about to come down with a cold. On mornings when I feel like that, I drink a cup of this tea and within 20 minutes I feel much better. I am definitely getting a refill of this one!

An acquired taste

3 Stars An acquired taste

from PA on wrote:

I like this tea now, but when I first tried it I did not. It has a slight spice in the aftertaste that has really grown on me. I bought it almost one year ago and didn't like the taste. Then this morning I picked it back up and decided that I actually did like the tea after all. The taste is pleasant and I love that it has echinacea, which I know from drinking in other types of teas, really works.

Great to prevent getting sick

5 Stars Great to prevent getting sick

from IL on wrote:

I work in an office with numerous salespeople that travel a lot. So - they come back to the office sick a lot. To prevent getting ill every time they return, I drink this tea every day. I also give my co-workers this tea whenever they're under the weather, and it helps reduce their cold symptoms more quickly than taking OTC meds. I especially drink this before I travel myself, and make sure to pack a few extra tea bags for anyone I'm traveling with. Great taste (I drink with sweetener), light, kind of woodsy - takes a little getting used to, but very good.